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What Is the Role of AI in the Development of Online Games?

Role of AI in the Development of Online Games

Online games have always relied on machines and software to deliver experiences. However, with artificial intelligence (AI), these machines and software no longer rely solely on human intelligence to function. Instead, they now perform intelligent tasks that were once only associated with human input, and online games have been reaping a good amount of the benefits.

Here are some of the roles of AI in the development of online games.

User Experience Improvement

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What counts as an intriguing experience to one person might bore another to death. For a long time, online gamers have just had to key into whatever the game developer believes is the best. However, the development of AI is currently changing this narrative by ensuring that online games are customized to individual gamers.

These machines or software make subtle adjustments, such as game difficulty levels, to online games based on a user’s data and conduct. The best online casinos for real money play are deploying AI tools as personal virtual assistants for individual gamers. As such, AI monitors the gamer’s most played games and betting habits to customize their bonuses, promotions, and recommended games according to those facts. It also helps the player make complex odd calculations within a limited time to offer insightful betting advice.

According to Lindsey Jones, the top casino sites offer a variety of generous casino bonuses and promotions to players once they have joined the site, including match deposits, no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, and loyalty programs (source: https://readwrite.com/gambling/casino/best-online-casinos/). So, with AI, casinos can tailor which of these bonuses to offer to each player, and how much they should be worth based on their playing habits.

All these efforts aggregate to improve the player’s gaming experience.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming
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Research reveals that 1% of the US population are problem gamblers who can’t stop. In response, the gaming commissions have been implementing different measures to exclude them from gambling/gaming-related activities, and gaming companies have had to take on more responsibilities.

AI is one of the tools both the government and gaming companies are using to tackle these problems. AI algorithms are currently being used to track player gambling frequencies and durations in order to help operators spot players who need help quickly. This early detection promotes swift actions so that major problems can be avoided.

Game Development

AI is also making games better and more realistic. Developers are augmenting their development efforts with AI to make the process faster and more scalable.

For instance, arduous routine processes such as game testing and debugging can be assigned to AI tools, which have shown greater efficiency in terms of speed and success rate.

But that’s not all they can do.

AI is also capable of procedural content generation, which is really a fancy term for dynamically creating new gaming content. Game development without AI is usually pre-determined and programmed. However, with AI algorithms, the new levels, quests, and maps can be automatically created uniquely for each gamer while the game is on.

It sounds like magic, but AI is actually capable of such.

This capability will extend to dynamic communications and actions by non-player characters (NPCs). NPCs are basically characters within the game, except the ones a player has control over. These are normally predictable with previous game development technologies. However, AI is currently attempting to make them dynamic so that they respond and adapt to the occurrences within the game.

AI is creating an alternate reality at this point.


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Source: linkedin.com

Just like AI algorithms can detect unhealthy gambling patterns, they can also identify suspicious login attempts on gaming accounts. While most online casinos and gaming platforms are already implementing advanced security measures to detect and prevent fraud and other forms of cybercrime, AI software can definitely take things up a notch.

Firstly, identity verification features can be beefed up to ensure that only authorized individuals can access accounts. Secondly, by storing up logging patterns, patterns of fake behavior can be easily spotted.

Nonetheless, cyber fraudsters have just as much opportunity to utilize AI for fraudulent purposes as developers and gaming companies have to prevent them. It will be a battle of AI against AI. Interesting times ahead.

Predictive Analytics for Development and Marketing Purposes

Game innovators and developers will forever retain their human creative touch. However, AI is already playing an advanced role in the process of conceptualizing new games.

How? Data and algorithms!

As with every other role discussed above, AI software is capable of gathering and analyzing player behavior and game performance data. Consequently, gamers and developers can gain accurate insights to inform their updates and content choices.

The same thing applies to marketing teams where market research plays a crucial role in product development. These data can help them segment the entire customer base according to their preferences. This segmentation will inform their promotional marketing strategies and every other outreach program to boost player retention.

Customization of Player Rewards and Loyalty Programs

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Virtually every online gaming platform is offering promo codes, bonuses, and VIP programs these days, as the industry is super saturated. Yet, only the platforms that can connect with their customers will capture the most attention, and AI will be crucial to achieving that.

Offering free spins to a player who never visits the slots is pointless. They’ve shown that they aren’t interested in not playing them at all, so offering them free spins as a reward is unlikely to catch their attention.

Customizing rewards based on player preferences is the surest way to retain the right players, and AI is capable of doing that. It can tailor incentives to ensure personal resonance.

Game Fairness and Integrity

Random Number Generators (RNG), which have become an indicator of game fairness for many gamers these days, are being supplemented with AI algorithms. This combined effort helps to ensure truly random outcomes and, ultimately, game fairness. Consequently, players can be sure of the operator’s integrity and the fact that they truly have a fair winning chance.


AI is making online games
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In plain terms, AI is making online games better.
The development process is faster and more efficient, players get a better experience because the game is more secure and personalized, and every aspect of the game is player-focused.