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Best CDN Providers to Speed up Any Website

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One of the worst things that could happen to your site and your brand is for the website to be non-responsive or slow. When we build our business, we rely on our site to attract customers and provide them with any information that they need. No matter if you have a platform that is used only to find out info about your brand and products, or if you handle an e-commerce site, it has to be working at all times. A content delivery network can help out with this, and it caches the content from your site to multiple locations so that the visitors bounce from one server to another. This way the site stays fast, no matter how many viewers there are at the same time. In this article, we are going to list some of the best CDN providers that are going to help speed up any website.


Source: pexels.com

The number one reason why this platform is preferred by users is that it is pretty simple and easy to use. You can install it without too much hassle, no matter how much experience you have with content delivery networks. It can be integrated with many platforms including WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, and so on.

It offers IPv6 and HTTP/2 support along with GZip compression. The main features of the platform include media optimization, as well as video streaming which can be extremely useful for many brands on the market.

It features premium security and it can also block specific networks and IPs that are made to harm your brand. The pricing depends on the plan that you choose, and it varies depending on the region where you are located. You will get a two-week trial period for free before you make your final decision, so you can test the network out before you make the final verdict.


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Next, we have AgileCDN, which is one of the most advanced networks in today’s market.

It is easy and simple to use, yet it supports intelligent and real-time analysis on monitoring, management, and deployment.

One of the biggest reasons why users opt for it is the one-stop management system that allows you to control, manage, and analyze all of the services from one place. This feature will save you a lot of time and trouble, even if you don’t have much experience in the field.

To be able to set it up, you need to follow only three steps, which makes it a much easier and better option than any other CDN that you can find. It features smart security rules that are going to protect your site from any attacks and it can also block networks and Ips. It features black and whitelisting and it will protect your site in real-time.

The platform comes with a free trial that you can cancel at any time, or you can go for any of the pay-as-you-go plans that you can benefit from depending on your needs and usage. On www.agilecdn.cloud you can learn a lot more about AgileCDN and get more information about what you would need to start and how to set it up.


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This can be said to be the most popular network on the market, and most of us think of it first when we consider CDNs. There are many reasons for it, and the advanced features are some of the number one reasons why users choose it. Just like most of the other platforms on this list, Jetpack is easy to install, use, and set up, so you should not have any problems mastering it.

It is made to optimize and deliver images and static files, and it automatically resizes media to fit on any screen and device that the user might be accessing your site from.

The video hosting feature is available, but it comes only with the best plans that you can opt for when subscribing.

It comes with superior security and filters spam, monitors downtime, and the platform can send you notifications based on the performance of your site. There are four main price models that you can go for, starting from the free option, up to a professional plan that will cost you about 30 dollars per month.


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Finally, we have the Bunny network which is a great solution for those who use a content management platform and who want to speed up their site while maintaining full control of the features. Just like every other platform on the list, this network is easy and simple to install and use, and it can be integrated with most of the popular systems including WordPress.

It offers instant cache purging and it guarantees close to 100 percent uptime. In case there happens to be downtime in performance, you will get credit back and you will get a discount for your next subscription.

Some of the features include media optimization and video streaming with all the plans that you can choose, which is a pretty good deal considering that not all systems offer this option. It has premium security in place, which can be expected from all the CDNs that we are talking about on this list, so you should not have any issues when it comes to encryption, blocking attacks, or IPs.

There is a two-week free trial available for the network, so you can check on your own if you want to use it permanently or if you want to go with something else. When it comes to the paid plan options, they are scalable, and they work in a way that you pay for as much as you have spent. There are two main tiers that you can choose from and they should cost you about two dollars per month for the volume tier, and about 4.5 dollars for the standard one.

As you can see, there are some things that are pretty similar for all of these networks, and we expect all of them to provide premium security and help make our website faster without any issues or delays. When it comes to which one you should choose, you should consider your budget along with your needs and preferences. All of these platforms will allow you to use them for free for a limited time, so you can test them out on your own and see if their features would satisfy your needs.