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Custom Branded Packing Tape: 6 Amazing Ways to Use It as a Marketing Tool

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When it comes to running a business, standing apart from the rest of the market is critical. Many companies struggle to find creative ways to draw in customers who are essential to the business’s success.

While searching for unique ideas, firms tend to miss the opportunity right before their eyes – the physical package for their products.

This is where custom tape comes into play. If you are looking to take the initiative on a new branding opportunity, then using custom branded tape is perfect for the job.

Below, you will find six impactful ways of using custom branded packing tape as a marketing tool.

1. Offer Incentives with Custom Tape

Although, at first, you may not see tape as a branding opportunity for your business, you should remember that the tape is the first thing the customers notice when their package arrives at their doors. This is why tapejungle.com can significantly impact your customers.

What if the first thing the customer notices gives them an incentive to order from your business again?

Want to know how? Just add value to the tape by printing coupons on it! This coupon code will give the consumer additional benefits if they repeat the order. Isn’t that a great way to get customer loyalty?

Additionally, you can offer complimentary gifts or cut the delivery fee from the total amount the customer needs to pay. You get more loyal customers, who ultimately drive the profits for your business.

2. Give Customers a Sense of Involvement

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Another way you can use your custom adhesive tape as a marketing tool is by giving customers a sense of involvement. You can get special messages printed on the tape.

So how can this be done? Well, one example is to invite customers to join a future event that your business will be a part of.

Another way is to motivate customers to order within a specific date so that they can be the first ones to check out prototypes of your future products. This will keep your customers engaged while giving you crucial information on the market and its needs.

You can also print a web address on the custom branded tape so that customers can use it to visit your web pages. A QR code will be the most effective in this digital age as customers can easily scan it.

3. Draw in Customers to Your Online Platforms

As technology has become an essential part of every household and most customers are online, intelligent businesses engage with them on social media pages.

You can promote the social media links of your business by printing them on the tape to spread awareness and gain more customers. Another effective way to use custom branded packing tape as a marketing tool!

Further, you can print product campaigns on the packing tape using hashtags, which are all the rage now. This would be a sure way of drawing in customers to your online platforms. They can even use specific hashtags to share unboxing videos with you on your social media pages.

This type of advertisement is free of cost and spreads like wildfire in online communities as people get excited and order one for themselves. Hence, the custom branded tape can take your online marketing presence to newer heights.

 4. Gives The Company a Good Reputation

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Suppose your company runs a charity initiative. You can add a message to your customers on the custom branded tape to encourage them to purchase more products from your company.

For example, the message “For every product purchased, we donate $3 to a certain charity” will encourage customers to place more orders from your company. This will give an excellent impression to your customers about your corporate social responsibility.

You can also spread social messages about food waste, recycling plastic and glass, and other issues through your custom branded packing tape.

5. Boost Overall Brand Recognition

The core of every marketing strategy is to pull in more customers. The custom branded tape, if designed well, can have a substantial impact on the customer and can help achieve this goal.

The most recognizable part of your brand is the name and the logo. Printing these on the custom tape will surely leave an impression that will stay with the customers. Even bystanders will notice the unique tape and may just take a look at your brand’s products themselves!

6. Themed Packaging

If you use the same branded packing tape over and over again, it can become boring. Your customers can even stop noticing your brand anymore.

You can use themed packing tape as a marketing tool to prevent your brand from becoming stale. Try getting prints on the tape that reflect different seasons and festivals to refresh the brand image.

For example, we’re sure you need to use a lot of custom branded packing tape during the holiday season. Why not have cute Santas and reindeers printed on the tape along with the brand name and logo? Your customers will surely sit up and take notice of the brand.

Additional Benefits of Custom Branded Packing Tape

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There are several advantages of using custom branded packing tape besides using it as a marketing tool.


Custom branded packing tape helps in keeping your package safe. The customized tape has the same function as conventional tape, but it also acts as a theft deterrent.


Custom branded packing tape makes it easy to identify whether the box has been tampered with because it is unique to your brand and can only be obtained by employees of your company.

Additional messages

You can include a warning message if the parcel contains fragile goods so that it is handled with care and reaches the customer in one piece.

These benefits of custom branded packing tape make it a viable option for a business of any size to use it besides leveraging it as a marketing tool.


The custom branded tape engagingly tells your brand’s story. Since it is cost-effective, too, there is no reason not to add this to your marketing arsenal.

We hope that this article has helped you use custom branded packing tape as a marketing tool to create brand awareness, increase the customer base, and get more revenues.