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Best Branding Gifts for New Employees

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Walking through the door on your first day is daunting. That’s why it’s super important you make your new employees feel as comfortable as can be.

And what better way to break the ice than a new branding gift to say ‘welcome to the team’?

It’s all about showing your new team members that you’re excited for them to join. The little things go a long way, especially when you’re thrown into a new nerve-wracking office environment where you don’t know many kind faces just yet.

So, whether it’s a token of appreciation or an office essential that’s genuinely useful like custom notepads from captainnotepad.com, here’s 7 of the best branding gifts you can give your new employees.

Be the kind and caring face that your new team members need!

Why Do Branded Items Make Such Great Gifts?

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First things first, let’s look at 3 quick reasons why giving new employees a gift is such an important thing to do. And if you’re wondering what are good gifts for employees, there are several options to consider that show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

  • The small things matter

We’re big believers that small things matter when it comes to showing your employees that they’re appreciated. There’s no greater way to boost morale than a surprise gift that comes out of the blue. It’s the perfect way to start your morning at a new job.

  • show you care

Employee gifts are made extra-special when a personal touch is added to the gift too. Sure it may be branded to your company, but there’s ways you can personalize it to the individual too. Show them respect and show them they’re already valued as a person!

  • Help them settle in

Chances are a new employee will be a little nervous on their first day. So why not do all that you can to help them settle in? It’s not just about breaking the ice, it’s also about making them feel at home right away.

1. Customized Notepads

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For some of us super-organizers, sticky notepads are a must-have office essential for giving yourself daily reminders and keeping on top of your to-dos. That’s why Captain Notepad has a huge variety of custom notepads that you can personalize and gift to your new employees. Take a look at their selection and choose your favorite!

2. Personalized Coffee Mug

Most offices have a cupboard full of coffee mugs with sharpie names printed on the bottom of them, so why not personalize a new office mug for your new employees? You can customize them with your brand name and logo, plus don’t forget to add each employee’s name so they always know whose is whose. The Brew Therapy offers various coffee mugs that are not only suitable for gifting but also engraving services to make them more personalized. Check them out today.

3. Branded Tote Bag

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Another great branding gift is a tote bag. Everybody knows you can never have enough bags, especially when you’re starting a new job! So go one step further by gifting your new employees with an eco-friendly recyclable tote bag too. Help save the planet together.

4. Customized Calendar

Starting a new job comes with the pressures of keeping on top of your new work schedule. So what better gift than a customized calendar that helps your new employees stay organized with their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Best of all, you can customize their calendars too.

5. Pens, Pencils, and Other Stationery

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Having a new case full of pencils, pens, and other stationery is a necessity when joining an office for the first time. So help your new employees feel 100% prepared by gifting them with a whole bunch of branded office stationery. From pens to rulers and pencils to highlighters!

6. Photograph Mousepad

If you’re an office with personal computer stations, one of the best gift ideas is a personalized mousepad. You can customize the mousepad with your own branding, or you can choose to add a personalized photograph. The choice is yours!

7. Personalized Journal

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Having a personalized leather journal can help ease the process of starting a new job in many different ways. Your employees can use the journal to jot down anything important that they need to learn and master. But more importantly, they can use the journal as a diary to let out their feelings during this big life-changing event. Show them you care about them as human beings!

8. Branded Coloring Book

Everyone gets stressed at work sometimes. It’s perfectly normal. So to counteract the negative thoughts and feelings that may arise when an employee is stressed, why not gift them a branded coloring book to ease the worries? Scientific research proves that just a half-hour of coloring a day can do wonders for relieving tension and helping you find a sense of mindfulness.

9. T-Shirt or Sweatshirt

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If your company requires staff to wear uniforms, why not take it one step further by getting casual t-shirts or jumpers printed with your brand logo? This way your employees can easily swap their uniform for more comfortable clothing once the shift is over, and still be a representative of the brand!

10. Personalized Desk Toy

Nerves will be running high on the first day, which is a good thing because it shows they care about making a good impression. So why not throw them a bone by gifting them with a personalized desk toy such as a stress ball to relieve any unwanted anxieties in and around the office.

11. Personalized Blanket

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Wintertime in the office can get a little cold, especially for the employees who get chilly rather easily. Gifting your new employee a personalized blanket is a nice way to say ‘make yourself feel at home here.’ They can keep it in their desk drawer or even take it home if they want to. The choice is theirs.

12. Personalized Charity Donation

No, we know this isn’t technically a branded marketing item, but a personalized charity donation can be done in both your company’s name and the name of your new employee too. This is the type of meaningful present that a lot of new employees might appreciate more than something disposable, especially if you’re a company that is particularly charitable anyway.