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8 Unwritten Fashion Rules on How to Choose the Right Handbag

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A season wouldn’t pass without you falling in love with a new handbag, am I right?

However, there are a number of things to consider if you want to find the one that is most suitable for you.

In light of this, take into account the following before making your next credit card purchase:

Its price, design, dimensions, content, straps, and storage. Keep on reading and find your perfect model.

Fashion Rules on How to Choose the Right Handbag

1. Nothing too heavy

Who can carry a 10-pound bag 12 hours a day? At that point, it becomes a workout. In contrast to the various synthetic options, leather bags may be mended if they ever become scratched, as they inevitably will. They are also the most common go-to that ladies love to invest in.

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Even when empty, certain leather handbags may be pretty heavy; once properly filled up for your day-to-day or night-out activities.

Test the bag’s weight for yourself to make your own judgment.

Although the additional metal element looks great, it can make a backpack excessively heavy to carry.

2. Current purpose

What direction should this bag travel in?

Are the bag’s build and design appropriate for the task at hand?

Can you describe it as elegant and suitable for a professional setting?

Would it be considered too casual if you left the store with this bag while wearing the clothing you’re wearing right now?

You need a purse that goes well with your current outfit but can also be used in a more formal environment. Think about the occasion and where you wish to show it off.

3. Your budget

Many people cannot afford an expensive high-end purse.

People opt to save money by purchasing a lower-quality item that will eventually break and need to be replaced with yet another cheap handbag.

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Do you believe that purchasing a new bag every few months is a smart idea?

Remember that you will wind up spending more money with no real outcomes.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that not all designer handbags maintain their value over time. Stick to the middle price range for best results.

4. Its size

Whether you’re on the fence, try placing some of the items from your current bag inside the one you’re considering to see if it fits.

You probably won’t have to bring all of that gear with you every day.

The truth is that the selection can be a bit overwhelming, as well as scary to narrow down. Are you looking for a clutch, a tote, etc?!

You can probably get away with just a small cross-body bag if you don’t need to transport your laptop to your workplace. This all varies, so do a bit of comparison.

5. Patterns

It’s important to keep in mind that fashion trends come and go.

What is trendy this year in terms of design, decoration, or even color will appear horribly obsolete next year, and even more so in five or 10 years.

If you’re going for a chic and polished look, don’t do any of these things:

Don’t dress like a child and don’t bother with unnecessary frills and ruffles.

You might think “Cute” today, but in a few months, you’ll be asking “Why?”

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Adding or finishing something in a flashy, ostentatious way quickly becomes outdated and it is not a good investment

In spite of the fact that some very amazing instances of vividly colored handbags do exist, popsicle hues tend to go out of style quickly and don’t complement most wardrobes

If you don’t want your chains to make noise, disassemble any extra hinges or locks.

6. Material

How important are durability and water resistance to you and for your chosen model?

Which do you like better: synthetics, leather, or canvas?

In what ways should this patient be cared for?

What level of care are you willing to provide for your purse?

I believe it is important for your personal brand to reflect who you are and what you stand for.

Respect and sincerity will increase as a result.

As a result, it should be easier than ever to find something that tickles your fancy.

While some manufacturers use animal products, others produce bags of such high quality that they can be used for decades without showing signs of wear, while yet others use completely vegan components.

7. Number of pockets

Your bags should be chosen after careful consideration of the many uses they will serve and the conditions you will face.

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Do you ride your bike to work, then walk to a night out?

You feel perfectly capable of handling your essentials in a handbag without a dedicated divider. For instance, choosing a shopping bag without an inside pocket or an attached keychain means spending most of your time rummaging around in the bag for your keys or wallet.

You might also want to consider a sleek handle or a clutch if you’re more-so put together.

8. Familiarity with the brand

A ton of individuals attach great significance to brands, and some just go for the looks.

It’s important that your brand’s values align with your own, as it represents your way of life and your aspirations.

Sometimes the value of a brand might shift quickly as a result of a scandal, and sometimes it can shift more subtly.

It’s only logical to stop using trademarks that don’t represent who you are now.

Consumers’ opinions on particular brands may also change over time.

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Maybe you were a purse addict in college, but as a professional woman, you’ve outgrown the need for one.

A change in aesthetic preferences is natural, and the process of doing so can be refreshing.

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