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How to Bright Up Your Office Space With Neon Signs? – 2024 Guide

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Many people are not even aware of how the ambient at work can affect people and improve their productivity. Also, people can feel more motivated and satisfied if they like the design in their offices. We can find all sorts of designs. The most common are typical for companies, with a model that praises simplicity and minimalism. Therefore, you can expect a simple desk, average chair, a couple of shelves, and additional office equipment.

The main problem with that type of outline is that it can become monotonous to people over time. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable, dealing with challenging situations will become easier. In that matter, it is not a surprise that modern businesses are not changing and experimenting with different styles more often. One of those trends is related to retro style, and the installation of neon lights in the office. If you are interested in buying neon lights for your home or work, visit sculptneonsigns.co.uk.

Before you decide about the lightning option, you should read more about the benefits that you can get by installing a neon model of lights. First of all, enhanced lumination is what makes this option so attractive.

Also, you have much better flexibility in terms of design. Besides that, it is more energy-effective, requires less maintenance, and more. Redesigning your office with neon lights might sound unconventional, but there are some excellent options for that. We are going to analyze more about that in the following article.

Creative Branding

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Before you start adding them to your office, you should consider using this option as a decoration inside of your company, along with the entrance area. Considering that retro design is popular these days, it could be an excellent strategy to attract potential clients or new workers with authentic ambient that you can get by installing these lights. It is quite simple as well. You can buy pieces of neon cables and create a unique layout that can resemble your brand, the goals of your company, popular phrases, and more. It will ensure more attention from people who are passing by.

Break the Monotony

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One of the main advantages is that you can make your office appear as a much more interesting place. Getting used to the same environment for years, or even decades can become stressful over time, and this type of change can be beneficial since it will make you more comfortable. People are attracted by a variety of colors, and the right combination of them can affect emotions, lower stress, or improve mood.

Another great thing about neon is that you can choose from a wide selection of colors. Also, it won’t be an issue to combine more of them because this material is quite cheap when compared to other popular options. Furthermore, we have to mention that modern neon lights include LED technology. The main reason why people stopped using traditional neon signs is that they contain less effective neon gas.

Also, some studies prove that old neon lights could cause damage to the eyesight. However, LED neon is completely safe for your health and the environment. On the other hand, you will have the flexibility to experiment with outlines more often, and neon lights are quite convenient in terms of installation and design.

Make Modern Ambient

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It is especially popular among tech companies to experiment more with their offices. For example, web developers are known for including unconventional items in their working space. Many of them have lazy bags, gaming consoles, board games, wending machines, and many other devices and appliances that will make the working hours more comfortable for people. Neon lights are also excellent in combination with other solutions.

One of the best examples is related to marketing companies or video game developers. Since you can easily change the outlines and colors of neon due to its low price, you can set a new model that is related to your current projects. For instance, you can include colors and symbols related to the ongoing assignments.

With this feature, people can feel more motivated to express their creativity. On the other side, traditional outlines can make people feel exhausted since the ambient is too basic. Unless you are working in some big corporation or certain industries that require being stricter in terms of dress code, you can only expect benefits from this option.

Moreover, you can choose from different models of redesign when you want to add this type of light. You can embrace minimalistic style by setting only a small sign on the wall. Besides that, you can select the model with a dimmer, and make the ambient even more impressive. On the other side, you can use a variety of colors and sizes to make a more impressive space out of your office.

Where to place a neon sign?

Neon signs can be a fun and eye-catching addition to an office space. They can be placed in various locations, depending on the desired effect. A popular spot is above the reception area to greet visitors and create a welcoming atmosphere. Neon signs can also be placed in meeting rooms to add a pop of color and interest to the space.

Another option is to place a neon sign above a sit stand desk, serving as a reminder to switch up postures throughout the day. Additionally, a neon sign can be placed in a break room or kitchen area to add some fun and personality to the space.


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When buying neon lights, it’s important to consider the size, color, and design of the light to ensure it fits your desired aesthetic. Additionally, you should research the quality and durability of the neon light, as well as any necessary installation requirements.

It seems like Neon is getting as popular as they were during the 50s and 60s, where almost all signs were using this type of light. An even better thing is that modern models have improved features like dimming, a better selection of colors, simple installation, and more. Besides the ability to make your office a much better place, you can use this option for the promotion of your brand. People are easily attracted by these lights, which means that you can try to use a traditional marketing strategy by placing a banner or a sign on someplace with a lot of passengers.

Most businesses are using online techniques of promotions today, which could provide you with advantages if you determine the right spot and design for your commercial. It might evoke nostalgia in older generations who got used to seeing neon assigns all over the place before modern technology emerged. Therefore, bringing something traditional can be an excellent way to attract more people. Still, it is very important to know more about the group of people you are targeting to create the right outline and style of these lights.