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How to Stop Your Office Chair From Scratching Your Wood Floors

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Work, work, and only work. This is what is being talked about and what is current in the first 5 days of a week. This is because each of us is in a position in one of the companies where there is ongoing employment for which you receive a salary, and in order to receive a salary it is necessary to be actively and constantly committed to work and work tasks. .

We usually spend 40 hours a week in the office where meetings are held, meetings with colleagues with whom you work on projects, then some big work tasks and activities and the like take place. In order for this to be as it should be, it is necessary to feel good and comfortable in the space in which you work, and for that, it is necessary to provide appropriate furniture that will suit you.

Yes, the office is the place where each of us spends 8 hours a day doing all the scheduled tasks and doing all the scheduled appointments of the day, usually through video conferencing applications. During those 8 hours, the best and most important thing for you is to feel comfortable and comfortable in the space, and in that the biggest role is played by the furniture with which the space is arranged. Most often, companies invest a lot of money in arranging the premises and having the most appropriate furniture, and special attention is paid to procuring the most appropriate desks and of course to procure the most appropriate chairs that will provide comfort and convenience to workers throughout the day. But there is one mistake that is made very often.

This error refers to the fact that in addition to the fact that it is necessary to take furniture that is comfortable, it is also necessary to take furniture that will not do damage, and especially will not do damage to the floor that in most of the offices are made of wood. The floor is often damaged by inappropriate furniture, especially by the chairs on which company employees sit. The elements that are placed on the legs of the chairs are simply not suitable and that in itself causes damage to the floor. But all this can be corrected and corrected. In which way? We will find out together today because we, knowing this problem, decided to find solutions that we will offer you to get out of such situations. So let’s see together how you can stop the destruction and scratching of the floor caused by office chairs.

1. Put rubber bands on the chair if there is a possibility because it will prevent scratching the floor – a very simple thing that you can do in the following hours after reading this article is to put rubber bands on the bottom of the chair, ie on the legs. That way you will stop any kind of destruction of the floor which usually happens as a result of the strength of the material from which the legs are made. The solution is simple and fast, so you have enough time to realize it, and it is good to know that it will not cost you much money, which means that the first proposal is a budget-friendly and is very fast to implement.

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2. Replace the chair with another chair that will not cause damage of this type – the second solution is to take the chair with another chair that will provide the same level of comfort as the one that was used until then, but will not damage the floor. There are a number of alternatives offered by office centers and office furniture and equipment stores, and some solutions can be found here. It is good to think about this proposal because you will solve the problem with another small investment and you will no longer have to worry that the floor in the office will be damaged and something will be missing.

3. Install a small rug that will protect the floor from damage – the next solution which is also a budget-friendly is to buy small rugs that are specially designed and made for such situations, and which you can find in one of the home centers or in-office equipment centers. Buy such carpets and place them where the chairs are. That way you will no longer have to worry about something bad happening to your floor in terms of chair movement. You will be carefree and the whole thing will go without thinking about such a problem.

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4. Lift the chair and do not pull it off the floor to avoid damage – a very large number of people who work in the office and do not have wheelchairs have a bad habit, which is to drag the chairs on the floor. In this way, they cause the destruction of the floor and cause damage that we are all afraid of. To avoid this, it is necessary to work a little on it and change such a habit. What to do? Simply, with every movement, ie with every getting up and sitting, it is good to raise the chair so that there is no damage to the wooden floor, which in many cases is made in a really expensive way, ie it is very expensive.

5. It is even good to varnish the floor with several coats of floor varnish so as not to destroy the wood – also a very good tip is to pass the wooden floor with a few more coats of quality varnish for wooden surfaces and floors. Just apply a few coats of varnish on the floor and let it dry. It is good to know that there are also varnishes that contain a small amount of silicone that can prevent such bad situations as damage to the floor. Consider this suggestion as it is very useful, but also offers the opportunity to give a bigger shine to the floor.

Source: pexels.com

If you thought this situation was hopeless, we have given you directions to show you the opposite. And now? Now it is necessary to take the appropriate action and fix the problem that we know how many headaches can cause.