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How to Find the Perfect Office for Your Business

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The perfect office will boost productivity and happiness in your workforce. But, depending on your business and needs, what is perfect to one person may not be ideal to you. So, be sure to consider everything your employees need to succeed. Follow these simple steps to guarantee you find the perfect office for your business!

Step 1. Focus on Location

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First thing’s first, your employees should be a top priority when planning where your office will be. They won’t want to travel too far to get to work every day, so be sure to choose carefully. Try to find an office space with a short commute distance for workers who prefer to walk or rely on public transport.

The perfect office is somewhere in your city, so you won’t have to travel far either. If you want your employees to be happy, offer places to explore while they are on break. Employees also appreciate being near diners and cafes. While most workers pack lunch and bring it to work, giving them more options helps boost workplace satisfaction.

Step 2. Consider Space and Comfort

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Space and comfort are crucial when choosing the perfect office.

Serviced offices from devono.com take the hassle and time out of doing everything yourself. With IT and telecoms already installed and support teams at hand, you don’t even have to worry about furnishing your new office!

Serviced office space is also cost-effective for growing businesses or those with a high headcount. Your employees can settle straight in, and you don’t have to worry about setting up their work stations.

Since your employees will spend most of their time at work, you should try to make the office a place they want to be. Feel free to choose an office that looks not-so-serious and quirkier than the average. Office workers need plenty of space to do their jobs. So, include plans for personal offices and spacious shared offices. This means people can choose where they would prefer to sit during the day.

Also, you want your employees to feel at home while at work. Be sure to invest in some comfortable furniture and fun interior finishes. These may calm their minds so they can stay productive. A great view or even giving rooftop access will also enhance workplace satisfaction. Creating a spacious, attractive office will help your workers feel excited to come to work! Another great way to save space in the office is by using a Google online fax service, your employees can use their computers instead of a bulky fax machine.

Step 3. Look at Spaces with Various Rooms

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No matter how big or small your business, a happy workforce equals a successful business. And a happy workforce is one where there is plenty of space and rooms for your employees to unwind and refresh their minds. You also need conference rooms to host team meetings in a calm and quiet environment, and rooms to store office supplies. Your office should have plenty of space for rooms like:

Break room(s)/cafeteria(s)
• Reception/welcome area
• Conference rooms
• Men’s and women’s restrooms
• Games room
• Store cupboards

Your new office will have these rooms already, so you won’t have to worry about redevelopment before getting everything up and running. Plus, no redevelopment means no overspending on office space. You can set a budget and stick to it. Then you can worry about making small changes and improvements once everyone has settled in.

Step 4. Ask Your Employees for Opinions

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Your employees should play a big part in your decisions made as a business. Asking them to share ideas for your new office will help keep everyone happy, so they continue to do their best work.

Get feedback from your employees by organizing anonymous surveys or questionnaires. That way, you can be sure your new office space will be a good fit for you and your employees. You can also be confident that your office will keep staff motivated all day. Finding the perfect office also gives you the chance to offer perks to your employees, for example:

• Varied lunch menus
• Modern break rooms
• Vending/snack/drinks machines
• Store coupons/discounts
• Secure parking lot
• Workout/gym discounts

Meet with your workers. Throw your ideas together and reach a mutual agreement on where the perfect office is and how it looks.

Only then will you find the right office for your business.

Step 5. Talk to a Commercial Realtor

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As a last resort, you could talk to or hire a commercial realtor.

This step can relieve some of the pressures of relocating and finding an office space that is right for everyone involved.

A commercial realtor will help you find a desirable office space with no hassle or time-wasting. Without a realtor, having your needs met will become almost too difficult.

Your realtor will help make sure you get the best deal with no hidden bills from the property owner (if there is one). This is your best shot at smoothing the process of finding the best office space, sparing you the headache!

Last Words of Advice

Office space has a huge impact on a business’s ability to captivate and preserve workers. Employees care more about location and whether their office is local to their home. But, they also give thought to interior design, comfort and workspace.

Consider working with a realtor who can help you find an office suited to your unique workforce and business. Otherwise, you can always look at serviced offices to guarantee comfort and convenience. These sorts of offices are generally city-based and there are plenty of places for your workers to visit on their breaks.