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Typical Bong Accessories to Buy From an Online Smoke Shop

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Smoking out of a bong is one of the most common and popular methods of ingesting cannabis in today’s world. Due to the intense high, strong flavor, and excitement of using this apparatus with friends, bongs are a great way to socially smoke and enjoy long-lasting heights that are sure to be effective for your entire night. Let’s see a few accessories that you can purchase to pair perfectly with your new bong!

Most common bong accessories from an online smoke shop

If you are trying to find the most common and the best accessories at an online smoke shop, you should look into the bestsellers before you make any purchases. By figuring out the items that are most popular in the community, you can then determine what bong accessories you should purchase.


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One of the most common accessories that you can purchase from an online smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe is the ashcatcher, a cleanup method that makes it more efficient to use it without having to clean up after every smoking session!

If you want to avoid having to clean up constantly after smoking your bong, then use an ash catcher to save money, avoid lengthy cleanup times, and make it more cost-effective than other methods.

An ash catcher is simply an add-on that you can use with your bong that attaches directly to your water pipe to catch ash falling from it. If the ash gets into the water or makes the table dirty after smoking, this can ruin the quality of your experience.

Instead, use an ash catcher and attach it to the stem of your bong to keep it clean for a long period, provide smooth inhalations, allow for cleaner hits, and enhance the filtration qualities.


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The second way that you can provide a super smooth hit with your bong is by using a percolator with this apparatus. Although percolators and ash catchers are typically used as if they are the same, they are quite different – percolators differ in that they are a part of the bong and not an add-on to the apparatus itself.

Percolators can be used to help provide a higher-filtered quality, enhance the smoking experience, provide a cooler hit, and get rid of any toxins or buildup that can occur in the water if you do not clean your bong. If you are considering purchasing a percolator for your dog, you might be wondering what kind to get.

In this case, you need to do some research to see what percolators are best for your needs. Percolators all try to improve the filtration of the vapor and the water, but the specific methods of doing this will vary based on the size and shape of the percolator.

You can choose from various percolator types, such as honeycomb, tree, matrix, inline, or downstems. The typical price for purchasing a percolator at an online smoke shop is between $25 and $55 depending on the brand and size.

Diffused downstem

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The next accessory that you can use is a diffused downstem, an effective way to enhance the filtration of the harmful toxins in the water and improve diffusion so you can enjoy smooth things that don’t burn your mouth!

Make sure you find a diffused downstem at an online smoke shop that is compatible with your bong’s size and shape – you don’t want a short downstem that can let in water or a downstem that is too long and won’t fit at all.

Quartz banger

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The next type of accessory that you can purchase to be used with your bong is a quartz banger to help transform your apparatus into a usable dab rig! If you enjoy smoking concentrate and you like the concentrated flavor and hit of this method, then consider using a quartz banger with your bong. A quartz banger typically runs between $20 and $50 depending on the quality of the glass and the size.

Res caps

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If you need to keep your bongs clean while on the go, consider purchasing a res cap from a non-smoking shop for easy maintenance and travel purposes. Res caps are small gaskets that keep the water of your bong inside and prevent it from leaking outside while you are moving the bond between locations.

This is a great thing to purchase if you frequently move your bong between your house, a friend’s house, and the park. Res caps typically range between $5 and $10, making this a smart investment for smokers of all levels.


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When looking for additional accessories for an online smoke shop that works well with your bong, consider looking at titanium nails, quartz nails, or ceramic nails.

You can add this attachment to improve your smoking experience and make it easier to hold temperatures for long periods. When browsing the perfect nails for you to use, make sure you look for ones between $25 and $50.

Dab torches

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The final accessory that you need to look for at an online smoke shop are dab torches, an accessory that is an absolute must to heat your dab concentrates to the precise temperature to allow for even burning and the ideal smoking experience.

By heating your dab to the right level you can ensure that you stay safe, avoid overheating, and prevent anything from breaking.

Make sure that you buy the ideal dab torch that is compatible with your unique dab rig, providing the tool with temperature control and extra flavorful hits. When looking at dab torches to add on as an attachment for your bong or dab rig, you will typically pay between $30 and $50 for the middle-of-the-road options.


If you are looking for accessories for your new bong, consider purchasing one of these options, such as the dab nail, torch, percolator, and much more! You can increase your smoking experience efficiency by purchasing accessories at an online smoke shop.