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6 Basic Fashion Rules Every Gentleman Should Follow

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While the fashion industry is more oriented toward women, there are many brands where men can find attractive and elegant clothes as well. Commonly, men are more simple when it comes to outfitting. However, you should learn more about some tricks that will help you to always appear elegant, especially in suits. Even a small detail can make a big difference.

Also, it is necessary to select the proper model of clothes. We are aware that many people would rather be interested in more affordable items, but with the quality and design as well. Therefore, you should check elite-shop.it where you can find attractive Italian brands for an affordable price. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some basic rules in fashion that will help you to appear more elegant all the time.

1. Fit Your Shirt Properly

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It can be especially important to fit the shirt and tight it in the right way when you are wearing a suit or a jacket over it. Even a small detail around your abdomen or neck can make you look messy. The main point of wearing suits is to achieve elegance. Therefore, be sure to fit your shirt and create a proper combination with the suit. When it comes to the neck, choose a model that will be comfortable enough, but appear tight around it.

Also, pay attention to the sleeves, and avoid models with sleeves much longer than those on suits. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear the only shirt without a jacket, buy a model that will look good when you roll the sleeves. Moreover, choose one that will fit your body in the right way. For example, if you are slightly overweight, avoid slim-fit models.

The same rule is for any other type of clothes. you should focus on a perfect combination of comfort and appearance. In that matter, avoid having role models and learn your sizes when it comes to shirts, pants, jackets, and other items.

2. Choose the Right Pants

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It is a common mistake for men to choose the wrong model of pants for different events. For instance, you can combine jeans with a jacket and shirt, but only on certain events that are more casual. Therefore, be sure to always have a pair of elegant trousers for some special occasions.

There are all sorts of combinations that you can choose to fit it properly with other clothes. Besides that, be sure to choose the proper belt as well. First of all, you should never use an old belt that appears worn off. Also, select the right color and shape. Anyone can buy clothes, but only a gentleman will know how to combine it in the right way, and that can increase your appearance and self-esteem.

3. Accessories are Important Detail

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We can notice that minimalism became very popular in recent years. Therefore, there is no need for an expensive golden necklace and wristband. However, a luxurious watch can make a difference. The great thing is that we can find a wide selection of watches today.

Also, some models appear elegant that you can find for a more affordable price. You can check wrist-band.com to find more wristband accessories.

If you are interested in not-so-expensive brands, check Casio, Tissot, Seiko, Fossil, Skagen, and more. On the other hand, buying a luxurious model from companies like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, or Tag Heuer, can be a great investment since these products could reach a higher value over time. Moreover, you can choose from different wristband, and you should choose the one that feels more comfortable, while it also fits your outfit. The most popular options are metal and ladder.

4. Items To Always Have in Your Wardrobe

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Whether you need something elegant or more casual, it is always a good option to create a proper selection of clothes in your wardrobe. If you are interested in comfortable and basic pieces, we suggest you always have white and gray shirts, which is a perfect combination with jeans, casual sneakers, or moccasins. This is the perfect choice for daily activities.

On the other side, having only one suit can be an issue for those who need to wear it more often. In that matter, you can combine different trousers, shirts, and jackets. Moreover, get few sweaters for colder times. In some cases, you can combine them with a jacket.

When it comes to more casual business dinners, dates, or parties, you can choose a sports jacket that is much more comfortable, and you can combine it with jeans. The key is to find your preferred design and outfits and don’t experiment too much. Pick several models for various seasons and you will manage to always look more attractive.

5. Choose a High-Quality Perfume

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This is another detail that can make you more attractive. You can choose from a wide selection of fragrances. When it comes to important events, you should never try to save money on a good cologne. Some of the best fragrances are from luxurious brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Creed, and more. You should apply it around the head and top parts of the suit. The common mistake is that people often apply it on hands, which is a waste of perfume.

6. Make a List

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Unlike women, men often don’t enjoy shopping too much. If you want to save time on visiting stores and trying different outfits, the best way is to search online and make a list of necessary items. Also, you can always order them online, but if you are not sure about the size, the best option would be to visit the store and try the suit or other types of clothes before buying. The list will save you from spending the whole day in the mall.

Last Words

Pay attention to every detail and be sure to make a perfect combination of clothes and additional accessories. Use your preferences when it comes to the selection of models, and you should never have problems with looking more elegant and stylish.