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How to Wear Sunglasses When You Don’t Have Them On?

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Having your style is something that many people want to achieve. We are not just talking about clothes someone would wear. Style is much more than that, from posture to the way we talk. Of course, this is something that we all have as a part of our personality.

However, clothes can be a manifestation of our personality.

That doesn’t mean that clothes make a man. However, they can point out some characteristics we are proud of, and mask some we are not proud of. It’s all a matter of personal preference. At the same time, clothing is one of the things people notice first.

So, it plays a huge part in making the first impression.

It wouldn’t hurt to wear some accessories to spice things a little bit. There are a plethora of options to choose from. But if we were to choose the most sought-after one, we would say sunglasses. If you want to check out some floatboating sunglasses, you can find here some interesting models here. You don’t need to wear them in a classic way to make a good impression. There are other options.

Now, we would like to present you with some ways to use shades without having them on.

Head Look

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Probably the commonest, but also the most “effective” way to wear your shades is on top of your head. In most situations, you will do it unintentionally, when you get out of the sun’s reach, especially when you are indoors. However, you need to make sure that your glasses are tight enough to stay in that position for as long as needed.

Otherwise, they can fall off and break. You certainly would like that to happen. Sure, there are some cons to this approach, but we can see that this is easily among the most stylish ways you can wear shades. We can say that this is a great option both for males and females.

For girls, this is quite a convenient solution because they can use it to get their hair out of the way when needed. Of course, it can get stuck in your hair, but this is not that big of a problem, right? When that happens, it is possible to get them free from the hair with a couple of simple moves.

A Lanyard

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The next option we want to discuss is wearing a lanyard. While many wouldn’t consider these to be a fashion statement of any sort, they are both convenient and helpful to people who want to ensure the security of these pieces. You can take them off and put them on when you need them in a matter of seconds.

Plus, these are great when you’re about to practice some physical activities. Some would think that this is a good approach for someone interested in working. Still, it is possible to use these as some sort of fashion statement. Not the latest trend out there. Nevertheless, this is a good option.

Thankfully, there are numerous lanyards to choose from. They come in many different shapes and sizes. We don’t believe that this is an important element to take into consideration. If you ask us, practicality and convenience are the right way to go.

Lanyards are just the way to achieve this.

Neck Strap

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A couple of decades ago, you could see only seniors wearing neck-straps to keep their glasses near them. A clear reason is for them not to lose them. However, we can see that this has become a trend in the fashion industry. Not only that, it is clear that many sports suppliers have started to produce these straps.

So, this is not popular only in cases when you need to keep your sight glasses. It has also become quite popular among people who want to keep their shades in the same position.

These are helpful even when you want to wear them while playing some sport. It prevents them from falling off and breaking.

Hanging on a Shirt

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When you get tired from having these on your eye, then the first notion would be to hang them on your blouse. We can say that this approach is a stylish option, but you shouldn’t utilize it when you are about to take part in some physical activities like sports. It is not as convenient as other options.

If you are used to wearing some shirts that have buttons, then you can maybe increase the security of your shades by inserting them through the boutonniere. If this is not the case, we would advise you not to wear them this way if you are about to take part in any sort of sports activity.

A Suit Pocket

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We can all agree that we do not wear suits and ties in most situations, but when that happens, utilizing some basic approach, like a head look doesn’t fit your appearance. You would need to do something much more stylish that will, without any doubt, make a great impression on everyone around you.

Most suites out there have that little pocket on the side. Therefore, you can be sure that this is a great solution for taking care of your glasses and still maintaining a stylish outlook. Another possibility would be storing them inside an interior pocket of a suit. In both cases, you will find them quite convenient.

As is the case with every other option out there, there are some challenges you need to look at. Sure, having a pocket means that you can prevent these glasses from getting lost. However, don’t make a mistake by believing that this is not possible. Plus, make sure you don’t leave the jacket unattended.

In Conclusion

Sunglasses are a great fashion statement, and you should make them part of your appearance. In this article of ours, we’ve provided you with some tips on how to wear them without really having them on your eyes. We are certain you will find all of these equally helpful in many situations.