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7 Tips and Advice on Buying Kids Clothes Online

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When choosing clothes for their children, parents often want them to be cute, colorful, modern, and irresistible. However, there are some things you should be aware of when choosing baby clothes. Do you want to buy the best quality things for your child, but you don’t know what you have to take into account when buying?

Clothes for babies and children are adorable, and shopping alone gives women great pleasure. Dressing up a baby is a kind of game for moms, but there are things you should pay attention to when buying clothes.

Often, parents’ dressing style is passed on to their children. A child’s clothing style, later when he grows up, can often be inspired by the way their parents dress.

Sure, this start sounds really ideal, but we all know that when we shop online, a lot of things don’t turn out the way we planned.

Some online services allow you to return the purchased clothes if they are not correct or for some reason you do not like them. But on the other hand, many online stores do not have such a rule, because it can be a really big expense for them.

However, many of us shop online these days, and that includes baby and children’s clothing.

So, these tips are in order:

1. Find a brand you can trust

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It’s really easy nowadays to sell online. With the simplest online service, you can open an online store and offer what you have for sale.

However, in all that sea of ​​brands and stores, you have to find some that you can trust.

What does that mean? For example, familiarize yourself with a few favorite brands. See if their clothing numbers match the standard, but also if they use quality textiles. Don’t forget that children’s skin is delicate and you certainly don’t want to dress them in bad clothes. That’s why it’s important to find trusted brands and know what you’re buying every time. For example, tutu du monde will do these things great, and you will be always satisfied by the quality.

2. Buy quality clothes

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Buy clothes made of quality materials. It is best to choose clothes with a large percentage of cotton so that your baby’s skin can breathe. Make sure the material does not scratch your baby.

No matter how attractive the price of clothes seems to you, the smarter choice is to buy better quality clothes. Quality clothes last longer, and someone will be able to inherit them.

It’s the same for older children too. They deserve quality, even though the clothes are only seasonal pieces for them. But, as we said, when they overgrow some pieces, they can easily pass the clothes to their younger siblings or friends.

3. Choose larger size clothes for children

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When you are looking for children’s clothing sizes, especially for children up to five years old, it is always better to choose a model that is one size larger than the one the child is currently wearing. If you buy a T-shirt or sweatshirt that fits your child perfectly at the moment, you can expect a new purchase in a month or two because the child will need things that are one size larger.

4. Buy combinations for day and night looks

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Separate day clothes from night clothes. The right choice is lighter clothes for the day and thicker clothes for the night. At night, the baby should not be too hot or too cold, otherwise, you may have problems falling asleep. Of course, clothes should also be adapted to the seasons, regardless of how well you maintain an even temperature in the apartment throughout the year.

It’s the same for the kids. Also, if they go to daycare, ensure they have a few quality clothing pieces, which are comfortable at the same time.

Don’t make your kids share clothes. If you have twins you may think you can save money on clothes, but every kid must have clothes, no matter if you buy them online, or go to the store together.

5. Wash the new clothes immediately

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A baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s skin and is more prone to irritation. Wash the new clothes before dressing your child in them. You don’t know how long the clothes were in the store before you bought them and how many kids tried them on before. In addition, washing clothes will make them softer and more comfortable for your baby or kid.

Even if you buy clothes online, you need to remove the dirt and dust from them, by proper washing. So, when you receive the package, inspect if everything is right with the clothes, and then wash them using proper detergent.

6. Don’t spend money on too many same-size clothes

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If you plan to buy quality things that will last for a long period, keep in mind that sometimes it is wiser to buy a larger size, considering that children grow quickly and outgrow their wardrobe even faster.

Be careful when it comes to children’s shoes too, as you can easily choose ones that can be tight and uncomfortable for the child. Always look to get a size bigger and more comfortable things in which your child will feel comfortable.

7. You don’t have to buy clothes you can borrow from someone

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As many things are quickly outgrown, sometimes it is really smarter to borrow a certain wardrobe from family or friends who no longer need it. If you are not one of those big lovers of baby and children’s things, then this type of purchase is ideal for you.

There is no need to waste money unnecessarily on things that your child will not be able to wear very soon. Provide your child with comfortable, pleasant, and quality clothes completely free of charge.


Online shopping can be a real challenge, but we hope our tips will help you find the best options for your child. And we really hope you and your friends will create a circle of borrowing, passing, and giving the used (and still usable) clothes to those who need them more, instead of keeping them in the wardrobe.