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Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a Car in the United States

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Nowadays, nobody doubts that cars are not something we can consider luxury. On the contrary, cars are necessary for US families, business people, and others who need to drive around their hometown, country, or even between countries.

This article provides some advantages and disadvantages of renting cars in the United States of America. We will take a look about some rental issues to make a small recap of reasons why it’s good to rent a car.

Cars in our life

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A modern person can’t imagine his or her life without a car. Having a car gives many advantages, and among them are: freedom of transportation, necessary comfort, and saving money and time to get to whatever point in the country.

But if you need a personal vehicle, National rental car Memphis Airport with  14cars.com  can help you with this task. You can get to another city or state by airplane, train, or by bus.

Local governments are working hard to offer public transportation, but it still needs a lot of improvements and investments. It will be way more comfortable to rent a car and reach any suitable location.

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The guests of cities can downl

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oad the navigator application, use GPS and rent a car to enjoy life and do all kinds of business. Every town has car rental services, where you can find available vehicles for rent, their quality, and brief characteristics of every car.

No doubt, renting a car provides comfort and saves time, since you do not need to spend money looking for a car, searching all websites, worrying about its technical condition, and planning your route.

Many modern cars have GPS already installed in a car. All you need to do is find a trustworthy rental car service, choose the right type of car, do some paperwork (insurance and payment), get into a car, set the destination, and drive safely.

More information

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Benefits of car rental

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It is important to state that car rental opportunities bring the following benefits: no headaches about the technical side of your car, no thoughts about insurance and parking, etc.

Moreover, you can change your rental car time and try different brands. Only a small percentage of people have several cars in their garages, but with renting services, you have a chance to try different types of cars, feel the way they drive, and compare them. Every driver knows what traffic means.

Usually, when you hear the word ‘traffic’ you think about long boring hours, stress, and nerves. Nobody can guarantee that you can skip traffic if you take a bus, trolley bus, or by renting a car. But what makes you like a rental car, in this case, is the fact that you can enjoy a luxury type of car and the freedom to listen to whatever music you like.

Summing up the advantages

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Let’s sum up all the advantages of renting a car in the United States. In the county which offers so many opportunities, it is a great time to rent a car. Renting a car saves you money. Every car loses its value from the moment it leaves a car dealership. Once a car leaves its dealership, its price drops by 20% or even more.

Next, renting a car saves your nerves and brings more time to enjoy your life. Rental service with a high reputation offers a high-quality vehicle that drives without any technical issues. Then, by renting a car, you have a choice between sedan, hatchback, MUV, or SUV, pickup truck or coupe, or even driving a convertible.

Last but not least, we live in the 21st century, and to find a car rental service you should not buy a special newspaper or search for the needed phone in your cell phone contacts; you can easily come to a new city, open your browser and find a rental service via the Internet in a few minutes.

Disadvantages of renting a car

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Talking about the disadvantages of renting a car in the United States, actually, there are not so many disadvantages of car rental. First, it is important to find the right and trusted company. If you use a rental service that counts money but does not provide a service, then your experience with car rental will be negative.

You should ensure the contract is correctly prepared, and there are no hidden points. Second, some services offer plans which overcharge clients. It is well suggested to compare prices in the market before paying. Third, many people prefer to avoid renting a car because they do not want to risk their own money if a car breaks down on the way due to the fault of a driver.

Once you are ready to return a car back to the car rental service, take some time to check the condition of the car, so the service does not blame you for damaging something. Fourth, other people are scared of renting services because of driving expensive brands of cars.

However, the renting business is improving a lot, and the cost of renting a car is constantly decreasing, and insurance plans cover all possible incidents. In general, it is proper to state that there are fewer disadvantages, and if you are a conscientious customer, you may not feel these disadvantages yourself. Some more information on the topic is available here.


To conclude, there are more pros than cons in renting a car – that’s why millions of people around the world, in particular, in the United States, use this service. You can try taking a car for rent too!