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4 Ways How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Pay Stubs

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The main use of paystubs is related to their ability to provide us with data related to how much people are earning and other information as well. However, there is a big issue related to this service since there are many fake paystub options available today, and it is crucial to learn more about the main features to avoid troubles with fake services. The best way for that is to learn how to distinguish the potential scam and reliable service.

If you are interested in a secure check stub, you can visit paystubsnow.com. This service will provide you with advanced security, quick results, and more. This service represents a paystub creator where you can make it in the online form by using special tools. There are many advantages of this option when it comes to generating a paycheck stub. However, you should focus on determining which service is reliable enough to avoid security issues and scams.

When it comes to the best ways of detecting whether any online service is reliable and safe or not, the easiest method is to check its ratings and online reviews. Still, you will have to learn more about features that you can use by selecting some paystub option. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways of distinguishing fake and real pay stubs.

1. Pay Attention to Small Details

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There are some simple ways that can help you to detect a fake paystub. For example, potential scam service might create some mistakes in their files, such as typing letter O instead of number zero, or making a mistake with decimals. It is not a rare case that they might lack experience in this model, which means that there is a great chance to notice that there is something wrong with the paystub by checking basic stats related to calculations and documents.

Professional accountants are using advanced techniques and software solutions to create valid calculations that have to be correct. In that matter, you can check the numbers and other data to see if everything is well calculated and that information is correct. The main issue is that there are many fake paystub services available today. The main reason for that is the simplicity of creating this sort of scam, which takes only a couple of minutes.

Another detail to pay attention to is related to the salary. For example, people interested in renting a property might want to use fake paystub documents to show unrealistic salaries in order to get a chance to rent an apartment or a house. You might be able to notice it by checking their salary. If it is showing an unrealistic amount for their profession, or if the numbers are rounded without any decimals, there is a high chance that they are trying to scam you.

2. Compare it With Other Documents

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There are other forms and documents that you can ask them to provide to check if the paystub is fake. For example, you can compare data from a W2 form with the pay stub to see if all of the data like their address, real salary, and more. Moreover, you can ask them more about their business or the company where they are employed. After that, you can easily check online to see where is the base of that business, and could they provide such a big salary for their workers. You can easily find a phone number and even call a company to check whether people who gave you potentially fake paystubs are actually working there.

3. All Information Should Be Clear

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Another important factor of an accurate paystub is that all of the data are clear and available for checking. Also, there should be a proper form of this document. If you notice the poor design of the document and various mistakes that could be both related to basic information and calculations, it is a clear sign that it can be a scam. This paper must appear professional, with data that you can easily check. Pay attention to every detail, especially about the line-up of numbers and stats pointed in the document.

4. Always Check the Calculation

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After they provide you with the document related to their salary, another method that can help you to determine whether it is fake is by making a detailed calculation of their salaries and taxes deducted from them. A professional accountant will never make a mistake when it comes to this data. Therefore, even a small mistake with decimals or adding letters instead of numbers can be proof that they are trying to fake their paycheck. Therefore, always asks potential clients to give you a valid W 2 form. There is also a chance to fake this document, and if people seem suspicious to you, other steps are related to calling their company, asking for more documents, file from their bank, and more.

The Bottom Line

The most common reason why people are trying to provide fake paystubs is to get a chance to rent a much better apartment. However, the main issue is that you can’t be sure that they will be capable of paying the rent properly without any delays. This can create various other complications and a lawsuit in the end. While the law is on your side, either way, the best is to avoid these cases since you will lose a lot of time.

In that matter, the best way is to learn how to determine any issue with a paycheck and never avoid techniques that can help you to check whether they are trying to provide you with a fake one or not. In some cases, people might opt for the fake option only to save some money, but potential mistakes in the check could lead to more serious issues if you agree to sign a contract by thinking that their salary is much bigger than in reality. In that matter, always have a prepared strategy for checking this data.