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Is Airsoft Good Or Too Aggressive For Team Building

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The phenomenon of team building activities and trips the companies make possible for their employees is the best way to increase productivity. If you take any modern firm that cares about their workers, you will see that they regularly organize all types of in office and outside trips and events with a single goal in mind, strengthening the bonds between coworkers and building more meaningful and everlasting relationships between them. There are numerous different activities the board could decide to use as a team building experiences for all the workers. Depending on the size of the company, it can range from simple in-house nights where there is no work and only fun, to large scale trips and activities that require transportation and specialized equipment.

Best of all? These things are completely free of charge since it is in the interest of the company and its highest ranking representatives to allow the employees some time off to kick back, relax, and participate in challenging and tough objectives alongside their colleagues. Out of the numerous things people who work together can do, team and skill based activities are the absolute favorites. More precisely, it is airsoft that most workers prefer. But is it something as aggressive a good example of a team bonding activity? To learn more about this potential issue as well as what airsoft can do for your employees, click here.

What is Airsoft?

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Chances are you have already heard about this activity and have a basic understanding of what it is. Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport in which (usually) two teams compete against each other in various ways. There is a number of different challenges and objectives that can be the focus of a session, largely similar to the most popular game modes in online multiplayer shooters.

The sport was first introduced in Japan during the 1970s, but it became much more prominent during the next two decades when it reached far corners of the world. In the modern times, most cities have at least one venue that rents the necessary gear and weapons for players who can come with premade teams or solo and try their luck in this high-octane, challenging sport.

Necessary Gear

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Airsoft heavily relies on the use of proper weaponry and tactical gear that the players have to utilize to both be successful and remain safe. The guns are very convincing props of real weapons, anything from handguns to automatic rifles. Each gun behaves differently but all of them use the same projectiles. The air soft guns are pneumatically powered and use compressed gas canisters to shoot out airsoft pellets, small balls that are either 6 or 8 millimeters in diameter.

This is the main and only ammo the players use and the guns are reloaded with clips that resemble the real clips of live ammunition weapons. Electric and spring load guns also exist, with the former quickly taking over the game in recent years. Other weaponry like hand grenades and grenade launchers exist too. The weapons can be highly customized and upgraded with attachments, including different scopes, larger magazine sizes, and hop-ups that increase the range and strength of the hits.

Apart from the weaponry, each player has to be dressed the right way. The pellets can hurt quite a bit when they hit exposed skin, so it is customary to wear army and camo inspired clothing that cover the civilian clothing. Headwear and eyewear are the most important and obligatory in every match. A certain code of behavior and honor exist in the game where headshots are not advised, and where every player that has been hit has to admit to being hit and safely leave the battle. This prevent unnecessary hits, wasting of ammo, and injuries. Officials usually exist to enforce such rules of thumb and they are usually the people working at the venue and renting the gear.

Is It Appropriate as a Team Building Activity?

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To finally answer the titular question, airsoft is definitely the right kind of activity that the employees expect from their company. It may be perceived as aggressive since it is the closest recreation of real battlefields and warfare. Some go as far as to say that it promotes violence and questionable behavior. However, when responsible adults who work together are involved, it does not necessarily have to be aggressive. Shooting at others is a great way to relieve stress and to show competitiveness and the will to succeed in the objective, and you are not really hurting anyone (that much).

The game is an absolute favorite among everyone and there is hardly an employee that is not excited and thrilled when they learn that their next team building activity will be airsoft. Moreover, it promotes so many positive things and allows the development of new skills and strategizing that the part about aggressiveness is on nobody’s mind. Moreover, where else can you shoot a full magazine of fake ammo from a fake gun into your boss and go unpunished and without any consequences?

Airsoft is exactly the kind of activity that should be performed by a team of employees who know and trust each other. Combining people who work together will allow them to grow as a team and improve even more once they transfer their battlefield experience into the office. On the other hand, pairing up workers who never get the chance to spend time together while working, like members form different departments and divisions, will make them find new ways of tackling challenges and problem solving. If you want a cheaper and safer alternative then check out GelBlaster to learn more about it.

Conclusion and Takeaways

All in all, it can be argued that the sport of airsoft is somewhat aggressive and violent. However, it is supposed to be since it replicates real battles where people really get injured. For anyone who wants to experience the thrill and the adrenaline without actually hurting anybody, it is the obvious choice. Moreover, it comes with too many benefits for a team of coworkers to be that easily overlooked just because it involves shooting. Therefore, feel free to book a session for your company or suggest it to your boss as the next activity. We promise that everyone will love it and remember it, and love you for bringing it up!