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Which Pricing Model Suits Your App Development Goals: A 2024 Comparative Analysis

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Software development is not just about writing numerous codes. It is a step-by-step process including analyzing requirements, designing, developing, and testing phases. Nowadays, every business requires applications for better customer engagement. One should know application development billing models to subscribe to the suitable one.

Different pricing models exist for developing applications as per your requirements and budget. To fulfill the company goals, you need an application that can do all the jobs seamlessly without additional effort. You must gather information about pricing-related models and know their advantages and disadvantages.

This write-up will help in knowing details regarding different pricing models for app development. Before choosing any model, you must also consider all the factors that can affect your pricing model. Sometimes, choosing is confusing and tough, but you know what is perfect for your business.

Factors that can Affect Your Pricing Model for Application Development

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1. Project Type

Every project is different, and so are its requirements. You might require an application to be developed from scratch or do modifications in an existing module. The pricing may vary depending on the project type and its requirements. It is crucial to consult a team to confirm the cost.

2. Complexity and Size of Project

If you want to add complex features to your project, you must spend more on the application-building process. Pricing for big projects is also high. A single-page website will cost comparatively less than one with multiple features and complicated codes.

3. Expert Level and Technology Choice

Many software development technologies exist, and every business has different requirements for its project. For any complex project, high expertise and better technologies are required. It will cost more as it requires better development skills. Therefore, you must have a good budget for your pricing model.

4. Involvement

If you have done the project research thoroughly and involved yourself in the development process, it will minimize the project cost. But if you require more expertise regarding your project, you must pay more and allow others to do the overall work.

5. Deadline

If you want to develop an application urgently, the pricing model will cost you a lot. More people will have to be involved and work in less time. Depending on your deadline, the pricing of your app project may vary.

Different App Pricing Models

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1. Fixed Price

According to this model, your app will have a fixed budget. You must not worry about expenses and time. You must provide requirements, design, cost, and schedule details when the app development begins.

The client will get the same output as he requested in his specifications. All the deadlines will be set, and the software will be completed accordingly.


  • The client is familiar with the budget, and the company can only charge extra by giving prior notice.
  • The deadline and software functionality will be clear initially.
  • It is simple to track the overall application development process and predict the completion time.


  • When customer requirements change, the new cost of the project will be signed.
  • In the case of adding a good feature, no additional time or budget will be implemented.
  • This model requires proper planning before taking any action.

Who Should Opt for This Model?

  • Perfect for small projects
  • No massive change in the software requirements
  • No customer involvement in the development process
  • When a customer requires to check team capability before hiring

2. Time and Material

The client spends money on dedicated hours required for the project creation. The team will consider the application requirements and estimate the time required to create it. The development process can begin quickly, and it can change anytime. The pricing can change according to the app-building process and team progress.


  • The Agile methodology will be considered for the development process.
  • Features can be eliminated or added.
  • The payment is done for the dedicated hours developers give for the project.
  • The creation process begins quickly without confirming requirements.


  • The software release may delay as it requires multiple revisions.
  • The flexible time frame for creating and adding features.
  • The software market is quite unpredictable and can also affect the application-building process.

Who Should Opt for This Model?

  • No final requirements
  • Perfect for big projects
  • No fixed deadline
  • The app-building process needs to begin quickly
  • Complete control of the client on the project creation process

3. Dedicated Team

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In this model, the client is completely responsible for project management and managing the team’s work. The pricing involves the developer’s monthly salary and extra administrative costs.

The application-building team is completely under the client’s control and can scale in any way. The client can check different profiles of developers and pick a specialist for his project.


  • The client’s control over his project is comparatively high.
  • The client can handle the application-building team.
  • This model consists of the in-house team, but the customer will not spend extra expenses for recruitment, training, etc.


  • More work for the customer as he is responsible for the overall team management process.
  • It is tough to estimate the cost.

Who Should Opt for This Model?

  • When a customer needs to control the app development process.
  • When a client does all the work, like defining scope, cost, tasks, etc.
  • Customized team building and scaling

How to Pick a Suitable Pricing Model for Your Application Creation?

You must go through your app requirements and determine an estimated budget. You must review different pricing models and pick the one that suits your needs. It is easy to consider the mentioned factors and decide accordingly. Overall project cost may vary depending on your involvement, budget, requirements, deadlines, etc.

Final Thoughts

Different pricing models for app creation are available, but it can be confusing to choose the appropriate one. But you decide only when you research well and know what is good for you. Through these pricing models, you can determine the cost of your project. Ultimately, you will get the desired software that meets your requirements.