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How Often Do Married Couples Fight

How Often Do Married Couples Fight

This would be interesting for newlywed couples or couples that are planning to get married soon.How Often Do Married Couples Fight?

The answer really depends. There are couples that quarrel every day while some only quarrel a lot when they have kids. It really depends on the situation.However some form of quarrel is still healthy as you adjust to each other living habits.

If you are expecting the transition to be smooth, think again. Most couples face a lot of challenges in their 5 years of marriage. You would only get stability after the 6th year.

CBN.com – If a man has recently married… for one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.

What should we expect? The following are five marriage guidance tips that are applicable to newlywed couples and understanding them early can help you reduce marriage fights

Adjusting to each other’s living habits

How Often Do Married Couples Fight

Whether you would be living together in your own or rented house, this is something you would experience soon. Honestly speaking, this would be disastrous if it is not handled well. The following are some examples. Some may sound hilarious but these are some bad habits that men or women have.

  • Dirty clothes lying around
  • Not putting the cap of your toothpaste on after using it
  • Changing your bedsheets once every 3 months
  • Not flushing the toilet after usage
  • Housekeeping duties only done by one party
  • Didn’t replace the toilet roll in the toilet

You get the picture. There are many more examples and honestly the above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Lack of ‘me’time

For men – Gone are the days you can sit there and play computer games for hours without someone nagging at you. According to askmen.com, men are quite afraid to lose their freedom, loss of space and only having one sex partner, forever.

For women – Gone are the days you can just shop and buy anything you need or don’t even need. Someone would be there to control your spending habits.

There would be a trend of decreasing ‘me’ time and increasing ‘we’ time. The amount of ‘me’ you can get depends on how you negotiate with your spouse.

Extra financial commitments

There is a big difference when you are staying with your parents and with your spouse. Water bills, electricity bills, gas bills, property tax are things you would need to get associated with.

You may need to discuss with your spouse on how to share the bill. Although this may be overwhelming and some couples avoid discussing this topic, I find this very important in a marriage.  There are 6 areas you may like focus on:


How much debt do you or your spouse have? You would need to know how long it takes to clear your debt. What are the interest charges(% per annum)? You would need to know the monthly repayment amount


For savings, you may need to know the current lump sum savings you have. You would also need to write down the amount of your monthly savings, number of years to save and also the estimate rate of return( % per annum).

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”― Albert Einstein

Goal Savings

Regardless of which stage of your life you are at, we would have a financial goal that we need to achieve.  The only difference between goal savings and savings is setting a savings goal target


If you are planning to own a house or already bought one, the following items are essential. This can be the biggest purchase in your life and do discuss with your spouse before making any heavy commitments.

  1. Loan amount,
  2. Loan repayment period
  3. Interest rate(% per annum),
  4. Month repayment
  5. Interest paid

Current Net Worth

It is important to know the current situation of you and your spouse for good financial planning. You can break it down into the following categories and get your total net worth amount.

  1. Assets
  2. Invested Assets
  3. Personal Use Assets
  4. Liabilities
  5. Net worth


When we get our paycheck, we are always tempted to spend them away. We can also break down our monthly expenses using the following categories and have a better control over our monthly expenses.

You can get 6 different calculators to assist you for the above in moneysense

How Often Do Married Couples Fight

One sex partner forever

It doesn’t matter if previously you are a playboy or playgirl. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple girlfriends or boyfriends before marriage. The fact is you have to only stick to one sex partner forever after marriage.

According to Medicaldaily, men have the reputation of being more likely to cheat due to stronger sexual impulses. All men have that sexual urges, however, those men that are able to practice self-control have more successes in their lives. They are also perceived to show more respect to women in general.

Accepting your new family members

Whether you like it or not, when you get married, you have to embrace your spouse’s family as your own. You would show the amount of respect that you would like your partner to have for your own family. This may not be easy but through hard work and commitment, anything can be achieved.