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Why Is Roulette Called the Devil’s Game?

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In the 21st century, people have started taking loads of pressure and stress from their everyday hectic life. With this regular pressure-filled cycle, there are many ways of entertaining and bursting stress that people have started adopting.

Some might go for a movie date, while some might opt for a sports event. However, there are many enthralling options that have been in trend for decades and centuries. One of these most famous entertaining options is playing cards or getting hands-on roulette.

Adding to the convenience level is the way casinos are played nowadays. Today, a person can easily play casino online or even go to a real casino club. They have different alternatives to playing roulette. But, many roulette enthusiasts would love to know different and hidden tips and facts about this game. One of the most intriguing unknown things about this game is that it is called the devil’s game.

While some players know the actual reason behind this fact, many people take it as a mere saying. The following section uncovers the prime reason behind this known fact, along with a detailed guide on roulette.

Main Reason(s) For Knowing Roulette As A Devil’s Game

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There is a fascinating contest when the wheel spins and the number called by the player is slowly getting approached. The opponents take a number and the cycle of spinning goes on. There are a few players who notice the count on the wheels in general.

There are a total of 36 numbers (0-36) marked on the roulette wheel. When these numbers are subtracted, multiplied, or divided does not contribute to anything. But, when these numbers are added, the sum obtained is ‘666’.

Due to this addition and sum of ‘666’, the game is known to be a devil game. Now, many people would be intrigued to know why 666 is associated with a devilish nature or why it is linked with the devil.

However, it is not only the number 666 which leads this game to be called a devil’s game, but the nature of this casino game is also reason which makes it a devilish game. Many people believed that this game was very addictive and never-ending. As a result, they thought a person would be possessed by a devil if he used to play this game on a regular basis.

‘666’ As A Devil Number

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Tracing back to its early times and origin, Francois Blanc (designer of single zero roulette) approached a devil to get deeper insights, hacks, and secrets of roulette. This legend goes with the fact that the sum of the numbers makes up 666.

Apart from this fact, everything which is bad in taste or devilish is associated with the number ‘666’ in the holy book, the bible. For example, in the book of Revelation (section or chapter 13), there is a detailed account of two monsters who originated from the valiant sea and earth. These devils have a number that accounts for the sum of numbers in roulette (666).

Even in the past and current literature and artistic pieces, the number is used immensely as a devil number. From poetic rhymes to music, people can easily find this number which is related to a monster. For example, the book ‘666 the Amityville Horror’, movies like ‘Officer 666’, or the song ‘six six six’, people can find inspiration from this number to display devilry.

The last thing related to this number is that there is a strategy called the ‘666 strategy’ which is used to enhance the profit chance or probability. With such strategies, many other hacks are also used in this game to increase the chances of winning. These tips are listed in the following section.

Most Handy Hacks & Tips For Getting Through Roulette

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There are several new hacks for cracking this casino game. The following points highlight a few of the most successful tricks people adopt to win roulette.

Entering As And When Confident

It is better for beginners to play on a free table before actually kickstarting the roulette game with bets. The most significant advantage of this practice is a person gets to know and apply several strategies in the free version; as a result, use the handiest strategy in the betting world. Experts suggest having a decent knowledge of inside and outside bets before starting the game.

Risk Minimization

Many people do not have a pre-planned risk analysis model while playing roulette. They do not set a fixed limit for the maximum losses they can incur and the minimum profits to be gained. It is crucial to assess the loss per round and bet only the amount which the player can afford to lose. Moreover, profit targets should also not be unrealistic or overambitious. Many experts recommend minimizing the bets to safeguard the profits earned in the process.

Application Of Most Common & Basic Strategies

There are different strategies ranging from beginner to professional level. Initially, it is better to adjudge the bounce and spin of the wheel; the way the tiny ball is bouncing and gradually slowing its pace. A person should also take ideas and clarity on strategies like La Partage and En Prison. However, for beginners, the ultimate go-to tactic should be the Fibonacci System. This strategy involves low risk with low rewards. It is one of the safest strategies to execute in this game.

Bottom Line

Roulette has evolved to give casino lovers a real challenge to explore more. There are many strategies that have been introduced over the past few years. However, the devil’s game has various logic behind everything, like the ‘666’ idea.

The above guide gives clarity on various aspects of the casino game and the real reason behind it being called a ‘devil’s game’. From an addictive point of view or biblical context, the devil game has however lived up to its expectations of being one of the most loved fun activities.