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What Kind of Bonuses Are There at Online Casinos?

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Bonus programs in casinos have always existed, and with the transition to the Internet, they have become even more – the administration of gaming halls began to allocate to encourage players funds that used to be spent on hall rent and staff salaries. In a good casino, prizes can count on both regular players and newcomers who have just registered on the site.

A new czech online casino simply will not be able to compete with more famous brands if it does not offer its customers incentive programs and gifts.

Start-up programs without deposit

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The easiest way to attract a client who has not previously played in this casino is to give him a gift without obligation. This is what no-deposit start programs are designed for, rightfully considered the most reliable way to attract users. The package may include:

  • real money, which will have to be worked out on machines with the appropriate volume;
  • freespins or free spins, after which the won amount can become the starting capital for the real game;
  • the amount of certain points, which after fulfillment of the conditions also turn into money.

The essence of these programs is the same. Realizing that he does not risk anything, the player goes to the site, giving the casino the opportunity to show all its advantages – the quality of page design, a good interface, and a large assortment of apparatuses. And although the chance to turn a gift into real money is not so great, it is the safety that makes the program popular.

Welcome packages with deposit

Depositing your first account in most casinos is accompanied by a large gift. This program can be a continuation of the no-deposit program or exist separately. In the first case, it is an incentive for the player to move from demo play to a real account, and in the second – improved conditions at the start.

Since European regulators have become extremely wary of no-deposit programs and do not recommend casino owners to use them, most often a player at registration sees exactly the offer to get 100-500% on the first payment. In the absence of alternatives this program is in demand.

Interest on replenishment

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Reload bonus in the form of a percentage on deposit is the most popular offer at the casinos themselves. At Casino Amunra, such a gift can be received for almost any payment. The players themselves are divided into two groups – those who never take this bonus, so as not to commit themselves to wagering volume, and those who use such an offer regularly.

Three types of promotions with similar rules can be distinguished:

  • calendar programs where the interest on top-ups depends on the day of the week;
  • interest linked to the amount and incentivizing large payments;
  • incentives based on the loyalty program – the best conditions are given to clients with premium status.

In any case, it is up to the player to decide whether to take the gift with wagering obligations or to play exclusively with his own funds.

Loyalty programs

The casino rewards loyalty to the club. Usually, the accounting system is tied to the volume of bets. Less often it is based only on the amount of replenishment. The first option is much more favorable for the player because you can pass through the bets the same amounts, just putting on the line won.

Daily Entry Incentives

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One of the most effective strategies casinos employ to keep players coming back is offering daily incentives. Imagine being rewarded just for a simple click! This is what some casinos provide. Whether it’s a surprise bonus, an accumulating reward for consistent daily logins, or a ticket to a lucrative draw, these daily gifts act as a magnet.

It’s based on a simple psychological principle: once a player has landed on their favorite game page, and perhaps even been gifted some free spins, the temptation to engage and play is at its zenith. The Wheel of Fortune, with its glimmering promise of free spins, is particularly adept at drawing players in.

Rewards for Robust Activity

Gambling establishments often equate high engagement with loyalty. Hence, players are frequently rewarded based on their activity levels. High betting volumes are seen as achievements and are accordingly celebrated. Some casinos elevate this by offering points based on various categories:

  • Cumulative bets on card games or roulette.
  • The frequency of spins on slots from specific developers.
  • Continuous activity days, tracking both uninterrupted streaks and occasional breaks.

And, it’s not just tangible rewards. Often, a digital badge or emblem is awarded, symbolizing a player’s milestones. Though virtual, these badges carry weight, indicating a player’s status and accomplishments in the gaming community.


Losing is an inherent part of gambling. And that’s where the concept of cashback steps in, offering a glimmer of hope in otherwise gloomy situations. While on the surface, cashback serves as a subtle reminder of a loss, it’s also a golden ticket to another chance, an opportunity for redemption. Once players unlock this feature, the lure of getting some of their money back is often too tantalizing to resist. Consequently, the cashback program has cemented its position as one of the top incentives, trailing just behind the allure of no-deposit bonuses and deposit match-ups.

Tournaments and leaderboards

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Seeing yourself in the first place always feels good. Leaderboards and tournaments work on vanity. But when a cash prize is added to the congratulations, the pleasure becomes double.


Online casinos, in their quest to retain and engage players, have curated an enticing tapestry of rewards and incentives. These not only enhance the gaming experience but also build a sense of loyalty and accomplishment among the players. As the digital gambling arena becomes increasingly competitive, the quality and variety of these incentives will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping player preferences and loyalties.

Casinos are getting bigger and bigger. The number of bonuses will also grow – creative managers will surely find many more ideas on how to surprise and attract customers to the site.