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What Are the Best Types of Bonuses at Non GamStop Casinos?

Welcome Bonus at Casinos
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It may seem that UK gaming sites have lost their bonus lust. On the contrary, non GamStop casinos offer very lucrative bonuses for their customers.

On this page, we will go through the most common variants of casino bonuses in The UK. If you are looking for the best casino bonus for your own gaming purpose, the summaries of the various bonuses can point you in the right direction.

Welcome Bonus at Non GamStop Casinos

A welcome bonus is actually a collective term for all bonuses that are issued in connection with registering a new account and in most cases when you also make your first deposit. It is a bonus that existing players at a casino cannot take part in, but only new players who make their very first deposit are entitled to the welcome bonus.

A welcome bonus can look different, but the most common is a casino welcome bonus that is credited on top of one’s own deposit. Usually it doubles the deposit amount and gives the player a bigger amount to play for. But it can also be about free spins, or odds bonuses.

In addition to the traditional casino welcome bonus that doubles the deposit amount and provides players with a greater sum to wager, there are other variations of welcome bonuses offered at non GamStop casinos. These alternative welcome bonuses cater to different preferences and gaming styles, ensuring a diverse range of options for new players.

One popular type of welcome bonus is the provision of free spins. Instead of receiving bonus funds, players are granted a specific number of free spins on selected slot games. This allows them to experience the thrill of spinning the reels without risking their own money, while still having the opportunity to win real cash prizes.

Another type of welcome bonus offered at non GamStop casinos is the odds bonus. This bonus is particularly appealing to sports betting enthusiasts as it provides enhanced odds on selected events or matches. With higher odds, players can potentially boost their winnings and maximize their betting experience.

Regardless of the specific form it takes, the welcome bonus serves as a generous gesture from the casino to greet and reward new players. It not only amplifies the excitement and enjoyment of the gaming experience but also increases the chances of winning, providing a strong incentive for individuals to join non GamStop casinos and explore their vast range of games and betting opportunities.

Casino Bonus Without Wagering Requirements

Casino Bonus
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The most popular type of bonus is the casino bonus without wagering requirements. These types of bonuses are almost always designed as free spins, or in some cases as betting coupons on sports sites.

A casino bonus without wagering requirements means that you can withdraw any winnings as soon as you have played for the deposit amount once. Here you avoid any further requirements for turnover. In other cases, when a wagering requirement is added, it is required that you continue to play on valid casino games, until you have succeeded in wagering a certain amount.

A casino bonus without wagering requirements is often seen as the most attractive option among casino bonuses, precisely because you don’t have to follow a set wagering requirement. Below we have collected some wager-free bonuses:

Free Spins

free spins
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Another popular form of welcome bonuses is called casino free spins. These offers work a little differently compared to classic match bonuses. Instead of being given a bonus amount on top of your deposit, you get access to a pre-determined number of game rounds in selected slots.

The free spins can either be issued on one or several selected slot machines that are available at the non GamStop casinos. As with classic bonus offers, there is often a wagering requirement for free spins, but there are far more free spins without wagering requirements than there are matching bonuses without wagering requirements.

However, these are only applied after you have used your free spins and only apply to the amount of winnings you receive from the game rounds. Wagering requirements for free spins can vary as much as other bonus types and, just like always, free spins without wagering requirements are preferable.

No Deposit Bonuses

A casino bonus you rarely see is a so-called “No Deposit bonus”. This kind of casino bonus is a typical one that often sounds better than what the offer actually is. What sounds like the best casino bonuses are sometimes too good to be true. Most non GamStop casinos have a maximum limit for how much you can withdraw if you win with a casino bonus without a deposit.

Otherwise, it would be too financially risky for the gaming site, as you could then withdraw big wins for a comparatively small no-deposit bonus. And that it would be possible for anyone who registers a game account and uses a welcome bonus. The fact is therefore that all non GamStop casino bonuses without deposit have high turnover requirements than other bonuses.

However, we believe that it is still worthwhile, as you have nothing to lose. After all, you are given a genuine chance to win money, without having to risk anything on your own wallet.

Live Casino Bonus

Live Casino Bonus
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Just as there are free spins for slots, and special bonuses for RNG table games, you can sometimes find a bonus for live dealer games.

A live casino bonus suits those who prefer to play various table games with a live dealer.

It is a casino bonus that often works in the same way as a regular casino bonus, in that it is activated automatically when you make your first qualifying deposit. But instead of applying to slot games, a live casino bonus only applies to games within the live casino.

However, we recommend that you always check the possible turnover requirements. Sometimes it does not apply to the entire range of live games, and you may need to play on a specific table game to redeem your casino bonus.