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4 Ways to Slow Your Metabolism and Gain Weight – Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to issues related to weight, most people will think about extra kilograms and struggles to burn more calories. However, lack of weight can also be a problem, especially for people who are trying to improve their physical conditions and build more muscles. According to experts in this area, losing weight is harder mentally, while gaining weight is physically harder.

One of the reasons why you might not be able to gain more weight even though you are trying to eat more food and paying attention to secure the calorie surplus every day is the fast metabolism. Your body simply regenerates the nutrients much faster. Also, a proper diet is key.

Even if you are trying to gain more weight, the problem is maybe related to a poor combination of nutrients. Besides that, you might need additional supplements like vitamins, protein, amino acids, and more. This can significantly improve efficiency. If you are interested in getting supplements, check here. Here are some of the best ways to slow your metabolism and gain more weight.

1. Eat More Often and Larger Portions

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It might sound so simple, but a lot of people who have issues with gaining more weight often don’t have the right nutrition plan. We are not saying that you should force yourself into eating too much, but adding extra calories to each meal can quickly show results.

On the other hand, what you eat is also very important. Protein is targeted as the key nutrient when you are going to the gym, and the fact is that it is essential for building muscles. However, carbs are the key for those who want to gain more weight.

This nutrient is essential for energy in the body and gaining more kilograms. Therefore, the solution is quite simple, and that is to add a lot of whole grains, vegetables, rice, and other food that contain a lot of carbs to your diet.

2. Be Sure to Get Enough Calories

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The process is the same as for people trying to lose weight, and that is to track their calorie intake. However, the point, in this case, is to make sure that you are adding more and more calories over time. The right amount is individual, and it depends on your current condition, weight, and height.

If you are not sure how many additional carbs and other nutrient is the best option, you should consult with professionals in this area. Don’t expect fast results. You will need some time to make your body comfortable with more calories, and also capable of getting more.

3. Use Some Tricks to Boost Your Appetite

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We know that the easiest way would be to start eating more snacks and candies.

However, you should avoid that since that is not healthy and can lead to some serious issues. Instead of that, try some healthy methods that will help you increase your weight over time.

For example, prepare a shake before your breakfast and after lunch. There are numerous delicious recipes you can find online. The most popular options are a combination of bananas, milk, oat, various fresh and condensed fruits, peanut, almond, other nuts, and more.

The best thing is that it contains a lot of other nutrients that make this option very healthy. It won’t just help you gain more weight, but also strengthen the bones, improve your skin and hair, and help you build more muscles.

Try to replace white bread with one made of whole grains. You won’t be able to eat the same amount of it, but that will leave more room for other food with more carbs and protein. For example, potato is an excellent option to add to any food for lunch.

In case you are having a problem with adding more calories, you might need some supplementation or even medicine prescribed by doctors. You can try with B-complex, but if that doesn’t work, visit your doctor.

4. Track Your Activities

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Even if you started to add more calories, that doesn’t mean that the results will come quickly. That is especially the case if you are physically active, going to the gym jogging, riding a bike, and more. If you recently started exercising. At the same time when you started paying more attention to your weight. The problem might be that you are still burning more calories than you need to add more kilograms to your body.

In that matter, you should start tracking your activities and learn more about how many calories you are burning during intense sessions. Therefore, you can always recover your body in the right way and add a little more to secure the progress. There are many apps and smart devices that you can use to calculate the number of calories you burned during various activities, and also check how many calories and other nutrients are in the meals you are eating.

For instance, the average male needs around 2,000 ca per day only for normal body functions. If you add intense training where you burned 400 ca, and then add only the same amount to your daily plan, you cannot expect any results.


It can be a difficult process if you are too underweight. That will require the right combination of supplements and a proper diet. Be sure to never skip your meals as well.

Another efficient method that can help you slow down the metabolism is to make the distance between your meals longer. It is a well-known fact that those who eat more often have a faster digestive system.

Therefore, try the model where you will eat a lot of food for breakfast, and then skip the regular time for lunch. Instead of that, you should prepare a lot of food for dinner. That will signal your body that there is no need to digest food so fast, and then the rate will decrease over time. After the metabolism is slowed, you can start adding more meals, which will lead to the best results.