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5 Veranda Design Ideas for a Dreamy Outdoor Oasis

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In case you never thought about decorating or redecorating your veranda, this might be the right time to reconsider doing it. What’s the reason behind this? Research shows that Veranda or a roofed porch on the ground floor of your house is one of the top three favourite areas of the house that people love to spend time in.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, since this area is the first thing people see when they get back home from work, usually stressed out, tired or simply excited to spend some quality time at home. What’s a better way to enjoy your time than to have lunch with your loved ones in your private dreamy oasis, while soaking in the beauty of the outdoors?

But this doesn’t mean that you can only enjoy the sunny days since verandas have a roof and they also can be enclosed with a railing. It’s a fantastic spot at your home that can be great for reading, entertainment or simply relaxing at any time of the year. Imagine putting some music on and reading your favorite book while it rains outside. This sounds like many people’s dreams.

At the same time, imagine the most beautiful summer day and a nice little gathering of you and your friends, outside, when the weather is miraculous. It is exactly why you need to start appreciating this area of your house, not only by being aware of how important it is, but also by making sure that it’s designed the right way and that it really portrays what you like and who you are.

Verandas are usually a part of the house when it comes to construction and the technical aspect. This means that they are a part of the architecture plan when the houses are being built. However, with modern technologies, it’s more than possible to add a verandah to your house afterward. In this case, it can be an extension so it can be added, not built into your property. This is amazing because not every house is built the same way, but every house can absolutely have a veranda!

Depending on the style of your house, as well as materials that were used for building it, the materials and the look of your veranda will follow, because it has to look like it’s an inseparable part of your house. A verandah is something that should be a bridge between indoors and outdoors and it should be beautiful, functional and cosy. Click here to find out more about additional verandas.

But how can you achieve coziness, comfort and fascinating aesthetics? Let’s dive into it.

Before you start decorating outer space, there are several things you need to know. First of all, in case you don’t have one already, you need to figure out if you want an open or a closed Veranda. Why is this important? Logically, you need different furniture if it’s open and exposed to different weather conditions, or if it’s closed and safe from rain for example.

Of course, all verandas have a roof but as the wind blows some of the rain could go inside and wet your sofas or other seating pieces. This is why choosing the right materials for this space is crucial. Next, you need to decide what will be the main purpose of this space.

Not every veranda can be used for everything, but you can at least decide whether it’s going to be a sitting area, a reception area, a dining area or something else. If you’re planning on having meals there you’re gonna need a bigger table; if you’re planning on simply sitting, you’re going to need chairs and if you’re planning on taking naps and resting, you’re going to need bigger sofas.

However, there are some design ideas that can turn the space into your private Piece of Heaven:


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The first thing you need to do is to define the style of your property and your personal preferences. If your home is contemporary for example, it would be a bad idea to have a minimalistic Veranda design or boho veranda.

Although it can be done in reality, it will not look good. That being said, the outside of your house should match the inside as well as your backyard, garden and outdoors in general.

If you have a farmhouse, you will need furniture that’s made of natural materials and beige colors, a lot of wood etc  If you have a seaside house, you can focus on details that are turquoise as well as white pieces of furniture and a lot of greenery.


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After you’ve determined what’s style you want to design your Veranda in, you can now focus on textures and colors. Except for the minimalistic modern style, which focuses on clear lines and simplicity, every other style will look fantastic if you layer it a bit. What does that mean? Don’t be afraid to play with different textures.

Mixing and matching furniture – for example having two different pairs of chairs and matching them with a table that’s made of different materials – may seem like a chaotic thing to do, but in reality, this can give a lot of personality to your outdoor space.

You can mix wood, plastic and stone and you can also add a few details that are brightly colored, which will make the whole design accented and beautiful. A few red, green or orange pillows, a few fresh plants or an interesting rug, can really make a difference.


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Whatever you’re doing, including some pillows. No matter if it’s a chair, a sofa or a couch, it will look cozier if you add some pillows to it. This will also allow you to play with colors and color schemes and connect your indoor and outdoor space.

At the same time, you will feel more comfortable (and not only will you feel more comfortable but you will be more comfortable because pillows will help you with that). Just make sure to pick the right pillows, because there are special fabrics that are made for outdoor weather conditions.


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Golden details are always a good idea if you want to add a bit of luxury to your design. A golden planter will look fantastic with almost every colour. Adding a mirror with a golden frame will make both your house and your outdoor space look more luxurious.

The same goes for a big beautiful vase, a small sculpture, candle holder, or nice ambient lighting, to make the nights you’re spending outside more than special. When you’re purchasing decor accessories for your Veranda, focus on pieces that look expensive. They don’t really have to be expensive but your main goal should be to upscale your home, and with only a few amazing accessories, it’s more than possible!


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Even if you’re saving for a new house, transforming your current veranda into a haven of memories and warmth should be done. It involves more than just selecting the right furniture and plants. It’s about interweaving personal touches and sentimental items that echo your unique style, fostering an ambiance that’s not just welcoming but also intimately yours.

Start by infusing your space with items of sentimental value, be it family heirlooms, artwork, or handmade crafts that hold special meaning to you. These items act as conversation starters, telling tales of your heritage and experiences, giving your guests a glimpse into your world. For instance, a handed-down antique table can be a centerpiece, a silent narrator of familial history and a practical, aesthetic addition.

Displaying photographs is another avenue to bring a personal touch to your veranda. Whether intricately framed or arranged in a creative photo wall, photographs evoke cherished memories and timelines of your journey, inviting those who visit to appreciate and share these moments. It’s not just about nostalgia but about opening dialogues and sharing stories, enriching the interactions within the space.

Consider custom-made accessories, like cushions and pillows, to enhance the comfort and aesthetic of your veranda. A personalized doormat with your family name or a meaningful quote can be both a welcoming gesture and a proclamation of your family ethos. These personalized items also allow you to harmonize themes and colors, creating a cohesive, pleasing environment.