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Top Mobile Betting Features You Could Use While Punting

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If you are interested in betting online, you also want to know more information about a given site’s mobile options. Today, more and more people are interested in mobile wagering because this allows them to enjoy their favorite hobby even when they cannot access a computer.

Many mobile betting options seem similar on paper, but some brands are famous for having way more things than others. For example, Betano has great mobile features, and you can get the app for free, allowing you to go through all of the things that the site has to offer, regardless of your mobile device. Some people don’t realize it, but this is a huge pro because it helps users play what they like.

When discussing mobile betting and what you need to know, we must share some details about the features. Nowadays, a lot of sites invest in their mobile betting features because they help people have a more refined iGaming experience. Some of the hottest options out there might only be available on desktop, but there are exceptions.

In Play

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The first thing is a bit controversial because some people don’t even consider it to be a feature. However, there is no arguing that it is among the things that a lot of people are interested in, especially those who like sports.

In Play is an option that allows mobile customers to choose from markets available on live matches. Instead of wagering on something that hasn’t started yet, this feature offers live betting options to people who like sports.

In Play is an option that has different variations, so some operators may have a better alternative than others. For example, certain companies will only provide live betting options for soccer and other popular sports, whereas others will add everything.

Another big difference in the feature is the specific markets. Only some options have enough alternatives, so users must be careful.

Bet Request

The second big feature that mobile bettors often have access to is called Bet Request. It is one of the most diverse betting features that has a couple of variations, depending on the site you are using.

One of them is the classic bet requirest, which can be used via social media or by contacting the customer support service. The first option is more interesting because it will require you to use Twitter, Telegram, or something else. However, the second one is easier to take advantage of because people only need to contact the customer support department.

There could be other variations of mobile bet requests, such as those that let you come up with unique markets. The bad news about those kinds of things is that they cost money, so people may have to pay a small amount before getting them. Fortunately, sports betting’s popularity is growing daily, so we may not have to pay any fees in the upcoming future

Cash Out

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It is almost impossible to discuss the top-tier mobile betting features and not share some words about Cash Out. In the last couple of years, this has become the go-to option for wagering on sports. It is available everywhere, and almost all bookies will allow people to use it.

The classic cash out option lets gamblers close a bet before the match is over. Doing this allows them to get a specific amount of money right away instead of waiting for it. Usually, gamblers take advantage of this feature when the match is risky because they do not want to risk their money.

In addition to the classic Cash Out option, many top-tier iGaming mobile companies have a partial cash out. This feature does the same thing as the original one, but instead of closing the bet, players can get an amount off it and keep their bet active. Of course, the amount they get is not that impressive, but it allows them to keep their bet alive and (potentially) win.

Lastly, there are also instances where users will be able to find an auto cash out. This is the same option as the original one, but instead of having to click on the feature to work, people can set different criteria, and the bookie will use it automatically.

Bet Restore

This is a relatively new mobile feature that not a lot of online betting sites offer. Luckily, there are a certain number of brands that started adding it because it helps people who made a mistake.

Bet Restore, as its name implies, is an option used by online bettors who have settled their bet earlier than usual but didn’t want to do that. When used, the bookie will restore the bet to how it was a couple of minutes ago.

A very interesting thing about Bet Restore is that this option is usually only available on mobile apps for Android and iOS. People who like using mobile websites won’t have access to it because it only works on optimized applications.

Edit Bet

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When talking about the top-tier sports betting options, we need to mention that a lot of mobile websites and applications will allow people to use something known as Edit Bet. This is an option that looks similar to Cash Out in a lot of ways, but it has some noticeable differences, such as the fact that users do not settle their bets. Instead, they use the option when they want to make specific changes to their existing bet.

The changes themselves can include new markets, higher/lower bets, adding additional options, and more. Unlike the feature mentioned earlier, this one works on different mobile websites and apps alike, so there is no need to look for an operator that only has mobile applications.

The only bad news about Edit Bet is that there are instances where the feature can cost money. Depending on where you go, you may have to pay a specific amount when you decide to use it, meaning you have to think twice whether it’s worth it. Also, some edit bet features do not allow you to make any drastic changes to your bet.