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Tips for Flat Tummy After Pregnancy | Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy

tips for flat tummy after pregnancy

Getting yourself tagged as “mommy” calls for a celebration but definitely, you don’t want to compromise on being healthy and in good shape. Yeah, you had a baby, and if your belly still makes you look pregnant then you might be fretting out to lose that bulged belly. That’s why we have mentioned tips for flat tummy after pregnancy.

Well, most of the new mommies face this problem because it took your belly nine months to stretch and keep your baby cozy and safe inside it. So, it will take time to get back to get the flat tummy after delivery and to get in pre-pregnancy shape.

Most of the time it takes few months for the belly to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy shape but if your doesn’t then don’t be alarmed, because if you keep yourself active and nutritious following up the healthy tips then you will make it surely.

However, if you start taking care right away, you can speed up the process. Below, we have mentioned few tips for flat tummy after pregnancy or say the tips to help you reduce your belly fat after pregnancy.

Stick till the end and you will surely end up brushed with the simple ways to get rid of that pregnancy pouch.

tummy after pregnancy

Understand the change

Well, that squishy tummy might be bothering you and insisting you look out for ways to reduce the belly fat and switch to them ASAP with bated breath. But, give your fret a break for a while and understand the change your body has undergone. Understand what has it been through and what’s good for it.

Diving into the context, here is what you need to understand about your body post-pregnancy.

Consider your belly like a balloon, that stretched as your baby grew inside it and now that your baby has come out, you expect your balloon to pop and get you in the shape, but that isn’t the reality.

After you give birth to a baby, the hormonal fluctuations cause the uterus to slowly shrink back to its pre-pregnancy shape and this takes a time period of 7-8 weeks. Apart from that, the food you consumed during the pregnancy to nourish your baby is stored as fat in the fat friendly areas, like belly, hips, etc., and this fat is stubborn to shed-off.

This fat around your belly is what you are supposed to lose. You got many natural ways to shed-off this fat and get back into your pre-pregnancy shape. Let’s see what you should do to get rid of your belly fat.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Your Pregnancy Pouch

You can’t start off things right away, let your body regain stability and when you start adjusting to a new schedule you can get started to work on your body to get back into shape. Now, that you are a mommy, you need to make sure you don’t over stress and overdo anything.

Thus, we have got you the simple ways that you can follow up easily.

  • Breastfeed


The new mommies think that their breastfeeding exclusively benefits only their infants, it’s obvious for you to go with the belief, but to your surprise, nursing has immense benefits for you too.

When you breastfeed the contractions trigger in your uterus shrinking it to the normal size. Thus, breastfeeding is a great way to reduce baby belly. Above it, nursing burns extra calories of women without them having to put effort.

So, in reality, you are burning calories even when you are resting. Great, isn’t it? But when you slowly step down to quitting breastfeeding, you surely have to fret about burning those extra calories.

  • Exercise

Before you get a thought of hitting the gym or to get started with your post-pregnancy workout or fat loss program, you need to take a moment to understand when should you start exercising to avoid any health complications.

If you had a normal delivery then it is suggested to wait for 6 weeks and if you had a C-section then you wait may get longer up to 3 months. It’s best to check with your gynaec and get an idea about it.

When you finally get determined to set your foot in the healthy shoes, start with the light exercises like walking and few abdominal exercises or post pregnancy belly exercises. If you find your body is ready to sweat it out then plan a workout regime for your belly fat and abdominal muscles. Always, keep in mind to not overdo it.

  • Get enough sleep

With an infant around, you would have already bid adieu to your eight hours of peaceful sleep. You should try to get enough sleep, because if you are sleep deprived then your body produces stress hormones and that will have body holding on the extra weight and your taste buds crave for unhealthy snacks.

So, try to sleep when your baby is asleep and get extra sleep to help your body wash out the stress.

  • Drink plenty of water

Keep gulping in the water throughout the day and try staying hydrated. Water speeds up the metabolism rate and has an immense effect when trying to lose weight. Drink a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach to flush out the toxins.

Adding up the drops of lemon can help you breakdown the adipose tissue. So, water can do wonders, try it!

  • Follow the Green tea tradition

They aren’t wrong when they say “Green tea = Fat loss”. Green tea is actually a good option and aid to the fat burning process. The components of green tea contain antioxidants that boost body metabolism. Having it after an exercise session gives you great results.

  • Get massage

Massages prove to be really useful when you are determined to reduce your bulged belly. A massage targets the most attention required cellulite laden area. Massaging that fat pouched area distributes and releases the fat into the body for absorption.

In fact, it improves your metabolism rate burning up the nutrients at a faster pace and leading to reduced fat. A massage scheduled after an exercise or physical activity will stun you with amazing results.

  • Practice healthy intake and keep from empty calories

Bid adieu to the empty calories like soda, chips, cookies, candies, and chocolates. Also, watch out your carbohydrate consumption as they get converted into sugars and get accumulated in fat friendly areas. Include healthy foods in your diet like whole grains, and low dairy products.

Try including cabbage in your diet, this will help you decrease your pregnancy pouch in many ways. It maintains healthy bowel movements and improves nutrient absorption. Spices also work wonders in reducing belly fat.

Include spices like cinnamon, turmeric, pepper for improved digestion and to prevent the settling of fat in your body.

  • Yoga and Meditation

Indulging in activities like yoga and meditation will help you strengthen our mental health and feel better emotionally. Practice Anulom-vilom (breathing exercise) and other asanas that are specified to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Just a few minutes of meditation and yoga daily will keep you physically and mentally active.

  • Be realistic

Never ever expect miracles to happen overnight, especially when you are striving to get rid of your belly fat. Things might change and take time like your hormonal levels aren’t the same as they were before pregnancy, so never get disheartened if you didn’t reach your scale.

Watch the following video for additional tips:

Reduce Belly Fat by Wearing Belly Wrap

If you think the belly wraps to lose the belly fat are a part of modern weight loss regimes, then you are wrong. The belly wraps are the most old-fashioned ways of reducing belly fats. Our ancients have been using this method to improve their posture and get rid of the back pain.

Well, though the method is old-school, the wraps aren’t. Earlier, the wraps were just made of soft cloth but now we have the wraps made with a specific fabric that boosts the fat loss. You have the belly wraps and maternity belts available in the market.

And, if you are used to DIY then all you need is a piece of soft cloth wrapped around your midsection, make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose.

Always, have a word with your doctor before wearing a belt or wrapping stomach after giving birth. You never know what brings in the trouble! So, keep yourself on the safe side.


After pregnancy belly skin tightening gets hard and takes time. But if you are determined and stick to your healthy routine then you can make it. Now that you are a mommy you have a new role to play in your life.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle to make things better for you and your kid. Try including your baby in the activities you do, like taking them for a walk around, this will not just let you spend good time with your kid, but will also motivate your determination.

Good luck mommy!