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How do You Stop Brazilian Hair Bundles From Shedding

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If you are wondering why actually the hair shed and whether you are the only one who has that problem, you should know that is a common issue that all women have. In short, this is an absolutely normal phenomenon because of the hair follicles.  Studies show that natural hair sheds even for about 150 strands daily. Logically, the same rule counts when we talk about hair extensions. However, women who bought them have a big problem when it comes to treating them in an appropriate way. In general, they need to invest both money and time in order to keep their hair bundlers in good shape and minimize the level of shedding. Unfortunately, they have even more chances to shed because they are tangled more than natural hair. 

If you want to limit the bundles shedding and find out how to properly care for them because they require more attention, continue reading this article. We prepared some tips you can use and overcome the obstacles you have with your hair and reduce the amount of stress you feel every time you need to prepare your hair installation.

Special washing routine

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When it comes to washing Brazilian hair bundles and weaves, you should know that shampoo is not a good option. Instead, we suggest you use conditioner to wash them properly, The reason for this is the fact that shampoos can only clean hair. That means they do not have the ability to make the hair curly, stronger, and shiny. So, logically, when you use shampoos on hair bundles, you can cause dryness of the hair, as well as hardiness, which will lead, in the end, to hair shedding and damaging. 

On the other hand, if you use conditioners, you can moisturize your hair bundles and make them look glowy and shiny. Despite that, you will positively influence the nutrition of your hair. You will be surprised how smooth and silky your weaves and bundlers would be with the help of conditioners. One more thing we will suggest to you is to use sulfate-free conditioners.

If you think that some oils or sprays will improve the look of your Brazilian hair bundles, you are wrong. So, next time you should avoid putting extra sprays or oils on your extensions.

Try to avoid heating appliances

One more piece of advice that we can give you in order to stop Brazilian hair bundles from shedding is reducing the use of any heating appliances including irons, curlings, and others. In general, the more heat you use on them, the hair will experience sheddings, damages, and breakage. For that reason, if you need to use some heating appliances, do not forget to put heat protection on the hair before and limit potential damage to the hair. You want to keep in good shape your Brazilian hair bundles so they can last longer. For that reason, it is important to take even this tiny step so you can protect it for a long time.

Avoid using needles

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Many women make this mistake, however, it is not recommendable to punch needles through the weaves of the hair in the process of installation. The reason for this is very simple, you can cause the shedding of your hair at an increased level. Besides, the Brazilian bundles will lose the quality they had. However, if you want to get a sewn-in weave, you should conduct the following procedure. In short, you should prepare the sew in the wefts by folding and tying those weave threads over and under the weft in the cover stitch.

Find a reliable supplier for hair bundles

The most important suggestion we can give to you is to pay attention to where you are buying hair bundles. It is recommendable to find a reliable and credible source in order to ensure you are buying a quality product. We suggest you read reviews, research on the Internet, and check for the reputation of the potential supplier. However, if you want to avoid the whole procedure of finding the right supplier, we suggest you check here and see a big selection of bundles they are offering to the customers. Keep in mind that buying a quality product will always require less maintenance.

Take care of your hair when you are going to bed

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If you treat your bundles very well, you will minimize the level of shedding. With just a simple trick you can save your extension. Logically, this even counts for natural hair – when you constantly rub it and pull it, you will cause the shedding of your hair. For that reason, take care of your extensions and braid your hair if it is curlier, wrap it if it is straight, or just cover it with some bonnet. In that way, you will surely prevent hair shedding.

Sealing Wefts

The way to reduce your hair bundles to shed includes the process of hair sealing. In other words, you will reduce shedding thanks to the glue that will improve the hair extension wefts. By the process of sealing wefts, you will ensure your hair will last much longer. Also, you will provide that your hair does not need a lot of maintenance. 

If you are wondering what equipment you need to seal a weft and how to do it, you will find the answer in the further text. Before you start with the process you should buy a special glue. Now, the first thing you need to ensure is that your hair is clean and it does not have any dirt on it. You can put bundles on a smooth surface.  After that, use clips to attach your hair and keep it straight. The next thing you should do is to implement the sealant with some applicator on the hair. Wait for the sealant to dry completely. Once it is dry, you can flip the weft over and repeat the same process. Keep in mind to avoid the implementation of the sealant to the natural hair because you can damage your extensions.