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Best Tips for the Best Hair

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You have selected the perfect UNice human hair wig that suits your lifestyle, color, and style. Now all you need is a few extra tops to make sure you enjoy your luscious locks!

We know you want to keep that perfect glamorous Hollywood hairstyle looking perky for as long as possible, and you want other heads to turn when you walk by.

Once you have left a salon with a fresh cut and style you look perfect.

Fortunately for you we know just how to do that, consider the following elements, and learn how to keep your hair or UNice wigs looking gorgeous! Let’s be realistic, the weather changes and affects our hair, but if we know how to deal with the heat, wind, and rain, we can go about our day without a care in the world.

Perfect Products

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You need to know which products work for your hair and which don’t. There are so many products available, that it is easy to get caught up in all the fancy names. Don’t worry if you buy a product and it leaves your hair limp and unable to style according to your needs. Simply go back to the cosmetic store and speak to someone there. Sometimes you have to try out a couple of products before you find the ones that work for you.

Ask the store if there are sample sizes or travel packs, these are smaller sizes and are less costly, and will ensure you make the right choice for your hair. If your hair is limp or thin ask for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This is sure to rectify the problem.

Naturally, dry your wig

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Perhaps you have tried a number of different products, yet when you style your hair, your wig seems not to hold the style with ease. This can be caused due to the heat from the hair dryer that you are using to dry your wig.

Next time you wash your wig, simply comb or brush through, put it on your foam head, and allow it to dry naturally. Professional stylists recommend that you lightly air-dry your wig before adding heat. If you are going to use a hairdryer, then blow your hair from the root, over the shaft, and to the ends.

Where possible use a hair dryer with reduced ‘ions’, these technologically advanced hairdryers use the heat to style and shape the hair from the root to the end.

Another professional tip is to allow the hair to be completely dry before adding styling products and using styling tools such as flat irons or heated curlers.

Frequent washing damages hair structure

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This is an important factor. Yes, your hair looks gorgeous and natural, but the bottom line, unlike natural hair that grows aging from the root, your wig hair is different and must be treated with extra care.

Hollywood hairstylists that are used to treating the wigs of the A-list star such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna, tell us that clean hair is more difficult to style. ‘It is always advisable to style your hair the day after it has been washed’, says Christie a top Hollywood Boulevard stylist. She continues by saying, ‘Once your hair is completely dry and the hair has had around 8 hours to settle, it is much easier for the hair to hold the style’.

Christie says, ‘This solves the problem of flyaway hair and hair that loses its style even after using a fixing spray’.

Using the right tools

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Today there are such awesome new advances in hair technology, like the ‘ion’ hairdryer. It is definitely worth investing in a good hairdryer, wand, and straightener. The most important tools of the trade are the brushes and combs that are used for wigs. They are specially designed to be gentle on your hair and not damage the lace cap underneath.

Essential hair styling tools ensure your style looks great and lasts longer.

The perfect fix

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To ensure your newly styled hair lasts as long as possible you need to use the correct fixing spray. Once your hair is perfectly styled you don’t want to walk out the door and a gust of wind suddenly undoes all your careful and timely styling. For this, you need to use a professional lamination product and a wig that is made of human hair.

Here again, you are faced with a variety of options, in other words, you can use the product that suits your hair and your lifestyle. A laminating product will protect your hair from both heat and moisture while holding your new style perfectly.

You can choose between a hair gel while you are styling or finish styling and use a fixing spray. Remember to go lightly on both of these items, you don’t want your hair to look unnatural. A good idea after spraying the fixing spay is to give it a very light comb-through, this makes it look natural. Wait for the gel or the spray to settle and dry before combing.

Treat while you sleep

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Your hair has looked perfect all day, and now it is time to relax and sleep. Satin and silk are what the professionals believe in and so should you. Wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf at bedtime, and tuck in all the side hair. This protective wrap will protect the shaft of the hair and the ends from tangling or matting as you move around in your sleep.

Pillowcases – satin and silk, here again, let’s listen to the professionals, as you move in your sleep your hair will gently slide on the silk or satin, and in the morning you will have a fresh look, no matting or tangling.

Final thoughts…

Daily care of your style is easy when you know how to care for your wig. Our professionals always look for the smartest easiest way to keep your hair glossier and styled for longer so that you can have a carefree lifestyle!