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Artificial Intelligence in Online Casinos – 2024 Guide

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Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips due to the great fights that are taking place between the big technological companies to bring the best products to the market.

After Microsoft invested in the company OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, Google has launched its artificial intelligence, called Bard, to the public.

Many people have been outraged that Google had the technology ready but did not make it available to users until it saw the success of ChatGPT and, therefore, one of its technology rivals, Microsoft.

However, smaller-scale artificial intelligence allows for integrations with tools from companies of all types and sizes, as it offers benefits beyond what we can find in conversational artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT or Bard.

In online casinos, different types of artificial intelligence have been implemented that evolve the typical algorithms that we could see before. Not in the games, since in order for the games to continue having that randomness component, the prizes must be generated by means of the method known as RNG (Random Number Generator). This system guarantees that the games are totally random and that it does not depend on the casinos to give or not to give a prize, because it is predetermined by the software supplier that has developed the machine and it cannot be manipulated by the casino.

This is perhaps a bit too technical for this article, which focuses on the implementation of artificial intelligence in online casinos. If you want to look for more information about the RNG system, you can check it out here.

Customer service

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If there is one thing that artificial intelligence has proven itself in, it is customer service. In fact, it is the natural evolution of the chatbots that appeared a few years ago, which were able to guide the user through predefined routes with the intention of providing the answer to their doubts or questions without the need for the intervention of a real customer service agent.

However, the difference is very big between one system and the other, since the old chatbots could only guide you through paths that the chatbot itself opened for you with its questions, while the artificial intelligence implemented in customer services is able to understand by itself your question, so they can be much more efficient in providing answers to questions that have not been previously set by the person who programmed the chatbot.

That is the leap in quality that we find in a support service that can assist us through artificial intelligence: quick and concise answers to our doubts. Without having to wait for a customer service agent to be free to solve our questions, we have an effective response at the time of contact.

Personalized promotions

Many casinos are implementing artificial intelligence in their marketing departments, offering a multitude of personalized offers and promotions to casino users.

In this way, if an artificial intelligence detects that a player might be interested in a new game because in the game history it sees that there are games that are usually liked by the same users who now play the new slot or casino game that has been launched, it can offer free spins to try it out.

Or on the contrary, if they think that a player is not going to like a new game, they can avoid sending him the available promotion to try it and instead send him another one more in line with his tastes and preferences.

Personalized panel

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As with promotions, some online casinos are starting to show the games that each player is most likely to like, so that it is the first thing they see once they enter the casino. In this way, they can take the opportunity to promote new games to the players who are most likely to choose to play them. And in this way, each player will see a different game panel with the games that are more related to their tastes.

This is done dynamically and thanks to artificial intelligence is modified to always end up offering the most suitable games to the player. Of course, the more the user plays and the more different games he tries, the better the artificial intelligence in charge of designing the customized user panel will be able to recommend new games.

Detection of player fraud and cheating

Another use that artificial intelligence can have is to detect fraud in casino games. Perhaps because a vulnerability has been found in a game or platform, or because of cheating by other players. This, for example, is especially important in online poker rooms, where several players can agree to play together and try to win money from the other players.

Before this control was performed, but in a much more manual way, having to analyze data by an expert who could end up determining if there had been some kind of collusion between players. Now, with artificial intelligence, the expert can review only those cases that the artificial intelligence has detected as very likely to be fraudulent.

In this way, the integrity of the game and the security of the rest of the players can be maintained in a much simpler and more efficient way than if the expert or experts have to review one by one all the data of the plays that have the slightest indication of being fraudulent.

A revolution in many sectors

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Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence will revolutionize many different sectors, since it offers the possibility of automating repetitive jobs that previously required numerous personnel, reducing the number of personnel and allowing them to simply supervise or confirm the work done by the artificial intelligence autonomously, reducing company costs and increasing their productivity.

In fact, it is expected that more technology companies will soon release new artificial intelligences that other companies can adapt to perform a multitude of jobs.

And you, where do you expect to see artificial intelligence working in the near future?