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Role of PVC Wall Panels in Enhancing the Operation of Brewery Business

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The brewery has evolved into a notable commercial industry. Today, there are over 100 kinds of beers filled with sweet, salty, dark, and roasty flavors. With the brewery businesses thriving, beginners are working endlessly to get the right knowledge and assistance to set up a brewery. There are majorly six components for establishing a successful brewery business which includes:

  • The start-up cost of a brewery.
  • Creating a business plan
  • Understanding financial forecasts
  • Making brewery logo, layout, and name
  • Equipment

Above all, adopting proper maintenance measures is equivalent to ensuring safe brewery operations. Whether a brewer establishes a microbrewery or a full-fledged brewery, ensuring a clean workspace environment is important. Maintenance plays a critical role in a place where equipment is housed. For instance, germs and dust particles come from the factory rather than the machinery. Likewise, the possibility of machinery damage can happen due to the intrusion of dust and grime inside the factory.

Maintenance helps ensure proper machinery functioning and safe production of beers. Brewery FRP panels have become a thing of the past due to various disadvantages. It is not termed the ideal paneling choice for breweries for several reasons, from improving profitability to productivity.

The Rise of PVC Wall Panels in Keeping a Safe and Hygienic Brewery:

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PVC wall and ceiling panels are the most desirable cladding materials for commercial industries, including breweries. PVC wall panels are formulated with 100% pure vinyl that gives unparallel robustness and strength to the panels. Most importantly, they are outstanding eco-friendly panels that promote environmental sustainability. Today, many small and large-scale businesses opt for PVC panels to meet the hygiene standards of a brewery.

Pristine White Panels that Do Not Support Moisture Accumulation:

Poorly ventilated breweries become prone to extreme moisture build-up. When moisture continues to grow inside the premises, it leads to humidity—the intrusion of moisture damages the machinery and the beer’s quality to a great extent. Installation of FRP panels is a bad choice. These panels are integrated with a backer that absorbs moisture quickly.

PVC panels score high when it comes to fixing humidity issues. PVC wall and ceiling panels are backer-free cladding materials that do not prompt moisture growth inside the premises. They also have an antibacterial coating that averts the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew inside the brewery.

Ideal for Building Fireproof Brewery

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Breweries often encounter uncertain fire accidents, which turn out to be huge disasters. Fire breakouts cost precious lives miserably and take a huge toll on business. However, prevention is always better than alleviation. That’s how the installation of PVC panels becomes fruitful. Equipping PVC panels inside the brewery keeps the risks of fire accidents away. High-grade PVC panels have a standard Class-A fire-grade feature. These panels are able to resist fire accidents for 1 hour.

Apart from that, PVC wall panels are non-toxic materials. When coming in contact with fire, they do not emit or produce poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot. You can ensure a fireproof brewery and prevent the spreading of harmful gases.

Chemical-Resistant Panels- Prevents Corrosion of Machinery

Machinery residing in the brewery becomes prone to corrosion and rusting. Certain cleaners infused with concentrated chemicals get into contact with machines. As a result, it maligns and tarnishes the appearance of machines. Further, malfunctioning of machines occurs, resulting in recurring expenditures.

PVC wall and ceiling panels are good chemical-resistant panels. They are free from the crevices that do not hold chemicals inside them. This way, you can ensure a 100% contaminated-free environment for the brewery.

Long-lasting Panels that Save Your Valuable Investment:

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PVC wall and ceiling panels do not cause headaches on multiple repairs and replacements. PVC wall panels have an extended lifespan of around 40-45 years. These high-grade panels can even live up to 100 years if properly maintained. They do not delaminate, discolor, or warp at all. Besides, PVC wall panels do not burn holes in your pocket. They are one-time investment panels that give a lifetime of insulation. You need only invest once, and no other expenses are involved for installing PVC wall and ceiling panels.

Trouble-Free Installation:

PVC wall and ceiling panels are based on tongue and groove interlocking technology. The PVC wall panels can easily append to the studs without needing surface fasteners such as screws, adhesives, etc. Besides, you can easily mount and unmount the panels, making the installation process convenient. Hiring one local contractor is sufficient to install PVC wall and ceiling panels in 7-8 hours. No complex installation procedure is involved with PVC panels.

Investing in PVC panels is counted as a practical decision now. You can save yourself from recurring expenditures on PVC panels installation. No additional spending on material and labor requirements take place.

Why is Duramax the Reliable Name for Acquiring PVC Wall Paneling Solution?

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Duramax PVC Wall Panels are one of the reputed manufacturers of PVC wall and ceiling panels in the USA. We are here to provide you with FDA-compliant and CFIA-certified panels that ensure maximum safety and hygiene standards. Duramax PVC Wall Panels have industry-leading ½ inch thickness and 16-inch width that effectively supports attic insulation loads.

In addition, they are lightweight, long-lasting, and completely easy to maintain. Today, many commercial and homeowners prefer Duramax panels over traditional paneling. Duramax PVC panels offer an all-in-one paneling solution and give you a one-time investment. As a result, they are giving a competitive edge to conventional panels and winning the hearts of clients across the globe.

Final Words:

Duramax PVC Wall Panels help you save 40% of the material and 50% of the labor cost. Unlike FRP wall panels, Duramax PVC panels let you invest little post-installation.