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5 Tips for Protecting Your Smartphone From Physical Damage

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Smartphones are smart and handy but they are also very frangible. You would think that piece of technology called smart would be bulletproof, but no! We all have to be smart and take good care of it.

Just kidding of course, we love to joke a bit around here, but one thing is for sure, most of us would think that a smartphone in 20th century is less prone to damaging, but they are not. Well, to be perfectly honest they are, to some extent. Given the fact that the components in the smartphone, the materials used for making them, the materials that enclose all the fiddly and frangible bits are all damage-proofed to a certain point, we, the owners are 100% to blame to any damages that may befall our smartphones.

We like skydiving, swimming, extreme sports and we are often careless which results in our devices being broken, chipped, cracked and whatnot. Due to this the phone manufacturers responded by giving us the additional protection for these frangible things that most of us use or don’t use. Today we will be discussing about your smartphone protections, why are they important and why you should use them and why you shouldn’t moan if you don’t. If you are on a hunt for a good smartphone and something to protect it with the best place to start looking is right here!

Now, when it comes to smartphone protection, we know that some of the solutions are not the best, aesthetically or functionally, but they do get one job done very well and it is protection of your smartphone device. Some are bulky, some are fiddly but hey, if you want to have your device as long as possible, in a good and working condition.

1. Keep it away from children

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Many of us have concluded that there is no protection on the face of Earth that will save your smartphone from children’s little fingers. Grease, water, pressing fifteen different things in one go will surely destroy or brick your phone at some point. Another thing they like to do is carry it around and drop it for fun or carelessly or bump into things with it. All of this is without any ill intent from them, as far as they are considered, you just gave them a flashy and cool new toy to play with, but if you would really like to have your phone in good and working condition, please try and keep it away from children.

2. Self-protection

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As much as kids can destroy your phone, so can you. Another important thing to consider is how exactly do you take care of it, or how little for that matter. In our day-to-day affairs we tend to put or leave our phone in many different places. One thing that we tend to do is put it in our pockets or bags without much care for what is inside those. Keys, coins pens and other sharp or sharp-edged things can easily scratch or crack your smartphone if they are pressed firmly against each other.

You know that today’s materials are aluminum, glass and plastic, and all three of those are prone to all kinds of damages when they interact with those objects. Also one good tip is to regularly clean all the nuks and small opening of your phone for bag and pocket lind and dust. Those can accumulate very quickly and prevent your phone from charging, sounding good or any other issues that may emerge.

3. Protective cases

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OK, I know what most of you will say here, that is obvious right?! Well, apparently no since there is a lot of people who do not believe in these things and since a lot of you don’t like how your phone gets bulky or how it feels in hands. This is all personal preference I presume but you have to be very cautious with your phone if you don’t have a good and decent quality case on. There are companies now that have specialized in making phone cases for each brand and they do offer wide variety of those. You can have personalized ones, you can have big and bulky ones for extra protection or thin cases that will look and feel OK but probably won’t do a very good job of protection. Whatever the case is here pick one and use it, you will thank us later.

4. Screen protectors

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Another one of those things that we all know about but we always regret not using. I remember my first expensive smartphone and how I destroyed it because I was careless.

I didn’t drop it carelessly, it fell from the table during a phone call that made it vibrate down, but the careless part was that I forgot to get a protective glass when I purchased the phone. I was so excited to get it, I took it home, set it up, played with it for a couple of days and then, just like that one call and the screen was destroyed. The $200 repair of a brand-new phone that could be avoided with a high quality $10 screen protector. The small things really do impact these expensive smart things.

5. Leave it when you can

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What this will tell you about is the fact that we are so attached to our devices that we carry them anywhere and always. We as humans love doing different things, and one of those is not thinking things through. I go skateboarding, take my phone with me, fall a couple of times and simply say by-by to $1,000.

The simple solution would be leaving the phone home while doing sports, hitting the gym or doing something so extreme, but hey it is always good to capture those moments right?! What to use better than your smartphone?! Wrong! Today you have wide variety of devices that you can use to capture those moments in sports, extreme biking, cycling, skateboarding, snowboarding and whatever else.

Those devices are made to withstand damages, falling, going into deep waters while your smartphone is not. Have that in mind next time you want to go cliff diving and trying to record the entire stunt with your $1,200 iPhone. One wrong move, one blink and it is freefalling down or drowning in the sea.