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5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Self-Cleaning Pool

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Smart technology keeps spreading into different areas of our lives as time goes on. It provides a lot more automatization to daily tasks and functionality to our devices. Pools are no exception here as they have a lot of maintenance that has to be done for full functionality.

Smart technology is already present on the pool market, its presence only expanding with time. If you want to get ahead and purchase a smart pool or are shopping for a new pool and this option seems tempting this article will help you get a better grasp on these items’ utility.

Important features to know about

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Whenever we are purchasing an item we want to make sure that its benefits justify the cost. There are plentiful areas to improve on when it comes to pools, even those with potent features present on them. This is due to the fact pool functions are usually controlled by a separate control panel, most frequently installed inside of the house.

However, even the pools capable of automatic configurations require them to be pre-programmed. Although it still leaves the matters of maintenance unsolved. This is solved through smart technology, which also provides additional functionality to the previous features. For those who just want a summarization of smart self-cleaning pool’s major benefits keep on reading, to learn more about the full extent of features and the way they operate you can visit www.martselfcleaningpools.com.au.

1. Automatic balancing of chlorine levels

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A very important part of pool maintenance is testing the chlorine levels of your pool. If chlorine isn’t kept at optimal levels, between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm, you run the risk of red eyes and itching. The process itself is very easy but dull, taking away the time you could spend relaxing in the pool.

Smart pool technology allows the automatization of the process with its smart salt chlorinators. This features tests and manages the chlorine levels in the water, maintaining a safe swimming experience without any manual labor required.

2. Enhanced pool pumps

Keeping the pool clean and its water properly circulating is often relegated to pool pumps. These pumps maintain a proper flow of water and keep water and chemicals circulating through the pool. This allows for proper sanitization of your pool by distributing any cleaning solutions utilized in the pool’s maintenance. What accents their importance is that pool pumps maintain the circulation of water through the pool and its water refining parts.

With the introduction of smart technology, the energy consumption of pool pumps is heavily reduced. The extreme power consumption regular pool pumps require usually results in them being conservatively used, which doesn’t allow for a full cycle of water filtration to be finished. Smart pools allow you to affordably run these pumps through their full cycles without interruption.

3. Self-cleaning capabilities

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The most daunting part about purchasing a pool at all is having to clean it. The amount of time required to properly scrub out the pool of dirt and debris is painfully long and the alternative of paying for maintenance is too expensive. The devices you can purchase to simplify this process, such as a suction cleaner or a robot cleaner, require an initial investment and still have to be set up every time your pool needs cleaning.

Unlike all the aforementioned options of cleaning your pool, smart pools have the cleaning capabilities built-in. The pool comes with cleaning jets that are placed in floors, walls, and other parts of the pool. When active, they sweep debris towards a designated area. From here on, debris is sent to the containment canisters and safely stored for easy removal. The jets retract when not in use, so you needn’t worry about accidentally bumping into one when swimming. This process results in a cleaner and healthier pool as the system covers all algae-prone areas. Additionally, this system reduces the cost of cleaning the pool while being better for the environment.

4. Pool heating improvements

While maintenance is an essential part of a good pool experience and a key concern for most people when purchasing a pool the purchase itself is done to afford more comfort to our daily life. The relaxation we can indulge in when using the pool is heavily influenced by its temperature. Nobody can properly unwind when the water is too cold to leisurely stay in. The ability to properly manipulate the temperature of your pool is very important for this exact reason.

The pleasure of relaxing in a pool is heavily assisted by smart pool technology. The only actions required for temperature adjustment of your smart pool’s water are a few taps on the screen. It also simplifies control of heating systems when you aren’t using the pool as turning the heating off can be done with the same amount of effort. The overall utility of having a temperature system at the touch of a finger is undeniably useful, reducing the investment required for a relaxing dive into the pool.

5. Pool lighting improvements

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While indulging in sunlight during our pool time is a very enjoyable experience the sun will eventually set, leaving us with very poor visibility in our pool. This can lead to injuries and accidents due to having no light source. For these reasons, pools contain interior lighting. The additional benefit it brings to the aesthetics is also noticeable but less impactful than the safety provided.

Just like heating, lighting is very easy to change and configure with smart pool technology. On the fly capabilities can help you prepare the pool before even getting near it and if you necessitate any change in settings the technology utilized will provide the ability to manipulate current configurations. With just your phone you can change the color of the lights, modify color-changing sequences, and alter intervals between sequence changes. The smart pool technology allows you to enhance the mood of an evening swim with various lighting effects while keeping chances of accidental injury low with no hassle at all.

Closing thoughts

The aforementioned benefits all contribute to making smart pools a sizeable upgrade. The technology they use also saves you a lot of time and money while being very easy to operate. Like all new technology, smart pools used to be rather expensive but have quickly become a lot more accessible. Even with the prices decreasing, updates to technology and features available aren’t stopping. If anything they are becoming more efficient, with the refinement that comes with time.