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Five Ways to Promote Business Content on Twitter

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It makes sense for companies to create an account on Twitter because users of this social network are ready to see advertisements for goods and services on it. But you’ll have to make sure that the tone of your business content doesn’t differ too much from regular tweets.

What Can a Company Tweet

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Tips on how to promote yourself on Twitter with a Twitter account.

  • its news
  • production process
  • links to blog posts, products and services
  • promotional codes and incentives to buy

Make Your Page Pleasant

People often say that there is a lot of unnecessary noise on Twitter. But it all depends on who you follow and how you interact with other users. If Twitter makes you feel angry or insecure, then you’re following the wrong people. Follow those who fill the feed with the right energy for your business.

It works like a nutrient and inspires you. Read industry news, spy on competitors, and enjoy communication with customers.

Keep a separate account for political controversy so that the tone of your business profile doesn’t conflict with company goals.

The Basics of Using Twitter for Business

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The Main Rules

  • Write a strong bio that clearly describes your business.
  • Train yourself to compose tweets in such a way that a casual user can get an idea of your company from the last six messages.
  • Post content that demonstrates the values of your business. Your words are how people see your company online.
  • Use services for scheduled posting, log in to Twitter at least once a day to respond to followers and interact with other accounts. This is a social network, and you need to communicate with people. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.
  • If Twitter annoys you, but you still need to manage it, hire an SMM manager to do it for you. At first, check his tweets before publishing them to make sure they are in line with your goals and values.

What Content Will Be Interesting?

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You need to make the page attractive and make your business look human:

  • advertising content;
  • publish non-advertising content;
  • respond to other people’s posts;
  • retweet other people’s content.

But don’t forget that strategic goals, or rather, promotion, are important to you above all else. At the same time, self-promotion is difficult for many people – it always seems that it will look like spam. But content can be presented in such a way that it will look fresh even if it is published repeatedly.

1. Promotion with the Help of Reviews

Testimonials are a great proof of quality and help you gain the trust of potential customers. Use Canva to turn a testimonial into a beautiful image. You can also use Twitter’s text area to add a link to your product or website.

2. Promote with a Sales Page

This is an alternative way to present testimonials. Take a screenshot of your product page on your online store or a photo of a person using your service and add it to a tweet with a few testimonials.

3. Promote with an Excerpt

This is suitable for books and articles. Take a screenshot of a strong part of the text or use Canva to create a nice image with it. In the text area of the tweet, you can add reader reviews or a summary of the article.

4. Promote with Retweets

Keep track of what is being written about you. When your company is mentioned in a tweet, it is reflected in the messages. It only takes a few seconds to retweet a praise, but followers will see how great you are.

Opponents of this method of promotion say that it looks like narcissism. It’s not – you’re just sharing feedback. But you can also choose “retweet with comment” and add a thank you for the praise.

5. Promote with a Direct Link

When you insert a link into a tweet, a preview image automatically appears in the tweet. It’s usually tempting to stop there, but take a few minutes to add a comment.

When you explain to people what they will get when they click, you show that you respect their time.

Based on that list, we’ve compiled a new one – relevant to companies of all sizes, shapes and industries, and useful not only on Twitter, but on all appropriate social networks.

Special Offers

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People make decisions about what to read, watch, buy, try, and where to go according to the information that trickles through their attention filters. At best, even the most verified and accurate information from the most trusted people will only dignify a fleeting glance. That is why it is so important to explain briefly, clearly and to the point, what is the benefit of what is being offered. If he is interested in what is offered, the customer will follow the link to take advantage of a special offer or discount, now or later.

For example, California Tortilla (@caltort), a chain of 39 inexpensive Mexican restaurants based in Rockville, Maryland, tweets out keywords that can be said when ordering to get a discount.


Since the distance between a product introduction and the actual action, i.e. ordering, is only one click, many companies use Twitter to take orders. Coffee Groundz Cafe (@coffeegroundz) uses live tweets to take and prepare orders. The company reports that sales and market share have increased by 20-30% since they started using Twitter as a promotional and marketing tool.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

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Moonfruit purchased 11 Macbook Pro laptops and 10 iPod Touch players to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. To enter the contest, you had to tweet using the hash tag #moonfruit. A month after the contest ended, Moonfruit’s website traffic was up 300 percent and sales were up 20 percent, all thanks to an essentially small investment of $15,000. The company also realized the benefits of using search engine optimization, appearing on the first page of Google’s search for “free website builder.”

Marketing through Communication

Zappos (@zappos) is not aggressively PRing itself on Twitter. Instead, it “goes to the people” through public discussions and engaging those interested. Right now, 436 Zappos employees, including President Tony Xie, have a Twitter account. Tony, meanwhile, has more than 1.6 million readers.

Aaron Magness, Zappos’ director of business development, acknowledges that if you actively tell others about the company culture and values, it creates a bonding, “deformalizing” effect that encourages people to become part of the community around the company, and at the same time works to increase sales. “People reach out to you if you’re open,” he says.