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Can Pre-workouts Help You Boost Your Performance

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The growing popularity of the fitness culture got many more people involved in working out. With that, the demand for sports supplements is rising as well. While some people are trying to improve their intake of micro and macronutrients, others are looking for performance.

Pre-workouts are one of the most common and popular supplements used both by athletes and regular gym bros. Although they consist of many amino acids and minerals, their main ingredient is caffeine which stimulates your body to do its best.

In this article, we’ll talk about pre-workouts and whether they can help you boost your performance. In addition, you will learn when is the best time of using, it and what are all the benefits that this supplement is offering. Keep reading and find out more.

Makes you focus better

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The first benefit that pre-workouts offer is mental clarity and improved focus. This is highly important in intensive training sessions where the soreness of your muscle affects your brain functioning as well. You’ll feel less focused and begin to give up when you can surely continue with the training further.

The clarity during the sessions is due to the caffeine as the main ingredient. However, the pre-workout products come with other ingredients that help in achieving a clear mind and focus only on the training without any distractions.

Energizing your body

Providing energy for the session is the main reason behind using a pre. You go from feeling tired and unenergized to extremely motivated and feeling as strong as ever.

This is especially helpful if you are planning a morning session. Just take a dose of the pre-workout before the training and you’ll shortly feel pumped up and ready to withstand even the most demanding and intensive exercises.

Improves your stamina

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Having enough stamina to endure serious training is essential if you are looking for performance. Since pre-workouts come with ingredients that are increasing the cardiac output, your body will receive more oxygen.

With that, you’ll have better control over the weights, do heavier sets and withstand the intensity of the workout. These features help you in doing your best and achieving the results you were pursuing faster.

Decreases fatigue and improves recovery

As mentioned above, the increased cardiac output brings more oxygen to your muscle which results in more strength and the ability to withstand heavier loads. However, the addition of ingredients that each pre comes with offers lots of different benefits as well.

Due to the creatine in most pre-workouts, the muscles are not getting fatigued as quickly as usual. That is why you can push through intensive weight lifting easier. In addition, creatine is responsible for a quicker recovery of the muscles so you will not feel sore which improves your next sessions.

Increases motivation

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You have surely experienced some days where you just don’t feel like working out. this can be caused by lots of factors including lack of sleep and feeling tired, being under stress or you are just feeling down. By further missing gym, none of the factors from above will be improved.

However, according to latestfuels.com, taking a regular dose of your pre-workout will make you feel energized which instantly improves your mood. This will motivate you enough to get up and go to the gym where you can further benefit from all the endorphins that the workout produces.

Promotes losing weight

One of the reasons why most people went to the gym is to achieve a better body image and lose some weight. While that will ultimately come on its own because of the exercises and keeping a deficit in calories, speeding things up is not bad at all.

Because the pre-workout enhances the work of the heart, it makes the calorie-burning process much easier. In addition, due to the caffeine, your appetite gets suppressed and you will not have the cravings that made you eat something unnecessary.

Makes your pump stronger

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Lastly, some ingredients inside the pre-workout are contributing to getting a better pump of the muscles. This means that your muscles are getting more blood which is directionally related to oxygen and nutrients which will result in growth.

Although seeing yourself pumped seems not important, seeing yourself prospering is essential to continue the grind and do better. In addition, motivates you to train further and produces happiness hormones as an award.

How to use pre-workouts properly

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Although pre-workouts provide lots of benefits for performance and growth, in order for them to work, they have to be taken properly.

To feel energized the best, you have to take the supplement at the right time. The effectiveness can be felt from fifteen to forty-five minutes after consuming the product.

So, it is best to take it exactly half an hour before the training session to feel the best results.

In addition, by taking this supplement at the right time, you’ll feel its effects throughout the whole session. This prevents periods of the workout where the caffeine has faded away.

You should be also careful about the dosage you’ll be consuming. For that reason, see what the manufacturer said on the label. You don’t have to take the whole dose as a beginner, try with a half first to see the effects and prevent feeling the side effect like shaking or headaches.

Since the maximum amount of caffeine, you should take in a day is 400mg, be sure to calculate your intake. In case you are having two workout sessions, calculate how much you have taken before so you don’t overdo it.


With lots of benefits that pre-workouts are offering, it is safe to say they boost your performance. Not only you will be able to lift more and endure heavy sessions, but you’ll also feel energized and focused which is also essential.

As said above, be careful about how much you intake to keep yourself safe. In addition, be sure you are purchasing the supplements from an established place. Since these products are not completely regulated, purchasing from brands that guarantee their quality is essential both for safety and for achieving the anticipated results.