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Outdoor Activities to Keep You Healthy

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Health: it’s something that is on everyone’s mind these days. Whether it is how to stay healthy amid the pandemic or shedding a few pounds before the holiday photo montages begin, it’s probably a goal you have in the back of your mind. When considering health, we typically think of two places we can get healthy: the gym and the outdoors. The gym sounds like a place of blood, sweat, and tears. A place where hardcore people go to get ripped. The outdoors, on the other hand, brings to kind images of thin and healthy people walking on serene trails. Surely there are some activities outdoors that can keep you healthy and be enjoyable, right? Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

1. Hunting

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A sure-fire way you get you moving outdoors is to get a hunting and fishing license and go searching for your food. Eating fresh food is healthy in the way of what you put in your body, as you can control what goes into it instead of consuming extra ingredients from processed food. The means of harvesting that fresh food is also a way to keep your body moving. Hauling provisions for the day along with your rifle can get the heart rate up long enough to burn some unwanted calories. Make sure to learn more about what rifles you can carry during the hunt. If you want to get healthy and get outside, start hunting. Some hunting rules restrict the style of rifle you can carry but that may just be as easy as swapping out your AR upper receiver, click here if you are looking to purchase one.

Just like when buying fresh fruits and vegetables, you will want to hunt what is in season. Hunting what is in season not only keeps you on the right side of the law but also allows you to consume what is naturally healthy in that time of year. You want to be able to have lean meat when possible to be as healthy as possible.

2. Gardening and Gathering

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Gardening is another great way to nourish your body and get some exercise. You can spend a few minutes per day working in the garden and simultaneously get your recommended daily intake of moderate exercise and sunlight. The garden can be full of vegetables for you to enjoy eating, an herb garden to help heighten the senses while cooking, or a flower garden you can see each day you arrive home. No matter what type of garden you choose to tend, the benefits will serve you well.

This is also something you can continue doing year-round, as some plants are winter hardy. Gardening during every season will help keep your waistline thin, your mind occupied, and your budget under control.

3. Hiking

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Hiking is a popular activity that can suit you no matter what your physical or monetary limitations. Some hikes range from easy to difficult and can serve to help you lose weight or build muscle. The best part is that they typically do not cost you a thing except maybe the price of a snack or water bottle to keep with you on your trek. This simple activity can help you get healthy. You could also have friends or family join you on your adventures and share in the joy of outdoor exercise. If you want to make things even more interesting, bring along your AR-15 or another rifle in case you happen to see prey during the hike. Click here to learn more.

4. Laundry

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I know, doing laundry is not the most glamorous of activities, nor does it seem like a great way to keep yourself healthy. However, if you were to decide to dry, fold, or iron your laundry outdoors, it could help you get and remain healthy. Hanging the laundry up on the line can be a cathartic activity, encouraging you to continue to stay outside even more to enjoy the quiet and the sunshine. Why not extend this simple joy to that if folding and ironing your clothing? This way, you can save money, enjoy the weather, and be doing something that keeps your body healthy all at the same time. Your clothes smelling as fresh as the flowers outside is just the cherry on top. Other household chores require you to be indoors to complete them. Keep things interesting and yourself healthy by moving what you can to the outdoors.

5. Games

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There is also always a classic game you can choose to do outside that will require some physical exertion. These games can range from four square, to hide and seek, to playing tag with the kids. There is also the option of joining a team sport, allowing you to make friends help you nourish your mind, and helping you create a support system for when something awful happens. Humans need connection just as much as they need nutrition and exercise. Why not combine all of these needs and satisfy them in one afternoon with one activity?

Games help people to connect. They allow you to destress. They also can help you to keep your body moving outdoors, even on the most difficult of days. Games may sound childish, but they can help keep you healthy while you enjoy the great outdoors.

No matter if you are in an adventurous mood or feel like doing something close to the heart of your home, there is an outdoor activity for you. These activities can help keep you healthy in mind, body, and spirit. All you have to do is decide which one will suit your needs best for the day and get yourself out there to do it. Getting healthy does not have to be limited to the indoor gyms that feel so stuffy and impossible to enjoy. There are many opportunities to get healthy and change your lifestyle outdoors; you just have to be willing to search for the activity that best helps you reach your goals. A large sum of money or an essence of free time is not needed to begin. The most important thing to have is determination and a desire to care for yourself. So, grab a friend or get ready to go on your own and go get healthy!