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Which are the 5 Most Played Video Games You Can Bet On?

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Before gambling evolved, video games were seen as means of entertainment alone. People regarded it as a fun way to pass time away but now things have gotten even better—you can now make money from it. Rather than watching your favorite gamers play, you can engage by checking this UK bookies list and make some profits.

However, it is not every game you can bet on; and not all that you can bet on are worth it.

Here, we will reveal five popular video games that you can bet on and that are worth it. These titles are popular so there is a probability that you play or watch them. Either way, let’s get into it immediately!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Source: blog.counter-strike.net

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, look no further than CS: GO—the game that has it all. It has been around for long enough to rack up hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. Unlike several other FPS games today, CS: GO puts real skills to the test. Teams have to showcase tactics and strategies and only the best can claim the gold. The game has varieties and fashionable depth that constantly thrill fans.  What puts the game on top of the list is its crazy competitive scene.

Pro players from all corners of the globe, facing off in heart-pounding matches. These competitions showcase the pinnacle of teamwork, where players’ tactics, precision, and lightning-fast reflexes are put to the ultimate test. The adrenaline-fueled matches, often decided by a split-second decision or a perfectly executed strategy, keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ever since its early versions like Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6, the series has continued to evolve, refining its gameplay and graphics. Yet, the essence of Counter-Strike’s appeal has remained unchanged: it’s not just a game; it’s a testament to skill and dedication. CS: GO has set the benchmark for online shooting games, providing an unmatched platform for players to hone their abilities, compete globally, and experience the thrill of genuine esports. From its roots in the gaming world to its status as a global phenomenon today, Counter-Strike has proven time and again that it’s not merely a trend but a legacy in the making.

League of Legends

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There is almost no esports tournament that you won’t find League of Legends. It is the most popular MOBA in the world right now and it is constantly growing. That is another reason why we love this game—you are constantly occupied because many events feature it all year long. Betting on League of Legends is very fascinating because it presents many betting options like:

  • First to Kill
  • First Team To Take a Tower
  • Outright Bet
  • Match Bet
  • Map Score

In this game split-second decisions can either make you a legend or leave you in the dust. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other, where every move is a game-changer. Whether you’re pulling off crazy combos or deciding when to push, the excitement is always off the charts. Some League of Legends fans will even argue that it has more betting options than some sports. Whether that is true or not, there is only one way to find out—by watching, playing and betting on it yourself!


Source: overwatch.blizzard.com

Overwatch is one of the first few games to introduce a modernized league structure into eSports. It was a highly experimental risk that they took and it turned out successful. They call it the Overwatch League (OWL) and its teams are matched up against each other in conferences just like a traditional sport. At first, the league had four rounds but they further improved into a traditional league system with teams climbing into a knockout stage before they can make the final.

If the league can be as structured as that, you can imagine how great the betting structure will be too. It feels like you are betting on real teams in your regular sports. We have also been hearing rumors of how the developers plan a team for each team where they can play home and away games. We are in for great improvements!

Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2)

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Dota 2 is also a MOBA game and although it may not be on the level of the likes of League of Legends, it still presents exciting gameplay. Die-hard fans often argue that Dota 2 boasts a more intricate gameplay compared to League of Legends, adding an extra layer of complexity that makes it intriguing and challenging. The depth of strategies, the nuanced interactions between heroes, and the variety of teamwork create an environment where every match becomes a captivating puzzle waiting to be solved.

This video game has prize pools that reach up to $30 million so it is no surprise to see a high degree of competitiveness. Since players have a lot to fight for, they put in nothing short of the best strategies. And because of the huge prize pool, it also makes a great betting game. And of course, be ready for stunning in-game upsets!

Rocket League

Source: rocketleague.com

Rocket League is arguably the easiest esport to understand even though it involves playing a huge ball with smaller cars. Its unusuality and simplicity are what attract both players and spectators. Making the game free-to-play was an important decision by Psyonix, which increased the popularity of the game significantly. Besides, it is also a team game that sees the best players unite in an attempt to defeat similar counterparts.

Rocket League also has an amazing divisional structure namely:

  • Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)
  • Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS)

Both divisions are funded by the developers (Psyonix) with the Championship Series as the top one while the Rival Series is the second division. Everyone fights to make the championship and not get relegated so prepare to bet on the best clashes!