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How Accurate Is Geolocation on Android Phones?

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We are so used to location sharing and searching that we have forgotten how geolocation has evolved on android phones. There is a lot to know about geolocation on android phones that ordinary people or who are not interested in technology don’t understand that easily. Geolocation was not this accurate a decade ago or even five years ago in the past. There were a lot of errors, and the predictions were not at all right. Looking at the development now, most of us use location tracking, searching, and sharing on a daily basis for regular commutation.

Geolocation is almost an integral part of our daily lives in the current scenario. It even suggests the places we have traveled, remembers our daily commute route, and shows us the route to a new place. Have you ever relied on geolocation for traveling somewhere? From merely directing you through directions to now showing location and route tracking in 3D, geolocation has developed leaps and bounds to help human transportation and commutation.

Not just for commutation, geolocation on the phone is used for various reasons and purposes. You can find your phone if lost. Share with someone the route to your location. Track your orders and cabs. You can also share your live location with someone. These are just a few to quote. There are a lot many advantages of geolocation.

Have you ever lost your phone? You must have been terrified to know that and struggled to get it back, but most of these efforts are futile because people don’t usually recognize the potential of geolocation and try alternative methods. Find-my-phone.org helps you get your phone back with geolocation applications. It can live to track your phone or even block it from being unauthorizedly accessed by people.

Location searching

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GPS’s first application began with location searching. Although people used to search for locations in google, now google maps, and other similar apps help you search for locations specifically. You not only can search the location but also see the direction to that particular location. Geolocation services like Google maps provide information regarding different directions to the same location and also notify you which one is less crowded. That’s how accurate geolocation is.

Location sharing

You can share your location with your friends and nearby ones. If someone’s not finding your residence, the first thing you do is share your location. That’s how relevant geolocation has developed. You can also share your live location with your near ones if you are feeling unsafe while traveling in a cab. Even state security systems use geolocation applications to track criminals and predict their moving locations to catch them faster. In the current scenario, geolocation is one of the advanced technologies used by security systems in finding and bringing criminals to justice.

Location tracking

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In earlier days, it used to be difficult to bring a phone back once it was lost. But not anymore. Location tracking helps you identify the location of your phone within a matter of minutes. Also, you can track the location of someone with the same technology. Live location sharing, as mentioned in the above example, also helps you track the location of your dear ones. It just takes a click on your mobile to find and track someone’s location if you suspect something wrong like kidnap or something fishy.

Phone tracking

Phone tracking has never been so easy. Be it for tracking your children’s location or identifying the location of your lost phone.

GPS does it all for you. You just have to sync your devices across and remember your login credentials to get the information about your mobile phone’s location right away from any other device and location.

Have you forgotten where you have placed your mobile? No worries, geolocation to your rescue and phone tracking can help you find your mobile within just a few seconds.


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If you are confused with which route you have to choose, just open your mobile phone and google maps to find the best route to your destination. Geolocation shows you the best and fastest route to your destination besides just providing help in finding out one route. It also shows you multiple routes. Depending upon the intensity of traffic, the same geolocation application helps you in predicting the time, like in how much time you will reach there.

It also predicts the time taken to reach your destination in different modes of commutation like bus, by walk, by road, or by air. That’s how astonishingly accurate geolocation on android phones these days are. Sounds like a dream? It should.

Saved daily commute routes

If you think that’s it for geolocation, you are mistaken. Showing, sharing, and tracking location is just one part of it all. Geolocation applications automatically save your regular commute routes and suggest less crowded ones automatically. It does so by suggesting the traffic intensity ahead of your schedule.

Live tracking

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Tracking of deliveries is one good example of how accurate geolocations are. Have you ever seen the live tracking of deliveries? Food deliveries and commutation services provide this feature to users. This is one amazing example. It also shows the progress of commutation of the delivery each minute and each second without making any mistakes.

You can also replicate the same from your end as well. You can share your live location with anyone so that they can know where you are heading from minute to minute. This is something beyond imagination. And it is really accurate.


No one would have ever imagined that geolocation would have developed to such an extent that it becomes this easy to locate some phone or person. It is indeed easier to track and share locations than in earlier times. While these are just a few applications and uses of geolocation, many more are still in the making. This is being expanded to serve many more commutation and location tracking purposes of people.

Geolocation used to be very screwed and low quality a decade ago. But that is not the case now. It is 100% accurate and can fetch you precise location data that you have been seeking for a while now. If you still doubt it, you can open your phone and share your location to see how accurate it is.