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What Lies Ahead In Gambling Laws Across The Arabian Peninsula

What Lies Ahead In Gambling Laws Across The Arabian Peninsula
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Saudi Arabia is the largest country that covers the Arabian Peninsula. Apart from Saudi Arabia, countries like Oman, Qatar, and UAE are also a part of the Arabian Peninsula. All these countries share a whole lot of cultural similarities.

All the countries in the Arabian peninsula are Islamic countries, and hence, there is a general ban on gambling. However, that does not mean that a person who stays in or visits these countries has to forfeit gambling or betting altogether.

There are ways in which you could gamble in Arabic countries. For instance, if you are in Egypt, you can always gamble by visiting online casinos in egypt.

Betting In The Middle East: Impact Of Rules And Regulations

Betting In The Middle East - Impact Of Rules And Regulations
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In all Islamic countries, gambling is strictly prohibited and considered a societal taboo. As a result, it is essential that people understand the rules and regulations applicable to gambling in the Middle East.

Not following rules can lead to some serious trouble, which includes a hefty fine and life in prison. In this blog post, you will get an idea of the gambling laws that are effective in Arabic countries and what you should do to avoid penalties and punishments.

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the biggest and the most influential country in the Arabian peninsula. Being an Islamic country, all forms of gambling are banned there. So poker rooms, casinos, sports betting, etc., are all illegal in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

However, if you are a foreigner and you want to place a bet, you can do so via a foreign casino website that accepts bets from Saudi Arabia. Most people who want to place bets do so by using VPN services.

The government authorities have blocked access to many VPN provider’s websites within the country.

using vpn to gamble in Saudi Arabia
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However, there is no blanket ban on using VPN services in the country. So, if you can access the website of an online Casino via a VPN service, you can place bets even while you are in Saudi Arabia.

With gambling and gaming becoming popular all over the world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may also bring in some changes to regulate the landscape surrounding betting. In 2024, the kingdom brought in some changes in the gambling act.

Of the major regulations that were sought to be implemented, is the act that allowed the regulatory authorities to create false identities on gambling sites, to check compliance by all stakeholders.

The stakeholders are also expected to submit details of their gambling systems and data that is generated from them.

Most of the regulations aim to tighten the noose against illegal activities; however, there are some problematic areas as well. For instance, the act allows a close family member to register the name of another family member involuntarily on the self-exclusion list.

The deregistration requires a time span of about six months. Such provisions go against the right to liberty of an individual and need due introspection.

While gambling and the laws surrounding it remain strict, gaming and eSports have received a huge boost in Saudi Arabia. The crown prince has made a public investment fund of $38 billion to develop a gaming platform.


gambling in Qatar
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Qatar is another country in the Arabian Peninsula, and in line with Islamic principles, it forbids all forms of betting. However, if locals want to wager their money, they can do so via a foreign-based online casino website that accepts bets from Qatar.


Oman is another country in the Arabian Peninsula, and it, too, forbids any form of gambling, be it skill- based or luck-based. According to Islamic teachings, one ought to earn a living by honest, serious, and hard work, and relying on luck to gain money goes against the basic tenets of Islam.

So, there are no land-based brick-and-mortar casinos in the country. Oman does not even have a national lottery system. However, offshore gambling companies registered in foreign lands are legal entities.

Moreover, the punishment for illegal activities is quite severe. If a person is caught engaging in illegal gambling, they could be sentenced to three years in prison. Over and above the prison term, the guilty may have to pay a fine of a thousand Omani Riyals, which is equivalent to 2480 Pounds.

People who gamble at online sites and keep their activities to themselves are usually not prosecuted. However, if you are in Oman and you get caught betting in an internet cafe or from your phone in a public place, you could be penalized. So, if you want to place bets via online sites in Oman, it is best to keep your activities restricted to the privacy of your home.

UAE Or United Arab Emirates

gambling in UAE Or United Arab Emirates
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Gambling is illegal in the UAE; however, a body known as the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority is a newly created regulatory body that shall create a regulatory framework for national lottery and commercial gaming.

The new commercial gaming body has been created to leverage the economic potential of gaming.

Luxury resorts with a definite gaming area are coming up in the UAE, and when gambling laws are eased further, these resorts could see a higher footfall.


Kuwait, like other Arab nations, bans gambling in all its forms. There are no traditional land-based casinos, and there is no national lottery run by the state.

However, if you can access a gambling website via a VPN service, you are free to place your bets.


Betting or gambling is forbidden in Islamic countries; hence, you are not likely to spot a mega land-based casino like you would in Vegas. Likewise, poker booths in public places are also forbidden. However, with time, some of the rules and rigidities surrounding betting in the Middle East are changing.

At present, the governments in these countries are recognizing the business potential of gaming/ eSports and online betting sites.

The biggest shift towards gambling has happened because of the penetration of the internet and smartphones that give access to foreign-based online casinos. Moreover, many users have started using VPN services to avoid getting caught and prosecuted.

So, once you get connected to the online casino of your choice, you must learn how to cut losses when gambling so you can earn as much as possible. Read on to find out.