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European Online Casino Market Trends – Guide

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As more and more countries in Europe are in the process of legalising online gambling and betting, this market is currently on the rise. According to the latest projections, this market is bound to have a compound annual growth rate of over 9% by 2027. And as things stand, it’s very likely that this industry will soon introduce more novelties to the already exciting offer, which might attract even more users.

For the sake of better understanding the European online casino market, we’ll go over some of the current trends and take a look at the services that are most popular among users. Also, we’ll take a closer look at some of the emerging markets and how they will all impact the economic status of European countries.

Legalising Online Casino And Expanding The Market

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To start with, it’s important to point out that online gambling is legal in many European countries, but not all of them. Also, most countries regulate online gambling according to their own laws and regulations. But in areas where this activity is permitted, players can explore a wide range of betting and gambling options. For example, residents of the Czech Republic can explore casino czk no deposit bonus on numerous reliable casino sites. Similarly, bettors in the Netherlands and Germany can also find multiple welcome offers and promotions that they can use after joining trustworthy operators.

However, even though offers, special promotions, and games can differ among these countries, they do share one similarity. And that’s the fact that online gambling is legal and thus regulated in their area. So, bettors can access a legit operator that is licensed and reliable. According to Bill 1248, the changing habits of players means that their preference is now to gamble online. However, with internet casino currently deemed illegal, this has forced consumers to gamble with offshore, unlicensed sites that do not offer protection measures.

Legalising online casinos and issuing licences to approved operators, the bill said, would help create a safer environment for players. This market would also help generate additional tax income for the country, the bill added.

Currently, there are more countries in Europe than ever before that are trying to legalise this activity within their borders. In this way, they are expanding the industry but also protecting players from the dangers of illegal gambling with unverified operators. And one of the best examples of regulated gambling is the UK, which is also the leader in the European market.

Even though it enforces strict rules upon players and operators, the UK gambling market still provides some of the best offers, games, and platforms to its bettors. So, it’s very likely that countries that are in the process of legalising online gambling will follow the good example that the UK set for the rest.

Most Popular Features Among Online Players in Europe

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The latest statistics show that most online players in Europe spend most of their time on sports betting, casino games, lottery, and finally, bingo games. In addition, the greatest number of online players still use a desktop device to access their favorite online operator. However, the number of mobile casino and sports betting fans is still on the rise. This is why there is an ongoing trend among operators to include a dedicated mobile app to its registered members.

In addition, most European bettors are more likely to open an account with a certain online casino if there is a welcome offer on the sign up. And you can see that more and more casinos are offerings various bonuses and promotions that include free spins or match on the first deposit.

These types of promotions have proven to be beneficial to both online operators and players. On the one hand, the users have a chance to explore a new gambling site and the available games without investing too much from the beginning. And on the other hand, operators can incentivise new users to visit their site.

Technological Innovations

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When it comes to technological innovations, we can see that the European online casino market is constantly working on improving the user experience and adding new, innovative features. One of the latest features that are becoming available to players in different countries is the use of blockchain technology for deposits and withdrawals. In other words, online customers can now add funds and withdraw them in their preferred cryptocurrency. Similarly, most casinos are introducing crash games that originated in the blockchain community.

These type of games is becoming increasingly popular due to their simple gameplay and high RTP rate. Moreover, a great number of operators (both casino and sports betting sites) are introducing a live casino section, making it possible for their members to bet against or with the help of real dealers.

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