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7 Fashionable Ways to Rock a Simple Tee

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Don’t let your tees wither away in the closet. Here are 7 ways to spice up your outfit with nothing but a simple tee.Can a simple t-shirt make you look fashionable? Most people would argue against it.

It’s easy to keep wanting to buy new clothes every now and then, especially with how frequently fashion trends have been coming and going recently. If you continue to stay up-to-date with the new trends, you’ll end up hoarding a bunch of clothes.

Sometimes, we easily forget that it’s possible to look good without trendy clothes – we tend to underestimate the beauty of simplicity. So why not make the most out of what you already have? Yes, I am referring to your tees!

I admit that tees aren’t statementing pieces, but no one said they couldn’t be made into one. With the right kind of styling, anything can make a statement, and I’m going to show you how.

Choose Interesting Prints and Colors

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Plain or solid-colored t-shirts do tend to get boring sometimes. If you’re planning to buy new t-shirts or have plenty lying around at home, be sure to find something with interesting color patterns or prints.

Influencer or celebrity merchandise (signature products sold by your favorite YouTuber or TikToker) is perfect for this. They usually have a catchphrase printed on them and come in unique prints like tie-dye or color blocking.

Just keep in mind not to buy anything that’s too childish (by your standards, of course).

If you aren’t into buying influencer merchandise, No problem. You can always check here for monogram shirts embroidered with words or phrases you vibe with!

Size Up!

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Oversized, baggy clothes are very popular these days. Oversized t-shirts are not only comfortable, but they are also very flexible. You can try combining fitted and loose clothes. The contrast makes for an eye-catching outfit. If it’s a hot day, and you’re planning on going for a walk, wearing an oversized t-shirt might help you feel a little more ventilated. If the t-shirt happens to go past your thighs, it can double up as a dress! You can wear boots or heels, depending on the kind of look you’re going for. If you are looking for a t-shirt guide size, check out Project Repat.

Match With Your Shoes

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Using shoes to mask the simplicity of your attire is a great idea. Shoes are a sure way of leveling up the overall aesthetic of your clothes as they make your outfit appear fancier and more put together.

Make sure the shoes you’re choosing go well with not just your t-shirt but also the rest of your outfit. If you’re going for more of a casual look, go for block heels with straps or a pair of wedges. They will go beautifully with any loose-fitting pair of pants (for example, a palazzo). If you’re wearing tights or jeans, wear heels with ankle straps.

Wear Jewelry

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I always recommend the use of jewelry or accessories to enhance your look. It’s just the easiest and most obvious way to add an extra layer of detail to your outfit. In this case, consider wearing a necklace or choker.

Whether you should wear a long necklace, a short one, or a choker depends on the neckline of your t-shirt. V-neck t-shirts look especially flattering with long necklaces with larger, chunkier lockets. If you aren’t into bigger pendants, you can also try the choker-necklace hybrid for V-necks. It adds an edgy touch to your look. For your regular neckline, you can wear a thin black choker with either metal or crystal studs on it. Shorter necklaces with a gemstone pendant will also look stunning.

Another way to add more details to your outfit is by wearing many bracelets. With lighter t-shirts, try wearing gold or silver bracelets. Be careful, though; make sure they are chain-like or thin in nature. Otherwise, it will end up overpowering your look. For darker t-shirts, consider wearing more interesting bracelets that are stringy or decorated with gems.

Another great thing you can add are watches. And nowadays, you can really look like a million dollars without spending so much money. Try finding some pre-owned Rolex, which will add classines to your look and won’t cost as much as the new ones.

Wear With Jeans

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No matter what day and age, jeans never tend to go out of fashion; a good pair of jeans will look good on anyone and with most tops out there. It’s casual, snug, and breathable – the perfect bottoms to go with your t-shirt. To play up your outfit, though, you should choose jeans with fun and modern designs.

Consider getting jeans that are ripped, distressed, or embroidered. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for denim that comes in many different colors – it’ll make up for your mundane t-shirt, creating a beautiful balance in your outfit.

Pair With Formals

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Do you have a brunch planned with your business associates or colleagues, and you don’t have anything to wear? No worries. Your plain old t-shirt has your back!

Avoid low-cut necklines. This is the most important detail to be mindful of as you’re going to a formal event. Get into your favorite pair of dark jeans and top yourself off with a blazer. For finishing touches, wear a pair of pumps, preferably black or baby pink.

Top it With a Jacket

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If all else fails, just think about what you can wear on top of your t-shirt. Not only does it cover up most of it, but it also creates a properly balanced outfit, just like jeans do, and with fall right around the corner, it’s a great time to start dressing in layers. You can start by trying out different lengths of jackets, hoodies, and cardigans.

Fitted t-shirts would look best with a nice and long cardigan. With more airy t-shirts, hoodies or leather jackets of medium length will look great. Make sure your hoodies have a chain in the front – otherwise, the hoodie will become the statement of the outfit and overpower the rest of your outfit.

In Conclusion

These are some amazing and easy ways to turn your everyday t-shirt into a fashionable piece of clothing. I hope this will be helpful to you. Remember, wear what you like and wear it with confidence. Good Luck!