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How Women Are Changing The Global Casino Market

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Advances in technology, especially mobile devices’ dominance, have allowed casinos to offer a more easily accessible product than in the past, and to turn gaming from a special occasion into a common and favorite pastime. One of the consequences of this phenomenon seems to be the observed worldwide increase in the number of women playing online in NetBet Casino.

It is now clear that women have an increasingly dynamic role in the market, resulting in multiple changes that ultimately transform the industry itself. We thought of presenting you with some statistics and how the industry is differentiated thanks to the ever-increasing presence of women.

More And More Women Are Playing In Online Casinos

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Many sources demonstrate the steady rise of female participation in online casinos. According to research by the marketing company, Optimove in five major European markets, female participation accounts for an average of 28% of all players, with the largest participation being recorded in the United Kingdom and Sweden, both at 30% or more.

A similar picture is formed by the data of the online casinos themselves. BGO Casino, for example, reports that 40% of its registered players are women, as confirmed by PartyCasino and Slotty Vegas, according to a recent Times Of Malta tribute. An international study by the GREO Research Institute on behalf of the UK Gambling Commission also estimates that 43% of players are women.

“In Sweden, there have been weeks where more than 60% of women have been involved in the total number of active players in the country.”

In any case, the trends are upward and show a new and very dynamic audience. According to data published by the UK Gambling Commission itself, in recent years, the participation of women in the UK market is growing at a rate of 2% per year. In Sweden, in fact, the players are a very dynamic audience, with the competent supervisory authority Skolinspektionen stating that there have been weeks where the participation of women over 60% of the total active players in the country has been recorded.

What Do The Players Prefer?

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Bingo and lotto remain two of the most popular games, with female players making up 50% and possibly more of the entries, according to casino.org. The same seems to apply to slots, in which there is also increased female participation. Research from the University of Oregon shows that middle-aged women are the most common player in slots by age and gender.

On the contrary, the players at the moment do not seem to particularly enjoy poker, nor sports games, without this meaning that there is no female participation in these games. Also noteworthy is the women’s involvement in charitable events and games, which have increased as it is one of the changes introduced by casinos keeping in mind the newly increased demand for the product.

Apart from the preferences in the games themselves, it has been observed that women differ both in the way they play and how they manage money. According to Optimove’s research, while men are trying to achieve great success with big profits, women aim for small but steady profits, focusing more on enjoying the whole process than on creating wealth. Another interesting statistic is that women tend to make 30% smaller deposits but make almost double the transactions. At the same time, they remain more loyal to the casinos they use than men.

Impact of Women on Industry Growth

The impact of women on industry growth has been significant in the global casino market. With changing demographics and increased representation in leadership roles, women have become a driving force behind increased revenue and profitability. The positive effects of diversity and inclusion have led to greater business success and opportunities for growth. It is worth noting that online platforms have also played a role in facilitating female participation and influencing industry trends,  one of them is  casinonutansvensklicens.org.

The Casino Industry Is Responding

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As it is easily understood, casinos have strong motivations to attract women. Due to the fact that there are different preferences between men and women, the industry is forced to respond so that it can better satisfy this young and dynamic audience and follow the developments. Casinos now basically choose a more neutral design and style on their platform, and while, although rarer, we will see some casinos go one step further, adapting their style to the female audience. Another change that is observed are in the packages of offers and gifts, which are often designed for women, or are offered on the occasion of women’s holidays (e.g., Mother’s Day).

All these changes in the industry affect the decisions and the higher echelons of software companies, which are working to reduce the labor gap between men and women, as well as the pay gap.

At the same time, the trend from software providers is to create many more games that women would prefer, such as slots, to balance the gender difference in dealers but also to train them so that their behavior is more polite, paying due attention to the way personal pronouns (of him/her, etc.) are used.

These changes in the industry affect the decisions of the top echelons of casino software providers, who are working to reduce the job gap between men and women in their offices, even senior executives, and the pay gap between men and women.

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A typical example of this effort is the giant Entain (formerly GVC Holdings) which has reduced the pay gap to 7.1% when the average difference in the UK is 15.5%. The workforce in Entain’s lowest positions is balanced, with 46% men and 54% women. However, in the upper echelons, the situation is different, with 60% consisting of men and 40% of women. However, the company states that the new CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen‘s goal is to change these percentages to the fairest.

Although the increased involvement of women in casino gambling is clearly a complex issue and is related to dynamic social and economic factors (standard of living, educational level, social class, nationality, etc.) for which we do not yet have specific data, nevertheless it is safe to assume that the evolution of technology – creating conditions of easy accessibility – also contributed to the liberation of a predominantly male-dominated space.

Software providers and online casinos responded by adapting the product and their own internal mode of operation. Our prediction is that in the future, we will see an even more balanced percentage between male and female players, and we will gladly welcome and welcome more differentiation and fresh ideas in the field.