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5 DIY Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Your Undercut

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Hair is something that adorns every person and we can say that it represents us to some extent. In any case, it contributes a lot to the first impression that others get about us, and they also say that it is a mirror of character. That is why one of the worst thoughts is that we can lose our hair or end up with a terrible hairstyle. You will agree with us that this would be the least representative detail. Especially when it comes to undercut. It contains parts with long hair that are combined with very short parts. There are many variations of different lengths and it is very popular.

So this is relatively easy to maintain at home. However, if you are not confident enough in your knowledge and skills, read a little more about it and only then take action. We have prepared for you a few DIY tips and tricks with which you will easily make the hairstyle you wanted. Find out all about it below.

1. Prepare the material

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So, it is necessary to have a comb, good scissors, good clippers, a hand mirror and a hair trimmer. Keep in mind that the choice of mirror is very important in this case and that without it you can make quite a mistake. For example, make sure your mirror is movable. This way you will have the opportunity to move it from one place to another depending on how it suits you at a given moment. And it is necessary to have another mirror so that you stand between these two. Of course, behind you must be as large a mirror as possible to better see the back of your head.

Our advice is to wear something so that the strands of cut hair would not be all over you, and that can be a big garbage bag or a real coat. Believe us, these hairs are very difficult to remove and it is almost impossible to remove everything from one wash. Either way, use hair bands if you have a larger lock.

2. Make good cuts

So, when you have all the necessary material, you need to evenly shorten it that has grown. This refers to a well-cleaned back edge which includes the following. Tie it so that you are left with only the part you plan to straighten. You can then proceed to define the edges. You will do this with a trimmer by marking the parts to be shaved and making a work plan. You may need help with this to be as precise as possible, especially if you hold a larger mirror in your hand. Either way, shave your neck with a trimmer to get the best look.

Once you’ve made the lines, it’s time to shave everything inside. It is necessary to hold the trimmer so that the blades of the blade are directed towards the skin, ie parallel to the floor if you want to cut a clean line. If you want to shave everything below the line you made, keep the lower part of the trimmer straight against the skin.

3. Stick to a haircut schedule

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Make sure you fix it every 3-4 weeks so that it doesn’t grow too much if you want it to always be the same length. Otherwise, you will lose your original shape and you will not be sure what to do next, it will be much longer just to fix it. However, occasional shortening certainly keeps your shape. Then it is not difficult to maintain once you have made the cut and shape you want.

If you can’t contact your hairstylist, you can visit www.ringmyfashion.com and get ideas about best undercuts and try to maintain it yourself.

4. Use proper products

In order for your hairstyle to always look good, and your shaved part to remain properly emphasized, it is necessary to use appropriate products. There are many preparations on the market that are intended for women and men, but many of them also have universal application. In the end, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, but how you manage to adapt a certain product to your hair type. So, there are those that will perfectly highlight your desired look or completely spoil it. When opting for a product, pay attention to the glossy finish.

Think a little more about the needs of it and make a decision accordingly. For example, it may need extra volume or better structure. In that case, there are a large number of pomades that can hold it in place for hours, while giving it a great finish. Our advice is to use this trick while it is wet, because it is better applied and looks better. On the other hand, if you use wax, put it only on wet hair. That way you will gain in density. Gels are always alternatives when it comes to a slick look.

5. Use a hair dryer to style it

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No matter which product you choose, you must not forget about the design techniques themselves. In that case, we recommend that you limit yourself to a hair dryer, because it will give you the best results. All other devices can damage it a lot, and it will also take away a lot of your volume. Don’t forget to avoid a bad comb. On the other hand, a real comb will untangle it properly and help you apply the product well on it. You will achieve this by applying some product to it, then combing that strand and repeating it with everything else.

This way, you will be sure that the product stays on it and really contributes to its maintenance. Either way, when you want to get automatic volume you just need to turn your head upside down and blow dry it. This is great for every type, and the biggest difference is noticeable on straight and thin hair. With this kind of hair, you will look much younger, and to make it last for hours on your head, add a spray.


It’s okay to trust the hairdresser more, but you really have nothing to be afraid of. It is very easy to maintain, and you certainly can’t go wrong with our tips. So dare to take this step. All you need is the right accessories and a willingness to read our instructions carefully. We hope we have helped you make it look as good as possible!