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5 Reasons To Use Digital Signage Software For Your Business

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For the last couple of years – and especially last year – we have been witnessing that most of the companies strive to reach more customers and thus to sell more products. At the end of the day, it’s the point of every sustainable business, right? However, in a rocket-increasing competition, it’s not a walk in the park – at all.

Some ancient, long-time working marketing techniques and catches do not work anymore: posters, billboards, printed marks, logos… It’s 2024, the age of the broadband mobile internet and we’re totally used to eye-catching, stunning 3D video commercials on web-shops and YouTube, and companies, independent of their size, have long since begun to adapt to this trend.

Companies figured out that they need to offer a personalized, digitized experience in presenting their services and products to never-more-picky customers. That’s why many of them have already turned to digital signages as a potential boost to their businesses.

Digital signage software is a powerful tool displayed by using a screen or projection device. Signage shows images digitally, usually on a flat display or large screen, instead of ‘traditional’ marketing signs. The digital signage screens give information about the restaurant’s menus, weather, flights and others, and believe us, there are countless benefits and possibilities of using them for businesses.

They can inform consumers about new promotions, releases from famous brands, sales and various product niches. They can be entertaining – through funny games or videos, smart, catchy… The sky’s the limit here.

Here are the 5 most significant reasons why should companies and their marketing managers turn to digital signage in trying to acquire more customers.

1. Increasing visibility of businesses

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Many brands – especially small businesses – have always had trouble getting through the crowd and noise of advertisements, offers, promotions of bigger and recognized brands; on TV, newspapers, or radio in the old days or on YouTube and social networks today. They’re even more difficult to compete with their logos in stores.

Digital signage is a perfect tool for getting through those distractions because it isn’t limited to the in-store experience and it’s focused on attracting and directing the attention of potential buyers. One of the crucial advantages of this platform is that, unlike other displays, it can also leverage motion, capturing an average of 4 times more views than static marketing signs.

2. Displays can be changed in a second

Another convenience of digital signage software is that displays in thousands of stores can be changed simultaneously from a single remote location. So, if a marketing department of a company decides to start with a new commercial or promotion, they can easily advertise it knowing that it’ll be seen in all its stores or objects at the same time.

In this manner businesses have much bigger control over the visual messages they want to emit, avoiding proxy marketing agencies and saving a significant amount of time. This way it’s assured that the in-store experience is consistent, i.e. they are the same in brand stores in New York, Paris, Rome, Beijing, or anywhere else. The good thing is that this works vice versa as well if a company wants to withdraw its commercials for improving them quickly, easily and without adding unnecessary costs.

3. They deliver important information more efficiently

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So far we talked only about the benefits of this solution in terms of providing companies more visibility and attracting more customers. However, these can play a significant role in the social context, especially in critical situations.

They could be literal lifesavers in situations like earthquakes, fires or hurricanes by displaying crucial messages to employees or citizens where to find exits or shelters. Those messages are displaying and changing instantly which makes them more reliable than traditional alerts. Also, more and more airports start to implement digital signage solutions since passengers can see information on flights more quickly than following the information on traditional airport display boards.

4. They save a significant amount of time

Crafting a traditional reflecting or printed sign is expensive and time-consuming, and in modern times it’s a pretty obsolete process. Add to that all the expenses and additional time spent on changing signs or slogans when needed – it’s more than obvious why companies are slowly but surely forgetting this method. Digital signages, on the other hand, require significantly fewer expenses during the process, and especially less time. ROI for companies, especially for the smaller ones is evident and quick when using digital solutions. Indigo Workplace offers some similar, tailored solutions to businesses that could help them eventually in reaching a bigger audience.

5. Lower waiting times

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How many people do you know who want to wait in line, any line? Do you know even a single person who likes it? Probably not. Waiting in line is every shopper’s nightmare – many customers give up on shopping when they see an endless line before the checkout. Store managers know this, and it’s their nightmare as well since they’re afraid these people will go to their competitor’s stores. This is where signages come as a saver for both.

People usually feel less impatient and have an easier time in a long waiting line when there’s something that will catch their attention. Digital displays can help them make the time go faster before they get to the checkout.  Many cafes and restaurants understand this and offer digital menus to customers who wait to find their table so they can already decide what they want. And, when their table gets free, their orders are ready and arrive in a minute!

This way, customers are less frustrated with waiting and businesses are able to advertise to them while they’re waiting to be sure that they’ll get their attention. So –  it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

It’s evident that digital signage has become an inevitable marketing tool for all the businesses that sell services or products in physical stores in a traditional way, where customers come to buy in person. This way, companies reach much more people which then positively affects their sales. If they take care that the messages they are sending are precise and consistent, the positive effects are simply unavoidable!