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3 Tips for Buying Sunglasses Without Trying Them on (Chloe Sunglasses)

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Anyone who’s ever bought a pair of sunglasses, knows how the process of making the right choice can be tiring and long. Especially if there are hundreds of sunglasses to choose from, all in one place. It’s not uncommon to see people in retail shops who are trying out sunglasses for hours, only to find the perfect pair. Although generally speaking, each person knows what are the best shapes and colors for their face, it’s still easy to make a mistake, or letting what you like comes in place of what fits you. As a result, you might end up with something that you can’t wear because you simply don’t like what it looks like on you. Have you ever been in this situation?

On the other hand, trends change. What was popular yesterday might become outdated tomorrow. This is exactly the reason why making the right choice is so crucial. The first thing people notice when someone appears are their sunglasses. They help make every outfit complete, and if they are good quality, they look good on you and they are beautiful, they can elevate any look from average to amazing. Finally, (or maybe we should have put it first) they protect your eyes from sunlight, and all its detrimental effects on our health, and our vision. By blocking UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, a good pair of sunglasses will prevent radiation exposure and stop these rays from penetrating the thin skin around your eyes, and your eyes.

However, choosing the right pair in a shop is one thing, and purchasing sunglasses online is completely another. What’s the reason behind this? The answer is simple: it’s much easier to try them on and see if they fit or not, compared to making a purchase and only hoping they will fit. If you thought that picking the right pair in a shop where there are dozens or hundreds of pairs available is overwhelming, then scrolling and doing the same thing online is even worse. This is all because you can never be sure what a pair would look like if you put it on.

But does it mean that sunglasses brands stopped working online? Most certainly not. The online sunglasses marketplace is thriving, and that means that people have found the way to pick sunglasses even if they only see them online. If you are not that sure what to look for and what to pay attention to, we’ve selected top 3 things you can do if you’re buying sunglasses online. Let’s dive into it:

1. Make a Checklist of What You Want and What You Don’t Want

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No matter what you’re about to purchase online, it’s easier to make a mistake if you’re not really sure what you want. This includes the budget, the usage, your personal preferences and other factors such as for example, if you have more than one pair already or you’re purchasing your very first pair. For example, when it comes to the usage or the purpose of your glasses, the purchase process will look differently if you’re buying a pair specifically for your skiing trip, or you need a pair of lifestyle glasses that you’re gonna wear every day as your main accessory.

Maybe you already purchased a pair that goes with everything, that’s simple and beautiful, and now you just want another one for different outfits. Depending on your goal and your needs, you can opt for more expensive and high quality glasses, or you can be fine with more affordable options that have a certain level of UVA protection but isn’t something you’d wear every day.

Whichever the case is, determine how much money you want to invest, and make sure to do a small research on the quality of protective lenses. If you want glasses from a specific brand, this is also something that should be taken into consideration, right before you start looking for the sunglasses that match your style and your face.

2. Find Your Face Shape and Start There

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After you pick the brand and the budget, as well as decide what you need them for, you can focus on finding what fits your face best. To be able to do that, your firstly need to determine what face shape you have. Luckily there are a lot of online tools that can help you with detecting your face shape or you can simply take a photo of your face, draw a line and then compare it with all the 5 shapes that exist.

The one that looks the most like your face is your face shape. Then according to it, you can focus on the shape of the glasses, as well as the size of the glasses that look best with your face features. This will help you eliminate the ones that would never look good on you so you can focus more on the style and the colour of the lenses and the glasses.

This is at the same time the trickiest part of the whole process because if they don’t fit perfectly on your face, this means that you have to return them. But if you focus on finding the right shape of your glasses, then everything will be fine. View more here.

3. Your Sunglasses Should Match Your Style, Not Only Look Nice

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Finally, when you narrow down all the options available to the ones that would look good on you, you can now focus on the style of the glasses and the colours (their design in general). If you need an accessory that would elevate your outfits and if you usually wear monochromatic clothes, then you can opt for bright coloured or even sunglasses that are multi-coloured.

On the other hand, some people just need a simple elegant pair of glasses that are black or brown that can go with almost anything and can be worn in any circumstances and occasions. This is the last and the easiest part of the process because you’re simply focusing on your personal preferences and matching your glasses to your style – not the other way around. You’re hardly gonna make a mistake in the final stage. If it fits, you can buy whatever you like!