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Celebrate Guys Friends Vacation in Orlando Florida Daytime and Nighttime Things to do

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There’s a wealth of daytime and nighttime things to do in Orlando, FL, for guys that many do not consider. Several people see the kid’s theme park and consider this city a great spot for a family vacation, but not enough people know that it can also be a top destination with tons of activities for guys (including fun-packed nightlife).

Before you head out for your activities, make sure that you have eaten. Brunch can be a great idea as it will give you all the energy you need for the day, check out the best brunch in Orlando here.

We love Sea World Orlando, Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World, but for those days that you wish to take some break from these parks, here’s is a list of daytime and nighttime things to do in Orlando you can enjoy with your friends:

Top Daytime things to do in Orlando, FL

Discovery Cove

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This is a unique tropical sanctuary that provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every visitor. Discover cove offers thrilling encounters with wild creatures, including thirty minutes swims with dolphins, incredible snorkeling sessions with thousand of fish, and wadding sittings in a lagoon inhabited by rays. One-site aviary is everyone’s favorite and provides visitors the chance to touch, feed, and interact with various tropical birds, several of which sport great-looking, brightly colored plumage.


Ever wonder what it’d be like to ride in 6 hundred horsepower NASCAR, going over 150 miles per hour around a track? At Richard Petty Driving, you can do right that and strapping yourself into the front seat with a professional driver for a long ride or taking to the wheel yourself. The package includes insurance, safety gear, and orientation. Riders have to be at least fourteen years of old and drivers at least eighteen, carrying a complete driving license.

Fishing in Orlando FL

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There’re many elegant venues for fishing in Orlando, FL, most less than an hour away from the downtown area. Lake Toho and the well-known Kissimmee numbers of lakes are among the finest locations. Lake Toho is very famous, in fact, that it hosts the Bass Master Elite series on its waters each year.

Each lake in this chain, which includes Lake Kissimmee, Lake Cypress, East, and West Lake Toho, and Lake Hatchienha, has great crappies and bass fishing. You can check out a few of the other local wildlife, such as alligators and many species of birds, as you wait for the catch. Though a few of the lakes might rise and fall in levels, there’re so many to pick from that you can always find the right bite.

Shingle Creek Golf Club

The golf course has it all… course design, tournament quality conditions, top-class service, and ideal location. Located just 1 mile away from the OCCC (Orange County Convention Center), this gold club merges the modern living experience with the natural feel of the historic Shingle Creek covered by wildlife and Nature!

Shingle Creek is also greens of the excellence award winner, Celebration Gold club, Falcon’s Fire Gold Club, and Shingle Creek topped the list of best greens in Orlando, FL. If you had only 1 round to enjoy in the city, it’d be hard to bypass this golf club for another venue.

Top nighttime things to do in Orlando, FL

Hotels to stay in Orlando FL

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One of the ways for guys to enjoy their time with hired sexy strippers is the hotel, and Orland is one of the best places to visit.

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You and your friends know that not every hotel is created equally, especially when it comes to hiring hot strippers. If a hotel you select for your special enjoyment does not have the right amenities and vibe, your complete stay can be a flop.

Orlando has some best hotels in the country, Hard Rock Hotel, The Groove Resort, Waldorf Astoria, and Hilton Orlando Convection Center, just a name few, where you can hire and enjoy your stay with the hottest strippers in the city.

Downtown Clubs

Night clubs in Orlando, FL – especially the ones found in the energetic downtown area of wonderful Lake Eola Park – see well-known DJs packing out the clubs on a weekly basis. Venture into the universe of lasers, shiny areas, and lights in the highly-rated Tire Club.

The Beacham offers a wide place set in an old converted depot and hosts enormous one-off events and parties. Parliament House is one of the finest areas to check out Orlando, FL’s thriving LGBT scene.

Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club

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This card club is one of the gaming hubs with live greyhound competition and races, gambling and done over a small screen. It’s all enjoyment. They give a choice of dining, racing, and poker. The monthly handout play in the month is around 400K USD. They’ve poker room for Friday to Sunday promotion. The ambiance over there’s great, and the staff is well-mannered.

Wall Street Plaza

Though several of the bars here get packed out with visitors, bachelor parties, and international visitors, Wall Street Plaza – right in the middle of downtown – still provides a great experience as compared to other nightlife areas in Orlando, FL. This amusement spot promises a fin mixture of laid-back restaurants, bars, and supreme dance clubs, with seven venues in total.

Head to the Hooch for their 4 to 7 pm happy hour as well as alfresco setting, Monkey Bar for affordable and great martinis, Sides show for feel great American food and sports, and end your night out at shine, a cheesy yet widely popular nightclub.

BK Adventure

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For the great delightful night, why not consider taking the bioluminescence night kayaking tour. Below a starlit sky, glide across the waters and be surprised at how production as well as the emission of light b a living organism naturally occurs. Marvel at how the less the light of the moon, the shinny the bioluminescent sea species appears!

You can visit all year round; this activity will let you see glowing algae, comb jellies, and plankton. So, if you wish to be away from the busy area and feel like being in an unearthly place, then this nighttime kayaking fun might be great for you to consider when in Orlando, Florida.