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7 Things To Look For When Buying Cycling Glasses

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Cycling glasses have gone through decades of progression, which simply enhances their importance over the years, making them more capable than ever. Many such glasses can be worn while riding as well as on a regular day. These performance glasses are designed to provide seamless support to your eyes when you are riding. They give you protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and debris that are not visible to the naked eye but can cause long-term damage.

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For your field of vision, the design of the lens, its shape, and color matter a lot. Riding is a time-consuming activity, and when you are wearing your riding glasses for a long time, it can leave a mark on your face or even make a cut. This is the reason why many cyclists prefer to get glasses without frames, ones that have extra thin rims on the bottom of the lens. There are innumerable lenses that use Grilamid (plastic polymer), which is easily bendable and lightweight. They don’t break easily and last you a long time.

The perfect cycling glasses do exist, and here are a few things to look for when you go to buy a new one for yourself:

1. Protection comes first

A must-have requirement when you are looking for cycling glasses is protection against UVA/UVB rays. They can not only hamper your vision but also lead to a partial loss of vision. Moreover, sunglasses that don’t come with such protection potentially harm your eyes more as your pupils tend to get bigger to clarify your vision under the dark lenses, allowing more sunlight and its harmful rays to come in! A good lens will protect you from such harmful rays and prevent eye diseases like glaucoma.

2. Enhance your vision

Many times, bright lights reflecting from water bodies, buildings, bright glares of mirrors or windows can have a blinding impact on your vision, and if you face a similar circumstance when you are cycling, your ride is sure to end. To ensure that you have a more comfortable and enhanced vision, you should opt for a polarized lens. It will reduce the bright glare faster than other glasses and normalize your vision. An important thing to note here is that you can use polarized glasses on bright, sunny, and dry days. Avoid using it on a wet road with puddles or a rainy day so that it doesn’t hamper your vision.

3. The correct color for your lens

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Choosing the right color is crucial when you go to buy riding glasses. The perfect color will let you spot nails, rocks, and other problematic things that can cause a flat tire. It enhances the color contrast for your vision and gives your eyesight ample support. You need to make sure that you wear the right color in the right weather conditions for improved vision. For a sunny day, you can opt for a green or grey colored lens, clear lens or yellow lens for a nighttime ride, and amber or copper-colored lenses on an overcast.

4. The perfect fit

You need to find a pair of glasses that fit just right, not too tight or too loose. When you are riding, the fit becomes more noticeable. If the fit is too loose, you will need to continuously adjust while riding, which is not preferable as you need to keep your concentration on the road. On the other hand, if the glasses are too tight, the edges of your nose will experience pressure, and it will give you constant discomfort. Choosing an enduring fit with rubber grips and weighing light will sustain even on a hot summer day without slipping. You can go for a half-rimmed glass paired with small nose pieces to enhance the peripheral vision and ensure you don’t hit a bumper.

5. Proper padding

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Good padding provides your eye optimal support and increases the distance between the lenses and your face. This way, your lens will not get foggy quickly. Frame styles with elastic straps ensure that your frame stays put, although it is not the ultimate necessity.

6. Prescription lens

If you are a cyclist having problems with your vision, you might want to consult with an optometrist before buying your next pair of riding glasses. It can be a case where you might be having myopia or hypermetropia. But you don’t need to worry about riding as you can always purchase a prescription lens. It will give clarity to your vision with the added benefits of riding glasses, letting you ride smoothly.

7. Make a choice

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You need to identify the terrain and climate where you will be riding, and on that basis, you can go for a particular design out of the many options of lenses, glasses, and frames. The right pair and the right fit will ensure that you have a safe and smooth trip, and you’ll find ease in crossing hurdles on the road.

You can follow the tips given above to get the perfect pair of cycling glasses that can not just benefit you with enhanced performance but also protect your eye at the same time. Now you have an idea of what to wear for the long rides under the sun without stressing you out too much. Even if you are on a budget, spending on a helmet is not the only solution. Your eye needs perfect protection too. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality lens with the ideal fitting, color, padding, and frame. It will save you from long-term vision damage that can completely ruin your eyesight, protect your eye from sun damage and allow you to be more alert on the road.