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7 Ways to Know if You’re Brushing Your Teeth Correctly

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People always ignore dental issues and by the time they realise it gets too late. Brushing correctly is very important if you want to have a healthy and bright smile. There are several problems associated with dental hygiene and you must clean your mouth properly so you can prevent these problems.

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In this article, you will get insights into a few ways to know if you are brushing correctly.

1. Check your breath

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The most common way to find if you are brushing correctly is by checking your breath throughout the day. If you smell you have bad breath then you should probably start brushing twice a day. Clean your teeth regularly or else it can often lead to bacteria and plaque.

Brushing twice a day will help you to get rid of bacteria and plague that create bad breath in your mouth. Bad breath often leads to oral issues and it can lead to gum disease. Eventually, this will lead to dental problems like inflammation or gum bleeding.

2. Check your tongue

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To check if you are correctly brushing your teeth or not, you must check your tongue every day. If your tongue is pink without any white patches then it is completely healthy and you are brushing fine. But if you notice a white tongue then it’s a clear sign you need to take care of your oral hygiene.

A white tongue is a layer of bacteria caused when you are not cleaning your mouth completely. Brushing your teeth is not enough, you have to clean your tongue as well.

This will make your tongue look clean and it will remove all the bacteria that will prevent oral problems.

3. Check if there is food stuck between your teeth

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Sometimes, food remains stuck between your teeth. This happens when you don’t brush your teeth correctly. If you find food getting stuck between your teeth more often then it’s a clear indication that you have cavities. Cavities often lead to food getting caught between the teeth.

Make a couple of strokes with your brush and the leftover food in your mouth will come off easily. You must also consult a dentist about the cavity problem. If it remains untreated it can lead to tooth decay and tooth fall. Get a tooth filling done before it’s too late and save your tooth from decay.

4. Look for white patches on your teeth

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If you look closely you will find white patches on teeth. This is another sign you are not brushing your teeth correctly. These white patches are a clear indication of cavities in your mouth. When cavities are forming it leaves white patches on your teeth.

These white patches are hard to spot as they appear mostly at the back and in-between your teeth. If you spot them somehow then do consult a dentist and get an oral check-up to locate other spots of white patches.

These are the places where you have cavities that might cause dental issues in future if left untreated. Also, these white patches ensure you have weak enamel. Brush your teeth regularly so you can avoid forming these white patches.

5. Yellow teeth

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If you spot your teeth turning yellow day after day that means you are not cleaning them correctly on a daily basis. There are a couple of reasons that lead to yellowish teeth.

Plague is the most common reason why most people have yellow teeth. If you brush properly and keep them clean you can get rid of plagues.

Yellow teeth are always a smiling killer. It can be fixed once you start brushing your teeth regularly. You can even fix an appointment with your dentist so you can get professional advice. If you don’t find a solution to this it will eventually weaken your enamel and can lead to tooth fall.

6. Bleeding gums

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Bleeding gums is a major problem in most people who don’t clean their mouths properly.

You should clean your gums as well or else it will get weak and might lead to bleeding gums. If you have bleeding gums then always try to brush softly over your gums clearly.

Brushing aggressively will not help you solve dental problems or it will prevent dental diseases. You must do it correctly based on the sensitivity of your tooth. Red swelling gums is a sign of bleeding gums and you must visit a dental clinic if you face such issues.

Don’t think of leaving it untreated as it can lead to other oral problems such as receding gums, etc.

7. Gritty and weak teeth

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Gritty and weak teeth is also a sign you are not brushing properly. It won’t be visible to everyone but it can still be concerning and might cause future oral problems. If you feel your tooth is getting gritty or less smooth then it’s because of plaque build-up.

Also, if you are not brushing correctly then it can even weaken your teeth and lead to difficulty in biting hard crispy food or in future, it can result in tooth fall. You should ensure that your teeth are strong enough so you don’t have to compromise on eating anything. Get an appointment with a dentist to get professional advice on making your teeth healthy, smooth and strong.

The Bottom-line

Keeping your teeth strong and healthy is your responsibility. You should be precautious while cleaning your mouth every day. Don’t brush your teeth for the sake of brushing, look in the mirror and clean every corner of the mouth properly.

These are a few ways that will help you to determine if you are brushing your teeth correctly. If you see any of these oral problems get a dentist appointment to keep your teeth strong and healthy.