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Best Websites and Social Media Platforms to Make Money Online in 2024

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In today’s modern times, nobody would be saying ‘no’ to making a little more money. If you want to get a part-time or even full-time gig, there are several websites on the internet to help you find work that suits you.

Some social media platforms will allow you to do relatively little, but through creative and smart work, you can use your following to get thousands of dollars a month. Or you can use your spare time to earn cash completing other people’s chores.

But even with multiple options, many people do not know where to start. So to provide you a little nudge in the right direction, here is a list of websites to earn well in 2024

1. OnlyFans

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OnlyFans is one of the most creative websites to earn money. This website allows users to experiment with different kinds of content and share it with their patrons.

Anyone who wants to share their creativity with the world can create an account. Most OnlyFans free accounts share videos, pictures, product reviews, and even daily blogs.

OnlyFans management company assists creators in optimizing their accounts, from content creation and scheduling to marketing and monetization strategies, ultimately maximizing their earnings. They provide support with account setup, promotion, subscriber engagement, financial management, and legal compliance, helping creators navigate the platform effectively.

Once you gain a large audience, you can start making paid posts.

This work has flexible hours, and you do not have to invest any money. Many users on the platform can make up to $50,000 a year. And once an account starts to get attention, you can also make $50,000 a month. You can browse the popular OnlyFans accounts using Only Finder to gather some ideas and courage to start your money-making journey.

2. TaskRabbit

If you have no problem doing physical work, this is your chance to make money in your free time. You can even make this a full-time gig, depending on your availability.

People hire workers through TaskRabbit to run errands like shopping, assembling a cupboard, painting walls, and other physically demanding activities. You just need to make a profile and prove your ID and address.

Once you have provided all the required documents, you can become a trusted member of the TaskRabbit community. People will always select those workers who have verified profiles with a picture.

You can set your charges. The only problem is that you get your wages 4 to 5 days after completing a task via bank transfer.

3. Neighbor

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This website is called Airbnb for storage space. It is quite simple to rent your extra storage or garage space through this website. You can set your charges. People will pay an additional fee to rent the space apart from your charges.

The space has to be clean and adequately lit. You will give an exact address of the place, size/area, and clear pictures. Once your space is booked, you will be paid via a direct bank transfer or card.

This is a great way to make passive money, and you have to do nothing other than clean the space and take clear pictures. The average fee per month for renting a storage space is $190. But it changes depending on the size of the space.

4. Etsy

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Do you like making DIY clothes, rugs, and jewelry? Then this website is for you. You can easily advertise your handmade products on this website. You will select your prices, and you get to control everything.

The competition on Etsy is relatively high so diversify the types of products. Another way to promote your products on Etsy is by sharing your page’s link on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to gain more traffic.

5. TikTok

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The TikTok algorithm will let you get thousands and millions of views on a single video, even if you are not famous. Or even if you are making the content for the first time. So why not take advantage of such an extensive reach?

You can easily collaborate with a brand and review their product creatively to get people interested. For example, add the affiliate link in the description and encourage viewers to buy the product through the link.

Even if you convince 100 people to buy the product, it greatly profits you. And this is only if you are not a famous TikToker. Some of the most famous TikTok users make up to $100,000 per post.

But you have to be highly creative to grasp people’s attention in a short span. Be consistent and post regularly to gain more followers. Use the right keywords in the description to hit the target audience.

6. Gazelle

You can sell your old devices like mobiles, iPad, and computers on this website. Gazelle will send you a pay cheque or transfer money to your PayPal account. Some people also opt for gift cards as payment.

The good news is that Gazelle will pay for the shipping expenses. Once you have agreed to sell the electronic device, they will provide you with packaging. This website may not make you a large sum of money, but it’s good to make some extra money from unused items.

Apart from making some extra money, you will be doing a great favor to the environment by giving your electronic devices for reuse.

The Bottom Line

Just by doing a little research, you can find many websites and social media platforms to earn money. The leading names are TikTok, Etsy, Neighbor, TaskRabbit, and more.

Some of them only require a minimum to no work like Neighbor. And the profit quite good. Others like TikTok may not require much time but your creativity to gain more views.

On the other hand, selling stuff on Etsy requires time and precision depending on what product you are making to sell. Whatever your way of earning is, the internet has made it much easier to get work online in 2024.