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10 Best Dungeons – Guide 2024

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No doubts that fans of World of Warcraft will feel happy after completing a mission successfully or one winning the main boss once again. Sometimes, it may be difficult to achieve such an impressive result, but the game is still a favorite among millions of players.

Regular updates and complements to the sled animals range don’t go unnoticed, with the work on creating exciting missions never being stopped. Numerous raids, dungeons, and battles with the bosses bring positive emotions and charge you with energy.

Opinions on the game design may differ since the assessment is based on one’s personal preferences. Nevertheless, one should pay tribute to the team that keeps diligently developing new locations in this exciting game. Look through this list of the best dungeons with Buy-Boost.com and see that there’s still a lot of unknown things in your favorite game.

How to get into a dungeon

The game attracts new users by hiding a lot of secret places that very few players have visited. Often, entrances to the dungeon are difficult to find since every cavity may turn out to be a portal from one location to another. Such unexpected twists allow the game to remain interesting and exciting.

Other team members help to defeat the enemy in battles. Sometimes, support of 5 people is enough and sometimes, you have to collect more than 10 characters in a single group. High requirements set for the players are explained by the fact that the lack of difficulties turns the gameplay into quite a boring entertainment.

1. Grimrail Depot

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That is not to say that the dungeon design can take you by surprise, but one still should admire the work done. The developers have done their best to turn a common plot into an interesting event, which they surely succeeded in. The train journey ends unexpectedly, with the postal dividing the introduction into two parts: before and after.

When the car stops, you get an opportunity to look around in the dungeon and have a closer look at certain details. Even though the plot can’t be called a unique one, the location won’t leave anyone untouched. Garbage mountains contrast with landscapes that make you forget about everything.

2. Zul’Farrak

The dungeon has been there for a long time, but players still find the location interesting. Zul’Farrak boasts of being incredibly long, but the key to its success is completely different details. Unlike in other dungeons, the developers have implemented the minimum of changes, so today its design is still recognizable.

In the location, players receive a few additional items, whose list includes:

• Large Shoulder Pads;
• Mojo mask;
• Carrot on a Stick.

The latter is popular since users wanted to be able to increase their speed by several percent.

3. The Culling of Stratholme

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The players who visited the dungeon could feel a little nostalgic. The plot largely resembles the earlier mission: longing to win at any cost resulted in the civilian population being infected. The lucky ones who managed to pass the location quickly enough were rewarded with a flying mount. This opportunity is extremely rare, so don’t miss this chance!

4. Icecrown Citadel

No one can call this mission a short one since it was not the reason why the location managed to get to the TOP dungeons. Players got an opportunity to pass this stage again and feel stressed when being chased by the King. The character pursuits the users through the walls and makes them feel very nervous. The cave that is being gradually destroyed, was the main reason for the user’s death. Despite the tragic end, many players have found the location interesting and exciting.

5. Scarlet Monastery

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The location will be interesting for players who want to learn as much as possible about the dungeons in the next levels. Here, the territory is divided into four parts with independent plots and main bosses. Even a low-lever player can win here, so don’t put away visit to the dungeon for later.

You can get to the location through the Silverpine Forest, which is located not far from the southern shore. An enormous size, opportunity to obtain unusual items and complete exciting quests are scarcer than one may wish it to be. The Alliance players keep attacking the Monastery and receive a well-deserved reward.

6. Blackrock Depths

Fans of the game are still arguing whether this dungeon is worth their attention. But most agree that exploration of the entire city leaves pleasant memories of this underground quest. Here, players take part in exciting missions, rescue the Princess, and gradually fall in love with the new city. Is the dungeon worth your time spent on it? Definitely, yes!

7. Shadow Labyrinth

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The dungeon will be interesting for everyone who is excited with the high-quality design and numerous quests. Here, you will never feel bored since the game has prepared a lot of quests that are not always easy to complete. Even though it is almost impossible to get new gear, players are still interested in the depth of the Labyrinth. It’s a great chance to try your team’s power and start an exciting game.

8. Dark Fang Fortress

The Alliance players get an opportunity to descend in the dungeon through the Pine Forest from the Southern Shore. Thanks to easy access to the interesting mission, each user can get pleasant rewards and immerse in the mysterious atmosphere created by the developers.

Here, you can complete a few dozens of quests that will bring rewards. When descending into the caves, you can see blue drops. Feel free to collect them and complement your collection. Thus, you can get weapons for Mages and equipment for other team members.

9. Deadmines

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This dungeon became famous since low-level characters could still get access to exciting quests. The dungeon features pirate-style design, and the missions to be completed will allow you to get acquainted with famous personalities.

The Brotherhood of Justice and Van Cleef can cause significant inconvenience, but without it, the game would no longer be exciting. No one should refuse to explore the location since it contains not only interesting quests but unexpected plot twists as well.

10. Grim Batol

To pass the dungeon, you will need to use not only your fighting skills but get ready for unexpected quests as well. Uncommon battles and tests of the team’s strength will be the main challenge. The result of the quest depends on communication between the players.

The teams will have to clear the dungeon of garbage, learn to fly dragons, and listen to the teammates’ advice. Without cooperation, your quest will end with a catastrophe, and you’ll have to start everything from scratch. An exciting game is available from the minimum level, so even beginners can try their luck.

Failed dungeons in World of Warcraft

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Users who have completed the game from beginning to end were not always satisfied with the offered dungeons. Some locations made players feel totally disappointed, which made them known as the worst instances. A dungeon could get the title of the worst one not only due to lack of awards, but because of an ill-thought-out sequence of events as well.

Often users are dissatisfied because of the minimum number of quests and useful items. Some dungeons are suitable only for healers, and some – for herbalists. Other classes simply have nothing to do there, but one finds this out only after completing the mission.
Quite often, one can get sled animals as a reward, so the users’ attention is focused on the underworld. Often, the most exciting part of a journey is to search for the entrance to the location, so more and more players refuse such an activity.