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4 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

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The modern age has brought with it a number of new occupations, such as blogger, influencer, and blog post writer. And the list doesn’t end there. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business like this you’ve probably wondered how bloggers and influencers make money. There are several different ways, and affiliate programs are one of them. In this way, they can inform their community about attractive offers and products while at the same time making money on it. Win-win! Here are some of the best affiliate marketing programs you should know about.

1. Shopify Affiliate Program

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The Shopify affiliate program is definitely one of the most popular, which is not surprising when you consider the overall popularity of this platform. If you are not familiar with the Shopify empire, it is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. How does their affiliate program work? The goal is for affiliate partners to bring as many online stores as possible to subscribe to their platform. This way, they expand their network of stores and strengthen their influence, and you make money because you help them achieve that goal.

If you have been wondering how much you can earn as a Shopify affiliate partner the answer is that the amount depends on which subscription level the online stores you bring choose. Sometimes that figure is up to several thousand dollars, and you have to agree that it is a great deal for that kind of engagement. Another good thing when it comes to Shopify is that they help all their affiliate partners by educating them on how to create content that will stimulate the other party to become more interested in their offer and ultimately choose to subscribe to this platform.

2. Bluehost

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If you’ve ever dealt with WordPress in any way, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of Bluehost. They almost seem to go side by side. Bluehost is a hosting service that has become one of the most popular over the years. The reason for this is not entirely clear, but the fact is that Bluehost grew along with WordPress, which today has tens of millions of users. Bluehost is very compatible with WordPress and its features, which makes it practical and easy to use. Another reason is that the subscription price is very low. It ranges from an average of 5$, and the most expensive subscription does not exceed 100$, which is much lower compared to their competition.

Despite such low prices, they managed to survive on the market, and not just survive, but also earn a very favorable reputation and millions of satisfied users. Today you can become their affiliate partner and get a cash fee for each individual you bring to subscribe to Bluehost hosting services. In case you have a built community that is interested in this area, you can have an excellent passive income that will bring you money without much or any effort.

3. GoTen

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GoTen is a platform that deals with the dropshipping and wholesale of a wide variety of products. On this website, you can find different categories of products that cover almost everything you might need, from home and garden equipment, pet equipment, and car parts, to fitness equipment, musical instruments, and toys. They are best known for free and fast delivery, considering that they have warehouses in many different parts of the world. The way their affiliate program works is that they reward their partners with 3% of revenue per sale. The goal of affiliate partners is to promote and advertise GoTen and attract new customers through emails, blog posts, social networks, webinars, and other platforms they find suitable.

Their affiliate program is simple, so if you have someone to present a GoTen offer to, you can make great money in a very easy way. To become their affiliate partner, all you need to do is fill out the application and enter all the necessary information. Once they approve the cooperation, you can start working on gathering interested customers. Another good news is that this membership is completely free and you do not need to invest money to become their affiliate partner. That sounds like a good deal to us!

4. Amazon

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We believe that there is no one who has not heard of this giant so far and with good reason. Amazon is a worldwide known company focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. You can find anything you need on their platform (and when we say ‘anything’ we really mean it!). Most people are already active on Amazon and shop there every day, so why not use that to become their affiliate partners. The good thing is that their affiliate program is completely free and you can join very easily, unlike other platforms that have a very complex membership process. If you advertise a certain product and attract customers, Amazon rewards you with commissions not only for that product but for the other ones too, the whole the next day, which is a great deal.

If you are wondering what the catch is, unfortunately, we cannot say that it does not exist. The fact is that Amazon very often changes the conditions of its affiliate programs, and this has led to a significant decrease in the earnings of affiliate partners over the years, which is an obvious disadvantage. However, this can certainly be an additional source of income for you. If you are already active on this platform and you shop every day, why not use your influence to attract new customers and make money as a logical consequence.


Nowadays, it is becoming easier and easier to make money online, and in 2024, you can have many passive sources of income, thanks to affiliate programs. In collaboration with companies that offer these programs, you can earn up to several thousand dollars per conversion as their affiliate partner, depending on who you work with and to what extent you contribute to them by bringing in new customers and clients. If you are an influencer or blogger, this can be a great additional source of income that will not require much (or any) effort and will bring you a nice amount of money each month.