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7 Useful Writing Tips And Techniques For Your University Essays

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For many students, writing a college essay is the most daunting and complex task that they need to complete. In fact, no matter what the article is for – a competition or subject – most individuals will find it dreadful. To be completely honest, it’ll be difficult, however, there are some steps that could help you make everything easier for yourself.

If you’re in a situation where you need to guarantee that you create an essay properly, you’ll find the article below to be quite helpful. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the list of 7 tips and techniques that you must remember when composing an essay for your university:

1. Before Anything Else – Examine The Topic

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Before you do anything else from this list, the primary thing that you have to do is to carefully think about the topic you have. Now, it might have been assigned to you or it might be up to you to choose it. If it was assigned, you’ll have to examine what kind of paper you’ll strive to write, meaning that you should consider things such as whether it’ll be an overview of the subject or an analysis of it.

If it wasn’t assigned, you’ll need to put in a bit more effort, but, this is also the perfect chance for you to opt for something that you’re involved in. Hence, determine the purpose. Should it inform the readers or persuade them? Once you learn its purpose, you must thoroughly research the topic.

Remember, if you want to educate the reader, opt for a subject that you understand and that you’re familiar with. On the other hand, if you wish to influence readers, you should opt for something that you’re completely enthusiastic about. No matter what the goal of the article is, guarantee that you’re familiar with the topic.

2. You Must Organize Your Thoughts

Once you’re done defining the goal of the article, the next task is to arrange your ideas. In fact, it’s one of the most important tasks that you could do, especially since it’ll enable you to put your concepts on paper. By doing this, you’ll be capable of seeing the links between your concepts clearly. This will allow you to gain a basis for the article.

To make things even easier for yourself, you could even choose to produce diagrams or outlines of all your concepts, mostly because it’ll allow you to build your essay later on. Additionally, there are companies such as www.homeworkhelpglobal.com that provide thesis and essay outlines, hence, you might want to check these services out.

3. The Thesis is The Most Difficult Part

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The entire point of arranging your ideas is that it’ll enable you to compose the thesis easily. The thesis is the section where the reader will learn the entire purpose of the paper, hence, you must determine what your principal ideas are. It requires 2 parts – the first one should state the subject and the second the purpose of it.

For example, if you’re writing about cars and their influence on our environment, a suitable thesis would be, “Cars has affected the condition and welfare of our environment by constantly releasing toxic fumes into our atmosphere.”. As you could see, the topic and purpose are clearly declared and the reader will immediately know what the article is about.

4. The Body Needs to Explain Everything

If you’re satisfied with your thesis, you can move on to writing the body which needs to argue, explain, and/or describe what you’re writing about. Every idea that you placed in your diagram should be in a separate part within the body. Keep in mind, each paragraph that you write should have the same structure.

Start by putting down the main ideas of your thesis. Next, write the supporting claims in the form of a sentence, however, you should leave at least three lines between the points. By doing so, you’ll be able to come back and write down more info on the claim. Fill in all of the blanks with important and relevant information that’ll connect your ideas.

5. It’s Time to Compose The Introduction

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When you sorted out all the aforementioned things, you can then write the introduction, which is the part that should make the reader want to learn more about what you have to say. So, you should start with something that’ll grab the attention of the reader, meaning that you could use some shocking data, a story, or a simple summary of the subject.

Whatever you opt for, you must ensure that it can be connected with your thesis, something that’ll be included in the last sentence of the introduction you write. Additionally, don’t forget that it needs to be clear, mostly because you don’t want the reader to be completely confused from the beginning.

6. The Ending Shouldn’t Be a Summary

If there is one thing that you should remember from this article, it’s the fact that your conclusion shouldn’t be a summary of the entire topic. Instead, it needs to sum up all your main ideas, meaning that it should consist of at least four to five sentences that’ll review your main points.

7. Edit, Proofread, Double-Check

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Last on the list, but equally important as the other tips on this list is the fact that you’ll have to edit, proofread, and double-check everything in your paper. In fact, this is the part that’ll require most of your time, especially since you’ll want to ensure that everything has a proper form and that you didn’t make any grammatical errors.

Start by checking the order of your paragraphs. The strongest arguments you made should be the first and last parts within the body, while everything else should be in between. Also, you must ensure that the order of your paragraphs makes sense. After you ensure that the structure is good, you must double-check everything and proofread it.

Luckily, there are various programs that you could use for this. For example, Grammarly will allow you to upload your article and the platform will show you any mistakes you have made. This means that you should find and utilize some online tools that’ll help you with correcting everything. Once you do, proofread it again.


Writing a college essay is daunting for many students. After all, it’s quite time-consuming and complex, but, with the right tips in mind, you’ll be able to produce a paper that’ll grab the attention of the reader, but more importantly, that’ll clearly describe everything that you have written.

So, now that you’re aware of the things you’ll have to focus on, you might not want to waste any more of your time – after all, you might be on a deadline. Instead, you should return to the beginning of our list, and start with the first task we mentioned – which is determining and learning more about your topic.