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Things to do when visiting New York during the pandemic

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We live in history-defining moments. A time when humanity has been forced to redesign how it operates. What was initially thought to be a temporary break from traditions has now become the new normal.
COVID-19 forced us to turn our homes into offices, gyms, schools, and places of worship. At the onset of the pandemic, there was hope that our livelihoods would return to normal in a matter of weeks. While it took more than weeks, things are finally starting to look up.

NYC, once a bustle of activity, is seeing life in its streets, subways, museums, and parks slowly purring back to life. Hotels and apartments in New York are also recording higher occupancy rates as travellers and business executives throng the city. You might like to look through apartments from Blueground. Like the proverbial silver lining, there is hope beneath the gloom, hope that life just might soon return to normal.
As we patiently count down the days to freedom, here are several things you can still do when visiting the Big Apple.

Take a ferry trip

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Who isn’t itching for the outdoors? You will be glad to know that the Staten Island Ferry is still operational. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the best thing is it’s free. Immerse yourself in the best 25 minutes that New York City has to offer. Pack your bags, water, and camera and get ready to absorb incredible views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor aboard the Staten Island Ferry.

Visit Little Island

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All right, I know many of us are unfamiliar with Little Island, and that is completely understandable. The reason is that it has yet to open its doors to the public and is easily the newest baby in town. The mushroom-like structure located at Pier 55 opened its doors to the public a few weeks ago (spring of 2024). The botanical garden is designed to be a nature lover’s paradise and a home to a diverse group of gifted artists, who will display their talents all year round. Entry to the park is free, but one must book a ticket in advance. The park operates between 6 AM and 1 AM.

Go for a walk in your favorite park

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Nothing beats a stroll in nature on a beautiful day. However, most NYC parks experience a huge influx of people who are trying to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Some of the most popular parks are Central Park, Theodore Roosevelt Park and Riverside Park. If you are going to head out to your local park, then plan to be there when there are no crowds. We recommend going at odd hours, such as early in the morning or in the middle of the day on weekdays. Remember to mask up and maintain social distancing when you are outdoors.

Have a movie date

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As the world slowly picks itself up and dusts itself off, the cinema world is roaring back to life. New York City movie theatres are finally reopening. Although fewer people are allowed per showing, it does feel good to be able to go to the movies again. The Broadway show is a favorite for many, where people enjoy shows such as The Lion King, Wicked, Aladdin, School of Rock and much more.
With so much to catch up on, the big screen is one sure way to unwind from the extended stay indoors. Again, always remember to mask up and maintain social distancing when heading out.

Eat at your favorite restaurant

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The culinary world has borne the heaviest brunt of this pandemic. Many have altogether wound down their businesses, while some are still struggling to stay afloat. In the spirit of togetherness, treat yourself to fine dining in your local restaurant. Head down to Chinatown and support the small businesses that are trying to get back on their feet. Step out and savor the offerings at the French brasserie Balthazar. While doing so, always remember to wear a face mask like this.
You can also take advantage of food tours in NYC that focus on snacks such as pizza and gelato. The good thing with food tours is you also learn the cultural history behind those great meals and dishes.

Delight your eyes

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The Big Apple has so much in store for art lovers. You can count on artists to make the best out of the worst possible scenario.Indulge yourself with the Big Apple Tour and Visit art galleries in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will let your mind linger in the memories of what life used to be.
Enjoy views of the skyline as you make your way across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge or let your eyes wander atop the many observation decks littered around New York City.

Attend a sporting event

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Thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers, it’s now possible for fans to attend games. NYC is a home to many sports teams with different events going down all year round. From April to October, for instance, you can enjoy a tour to Yankee Stadium and watch different sports. From August through December (and maybe January), the Hudson River in New Jersey is a delight to many baseball fans. Not to mention that NYC is a home to hockey and basketball teams. It’s also a home to the NYC marathon as well as many other small events.

There’s still plenty to enjoy in NYC!

The world is slowly recovering from the yearlong pandemic that threatened life as we know it. New York City has kept pace with the recovery trend, and just recently, we have started to see tourism begin to regain a semblance of normalcy. Parks are reopening, movie theaters and restaurants are springing back to life, and people are slowly beginning to embrace the outdoors again. For your safety, and that of others, always wear your mask when you head outside to ensure that the journey back to normal can continue.